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The Rise Of Neo-Fascists In America


October 8, 2018




Spoken Like A True Fascist

"You are not safe.  We will forcibly subordinate you to our ideology through violent protests and harassment where you eat...Mussolini would approve." - Michael Ramirez

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Did You See This?

Wow! Now the FBI Really Needs To Investigate Ford's Testimony.

"WRAP-UP SMEAR" featuring San Francisco's Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of leftist media thieves. They were in on it! - jamison870

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TKS to Matt of NY for the heads up.




I have Been Saying For Years That When The Neo-Fascists Rise Up In America, They Will Rise From Within The Democrat Party. And Now It Is So! - Webmaster

You couldn't ask for a better Petri Dish than the violence that has been welcomed into the new DNC.


A Georgetown Professor's Castrating Rage - Frontpage

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Article by John Perazzo, October 1, 2018, "The face of leftist academic hate," Frontpage


A Georgetown Professor's Castrating Rage


"Taking her place among the gaggle of leftists who have felt compelled to broadcast their opinions regarding the sexual-abuse allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Georgetown University Associate Professor Carol Christine Fair has weighed in on the matter numerous times in recent days. By any measure, Fair ranks as one of the more overtly angry and unrestrained of Kavanaugh's critics.

Professor Fair's reflexive rage may stem, in part, from the tragic fact that in her youth, as she has previously disclosed, she was repeatedly molested by an uncle for about a decade.

When Christine Blasey Ford went public with her unsubstantiated, uncorroborated allegation about an event from 36 years ago, Fair promptly used her Twitter and Tumblr accounts to characterize Judge Kavanaugh as a 'rapist' and 'perjurer,' and to depict Republicans generally as 'a fu**ing death cult' of 'filthy swine' who are 'pro-rape, pro-pederasty, pro-perjury, pro-corruption, pro-Russian hacking, pro-child trafficking, pro-white male supremacy, pro-VERY-late-term abortion of children with AR-15’s.'

She also characterized Trump voters as 'Trumpanzees,' and she described their pro-Trump 'MAGA' hats as 'socially-acceptable Klan hoods.'

After watching Republican senators defend Kavanaugh in the televised hearing last week, Fair tweeted: 'Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men. All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.'

Fair later told the website

'This [Trump] regime is hell-bent upon disenfranchising women, POC [people of color], non-Christians, LGBTQI and empowering a larger role for corruption in our governance. This is only the beginning of fascism in America.'

Not surprisingly, Fair has a long history of raging intolerance for those who may disagree with her on political matters. In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, for instance, she spent a full month posting Twitter attacks against a Muslim ex-colleague, Asra Nomani, who had voted for Donald Trump.

In her tweets, Fair called Nomani a 'wench,' a 'fraud,' a 'fame-mongering clown show,' and the equivalent of a 'fu**er' in her native Urdu. In a tweet dated November 22, Fair told Nomani:

'I’ve written you off as a human being. Your vote helped normalize Nazis in DC.'

Two weeks later, Fair wrote a profanity-laced 'open letter' to 'Nomani and her Trump-supporting ilk,' which culminated with the capitalized sentence, 'FU** YOU, GO TO HELL.'

In October 2017, Fair launched a personal blog titled 'Tenacious Hellpussy: A Nasty Woman Posting from the Frontlines of Fu**ery.' The blog’s motto is, 'Cun*y women get sh** done.' Fair also adopted a new mug shot for her Twitter account: an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin riding a naked, half-pig creature with Donald Trump's face.

Lamenting that it is impossible to 'effect change by using the normative language expected of someone with a PhD,' Fair routinely uses obscenities and other incendiary language as expressions of defiance against America’s “systematic rape culture” and its effort to 'discipline our rage.'

In a September 2018 blog post justifying her profanity as 'sacred,' she wrote:

'I will not discipline my voice, my words, or my body. I will refuse to conform to your rules which are designed to constrain me like a corset for your convenience and comfort. I will not respond to this war on women decorously . . . I will fight this war asymmetrically. I will use the vernacular it demands'

Professor Fair is a highly instructive personification of the modern Left: raging, hateful, intolerant, closed-minded, self-righteous, and driven entirely by emotion that is impervious to reason. Moreover, she embraces the corrosive tenets of identity politics, reflexively – and proudly – viewing white men as a whole with the deepest measure of contempt.

If you want to know what a leftist looks like, just look at Carol Christine Fair.

One final, yet very important, note: Leftists must be clearly distinguished from liberals. Liberals endorse big government, but they do not instinctively tar their adversaries as 'Nazis,' 'fascists,' and subhumans, like Professor Fair does.

Nor do liberals obsessively seek, like Professor Fair, to divide people along the lines of race, gender, and class. Liberals, like conservatives, enthusiastically embrace Martin Luther King's exhortation to judge people by their character rather than their pigmentation. Professor Fair, by contrast, raises a metaphorical middle finger to King's perspective.

It's about time that good-hearted liberals woke up to the fact that the Democratic Party has left them in the dust; that it no longer represents them; and that it has no intention of ever representing them again. It's also about time that liberals woke up to the fact that they have far more in common with conservatives and Republicans, than with the unprincipled, power-hungry leftists who now dominate the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party has become a hard-left, tribalistic wasteland governed by a primitive and regressive philosophy that is rooted in identity politics and all of its attendant hatreds.

If one wishes to be 'progressive' in the best sense of that word, he will find the Democratic Party to be a most inhospitable host. Consider former Senator Joe Lieberman, a genuine liberal who ran for vice president as a Democrat just 18 years ago.

He now has virtually nothing in common with what his party has become. Carol Christine Fair, by contrast, has a great deal in common with it."



Above article by John Perazzo, October 1, "The face of leftist academic hate."


Nine Times [Our Dangerous Biased] Media Pushed Misinformation About Kavanaugh! - DailyCaller

Grassley Releases Timeline Of Ford Investigation — Shows Feinstein And Democrats Lied Throughout Process. - GatewayPundit

"MSNBC Producer Promotes GoFundMe for Kavanaugh Accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford." - GatewayPundit




Thanks To These Leftists . . . It's A Miracle!

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How Dianne Feinstein Saved The Day For The Republican Party.


Article by Ross Kaminsky, October 5, 2018, It's A Miracle, The Spectator


"The election of Donald Trump to be president of the United States is viewed by many as a modern political miracle (or, if you’re Hillary Clinton or her fans, a curse). But if you want to find the true political wonder of recent years, the electoral equivalent of feeding thousands from two fish, I offer you the miracle-worker of 2018, Senator Dianne 'the Galvanizer' Feinstein.

Although Feinstein likely did not betray Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s request for anonymity herself, her feckless and reckless handling of Ford’s 36-year-old sexual assault accusation against D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh led to a spectacle so outrageous, so beneath the dignity even of an already ignominious Senate Democratic Caucus, that Republicans and non-leftist unaffiliated voters across the nation have come together to oppose the injustice meted out by Feinstein, Spartacus, Kamala Harris, and others against a good man and his family.

It’s a feat that was so obviously beyond anybody’s ability to accomplish — and beyond many people’s interest in accomplishing — that it seemed as unlikely as feeding five thousand hungry souls with two fish and five loaves of bread. (I trust my fellow Jews will not mind my use of a New Testament metaphor.)

When it came to uniting the increasing number of factions within the splintered GOP coalition — the #MAGA Trump base, the Never-Trump crowd within elite/elitist conservative media, the 'establishment' among elected politicians and the Chamber-of-Commerce/Rotary Club types, evangelical Christians, and libertarian-leaning Constitutionalists — few were trying and none were succeeding.

Not Donald Trump. Not Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham (the two Republican heroes of the Kavanaugh story so far), not Jim Jordan or Paul Ryan. Not the NRA; not Citizens United. Not the persistently anti-Trump writers at the Weekly Standard, not the slightly-less-persistent at National Review, nor even my more Trump-friendly colleagues here at The American Spectator.

No, it took Dianne Feinstein to unify the un-unifiable, and to bring us this headline from those right-wing cheerleaders over at NPR: 'Amid Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle, Democratic Enthusiasm Edge Evaporates.'

Or this from McClatchy:

'Republican enthusiasm surges amid Supreme Court battle.' In the latter article, we learn from the National Republican Congressional Committee 'that the average (small-dollar) donation total is up 111 percent, and that the committee has raised 194 percent more overall in the last week, again compared to the same timeframe the month before — all signs of grassroots enthusiasm.'

Polls in key Senate races across the country have moved substantially in Republicans’ directions with North Dakota’s endangered Democrat incumbent Heidi Heitkamp, now declared as a 'No' vote on Kavanaugh, appearing unrecoverably far behind her challenger, Kevin Cramer. Martha McSally has narrowed the gap in Arizona, while races in Florida, Indiana, and Tennessee remain nail-biters.

If Republicans win all of these races, they’ll have to throw a party for their new champion, the unlikely poster child of the depths to which the formerly-loyal opposition will sink in pandering to the ever-more-radical base of the Democratic Party, 85-year-old Dianne Feinstein.

There remain major concerns for the GOP going into the midterms, however: While some critical Senate races are occurring in 'red' states, the battle for control of the House — which means the battle over whether the next two years will be one long investigation of, and attack on, President Trump — is taking place largely in suburban districts where the president is unpopular among women and young adults.

Just as one example of women’s recent political impact, the Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia — a man — won the female vote by 22 points, a good 5 points more than Hillary Clinton’s margin of victory among those same voters a year earlier.

Those pink-hat-wearing throngs are irate and motivated to vote. But what Feinstein and her Senate Judiciary Committee colleagues have done is remind so many other women that their husbands or brothers or fathers or sons could at any moment have their lives ruined by false (or at least unproven) sexual assault accusations, perhaps decades old, made by a woman with an axe to grind, whether political, business-related, personal or otherwise.

It goes without saying that many politically moderate men who were feeling unmotivated to vote next month have also been shaken out of a complacent stupor and seen the risk that the 'guilty until proven innocent' Democrats pose to them, and to their fathers and brothers and sons.

The best thing President Trump has done throughout the Kavanaugh confirmation chaos, with the notable exception of his ill-considered mockery of Christine Blasey Ford at a rally in Mississippi (politically unwise, though quite well delivered), has been to remain, at least by Trump standards, quiet. To the extent that Trump has spoken out on the issue recently, it has wisely been more about the unfairness of Kavanaugh’s treatment than of Dr. Ford’s increasingly suspect testimony.

Trump should keep it that way — mostly silent on this — even after the final vote on Kavanaugh.

This issue has been so unifying, so galvanizing for the broader Republican coalition because it is the first major political issue of the Trump presidency that has very little to do with Trump himself. It’s hardly a secret: the president is a polarizing figure even within his own party. He is particularly polarizing among suburban independents and Republicans in the key House districts mentioned earlier.

If there is a chance for Republicans to avoid living under Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the chance comes from making the election about opposing Democrats, not supporting Trump. The chance comes from making the election in large part about the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh, about Democrats dragging his reputation and his family through mud with shards of broken glass in it, about making the country debate what 'Devil’s Triangle' means and about whether a highly respected jurist once 'threw ice.'

Which brings us back to our hero of the month, Dianne Feinstein, the person who single-handedly has given Republicans that chance.


Above article by Ross Kaminsky, October 5, 2018, It's A Miracle, The Spectator







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