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October 16, 2018



Read How Social Media And The National Media Came Together To Try To SHUT DOWN Your Right To Know.

The Gosnell project was funded by individuals who contributed 2.2 million dollars to a crowdfunding source to ensure the story would be told when political correctness was allowed to not only break our laws but even mock them.


If you don't know, you can't react. If you don't know, you can't protest. If you don't know, you can't protect those around you. If you don't know, the progressive media is free to move on to control all social issues.

You've seen how the NFL, following the media's political correctness, has pushed aside the American flag, seeing it as an annoyance over global profits. And you've recently seen how a school board member of a major American city has tossed aside the reading of the pledge, replacing it with progressive poetry, complaining, Who cares, I don't even know where it came from.

Below is a news story that is a perfect example of how the media in concert with each other accomplishes this deception. It is what some conservatives call an 'Echo Chamber.'


This November election is therefore not about parties. It is about basic freedoms of our right to know the facts . . . the truths, which had been fought for by so many of our treasures, who have given their lives since the promise of freedom was won in 1776.

It is why 1776 can no longer be only a day in our history. It must be a day that needs to be fought for every day . . . yesterday, today and tomorrow. - Webmaster




Gosnell Film Breaks Into Top 10 Films On Opening Weekend


This movie was made by people who contributed 2.2 million dollars to be sure the story was told, while the progressive media does everything to destroy their rights. - Webmaster


Article by Kerry Picket, October 15, 2018, The Daily Caller


"The Kermit Gosnell movie managed to break into the top 10 on its opening weekend at the box office according to Box Office Mojo, despite a menagerie of hurdles to get the film made, released and marketed.

'Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,' which delves into the true story of the infamous crimes committed by West Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, began fundraising for the film four-and-a-half years ago.

Gosnell himself, presently serving three life sentences, was convicted of first-degree murder in 2013 for killing three babies during botched abortions. He was also convicted of performing illegal late-term abortion procedures.

In its current limited release, Gosnell, received from movie review user-generated website Rotten Tomatoes, a score of 67 percent. Its audience score gives the film 4.9 out of a 5 rating.

However, many media outlets appear as uninterested in the film as they were when the actual Gosnell trial was happening five years ago.

Facebook, The Federalist noted, also prohibited the filmmakers of Gosnell to promote the movie on the social media platform.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, as of last Friday morning, the sole Gosnell movie review that turned up in a Nexis newspaper search is that of the L.A. Times.

National Public Radio refused to air the movie’s promotion because NPR prohibited the use of the terms 'abortionist' and 'abortion doctor,' The Daily Beast reported.

The Federalist reported last year that after research for the movie was put together in the form of a book, The New York Times kept it off its best seller nonfiction list despite its successful sales. The judge on the Gosnell case itself sued the filmmakers in an attempt to stop its release.

'We are journalists and filmmakers and this is an incredible story. I’ve spent 25 years as an investigative journalist and this is one of the biggest stories I’ve ever worked on and it went largely unreported.

This is a true story that was not reported on by the mainstream media in a meaningful way,' producer Phelim McAleer said of the censorship."


Article by Kerry Picket, October 15, 2018, The Daily Caller








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