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So You Thought You Knew Everything About Gosnell


October 15, 2018



What You Thought You Knew About The Gosnell Trial Wasn't The Half Of It!

Watch this. Then go see the movie Hollywood wanted to bury.

If video has been taken down, click here to watch it.

'The O'Reilly Factor' looked into the book that reported on how authorities brought down the illegal [Gosnell] abortion operation in Philadelphia after being untouched for 30 years, [protected by Planned Parenthood and overlooked by the leadership of the Democrat Party.] - FOXNews

Video Source: FOXNews

Pelosi Can't Explain The Difference Between Gosnell Slayings And Late-Term Abortions. - WeeklyStandard, June 2013




The Gosnell Movie Trailer

GOSNELL: The trial of America's biggest serial killer. - Phelim McAleer

Video Source: Phelim McAleer


Gosnell Movie Official Web Site







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