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Children's Books Published By Leftists


November 6, 2018



Elections Matter More Than You Realize.



Leftists Teach Your Young Children How To Resist, Using The Revolutionary Techniques Of Marxism.

And the books are easily available at your friendly Barnes and Noble. (Click on graphic to watch.)

Kneeling during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem.  Put a fist in the air.  Resist.  Trash our military.  Just the stuff leftist parents want for YOUR kids, available at your friendly neighborhood Barnes & Noble. - Webmaster

Will Witt reads books that encourage children in elementary school to be radical activists. - PragerU

Video Source: PragerU




Cartoons Are Also Used To Push The Leftist Culture To Your Kids, Promoting The Agendas Of Planned Parenthood And To Resist Parental Authority. Watch.

"Netflix Is Partnering With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to deliver a new Facebook [kid's] game called 'Hand Masters: Play with Yourself.'" - PTC

And it's delivered to children in their home for less than 12 bucks a month!

"There are only two possible motivations for Kroll Big Mouth’s writers: Either they want to put highly sexualized images of children in order to titillate an adult audience, or they are intentionally creating and marketing graphic, sexualized, pornographic content to kids.

Neither is acceptable. Both are despicable.

As if this weren’t bad enough, Netflix is partnering with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to deliver a new Facebook game called 'Hand Masters: Play with Yourself.'

The social media posts are promoting this 'contest' using animated figures to suggest masturbation, including a video clip of an adolescent boy with his hands down his pants being encouraged by the Hormone Monster to masturbate.

Netflix is a new media darling that can do no wrong in the eyes of Hollywood; but this corporate giant is stubbornly racing ahead with youth-oriented programs like Big Mouth featuring the most sexually explicit television content ever produced. Netflix MUST be held publicly to account!" - ParentsTelevisionCouncil

Video Source: Netflix, Season 2




Just Released!

Listen to how the Obama media really feels about conservative candidate for November 6th. What trash these reporters are proven to be!

"A reporter for a Michigan newspaper called Michigan Senate Republican candidate John James’s campaign looking for an interview and thought she hung up the phone before leaving a voicemail saying 'fucking John James … that would suck.' Brenda Battel, a reporter for Huron Daily Tribune, left the voicemail on James’s campaign offices phone number at 3:40 PM Monday, requesting the interview for Wednesday, the day after the Nov. 6 midterm elections. In the voicemail, she expresses her interest in interviewing James, believes she hung up the phone, and then goes on to curse about a possible James victory, saying she doesn’t think it will happen.

'Hi, my name is Brenda Battel, I’m a reporter with the Huron Daily Tribune in Bad Axe, Michigan,' Battel said in the voicemail." - DailyCaller

Audio Source: DailyCaller

[Not If She Worked For CNN?] "Reporter Fired After Caught On Tape Disparaging GOP Michigan Senate Candidate John James." - GatewayPundit






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