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Yahoo News Calls It Rage?


October 26, 2018




"The cartoon depicts Sinema, a former anti-war activist, giving the thumbs up sign as she holds a rocket launcher with the word 'substance' written on it. The cartoon also shows a plane followed by a plume of black smoke with the words 'shallow attacks.' The side of the plane is labeled 'McSally.' The Republican was the first woman in U.S. history to fly a fighter jet in combat and also was the first to command a fighter squadron." - TheBlaze

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AOL News editors picked up a story today from Yahoo News that wrote the following: "Mail-bomb suspect displayed rage — and love for Trump — on social media pages."


RAGE is what Hollywood is saying about Trump EVERY DAY, from making fun of the First Lady's accent, who speaks several languages, while another hoped her son would be put into a cage with pedophiles.

The hate coming out of the entertainment media against Trump and conservatives has no end, from a late night host talking about cutting off the penis of a supreme court justice while another identified as a "comedian" walks around with a severed head of the president.

And all the progressives laughed.

The RAGE also came from President Obama, himself, who supported the RAGE of the OWS in 2011 against other Americans, calling them the 1% as the OWS took literal dumps on police cars, started fires and smashed windows of American businesses across the country.

Obama not only encouraged it but Nancy Pelosi proclaimed on video that God would bless them!

Then in 2017 Nancy Pelosi raged against the PART-Japanese supporter of the Patriot Prayer group, calling him a White Supremacist. This was while Antifa RAGE attacked him unarmed in Berkeley and other places where the prayer group tried to exercise their free speech guaranteed by other Americans, who had put their lives on the line for our Constitution since 1776.

Click here to see what the Democrat Party did to an ENTIRE CITY of blacks in 1898, burning down their newspapers while later standing around the burned-out structure as a personal trophy, not unlike a U.S. Congressman tracked down by a Democrat supporter and shot in 2017 as if a wild animal.

Of course the national progressive media played this all DOWN while never mentioning 1898, as they always do. You know the drill, MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

Yahoo News Article Source:

Mail-bomb suspect displayed rage — and love for Trump — on social media pages.

Yahoo News, by Hunter Walker, October 26, 2018









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Black newspaper burned down on November 10, 1898. The Democrat Party's machine showed its true colors in the murders of blacks in the Wilmington Massacre of 1898 and then NEVER LOOKED BACK. - Webmaster No problem with this man's background to still be president of the United States, as it was a man who allowed a woman to drown then being made the king of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate!  And the Democrats worry about the values of Russia's KGB? - Webmaster