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Why Trump's Mind Seems So Damn Normal . . .

November 19, 2018



. . . when everyone around us is losing theirs!

Céline Dion Launches A Gender-Neutral Clothing Line For Kids

"The five-time Grammy winner unveiled the CELINUNUNU collection late Tuesday with a quirky, James Bond-style ad. In it, she’s chased by security guards as she attempts to escape from the maternity ward of a hospital. In it, she’s shown in the maternity ward of a hospital, blowing a handful of sparkling confetti over a group of infants and, as if by magic, replacing their traditional pink and blue sleepwear is replaced by black and white, non-gender-specific ensembles.

She’s later chased out of the ward by security guards as she attempts to escape before being hauled off to jail. “We miss the past. They dream of tomorrow,” Dion says in the below video clip. “We may thrust them forward into the future, but the course will always be theirs to choose.”

The CELINUNUNU collection features more than 70 stereotype-free styles for kids aged 0 to 14 years and was created with the children’s boutique brand NUNUNU, which specializes in unisex designs." - HuffingtonPost / NTEB

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