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Where Did Thanksgiving Come From And Why Isn't The United States Congress Protecting It?!

November 22, 2018




Let's Get This Monument Onto The Mall In Washington, D.C.!

Will a national organization with the right stuff pick up the Torch and rebuild this historic monument on the Mall in Washington D.C. repaired to its former Glory? - Webmaster

The National Monument to the Forefathers, formerly known as the 'Pilgrim Monument,' commemorates the Mayflower Pilgrims.

"Dedicated on August 1, 1889, it honors their ideals as later generally embraced by the United States. It is thought to be the world's largest solid granite monument,and is the third-tallest statue in the United States.

Located on Allerton Street in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the 81-foot-tall (25 m) monument was commissioned by the Pilgrim Society. The original concept dates to around 1820, with actual planning beginning in 1850. The cornerstone was laid August 2, 1859 by the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts, under the direction of Grand Master John T. Heard. The monument was completed in October 1888, and was dedicated with appropriate ceremonies on August 1, 1889." - Copy Source - Wikipedia

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Another Story About Thanksgiving

Ben Shapiro takes a look at a rarely told story of Thanksgiving. - TruthRevolt







Is A National Red Flag Law On The Immediate Horizon?

Some patriots believe strongly that the Democrat Party win in November of 2018 has signaled progressives to immediately push for a "National" Red Flag Law after being sworn into office on January 3, 2019.

Maybe you might want to bring this up for conversation by conservatives who have gathered around your table for this once-a-year annual family event during Thanksgiving.

It needs to be discussed across the nation now while we are all gathered together.

For understanding what is going on around you, first watch the video warning below.

But for amazing details also read the stunning November 2018 report below the video that comes from John Whitehouse, President of the Rutherford Institute, titled "Red Flag Laws."

John warns of your rights disappearing before your eyes in this dangerous technology-filled world of elites who see America's Constitution as nationalistic and a danger to the global collective. The UN has been working for years to remove guns from American citizens, its new missions outlined in its Agenda 2030, formerly titled Agenda 21.

After reading John's warning, PLEASE Google the term "Red Flag Laws." You will discover that virtually every media source that Google brings up IS FOR A national red flag law. Interesting, isn't it.

Then scroll down on Google and try to find an unbiased opinion on the dangers to individual freedoms of a national red flag law. Good luck in finding any from a reliable source. It's what these globalist social media organizations do best today, to make you believe the information you have brought up is all the information you need to know.

A Red Flag Law means when someone accuses you of being dangerous to society, raising up a red flag about you where authorities can immediately take away your weapons in the early morning and then ask questions later without your knowing the accuser. It is exactly what the Third Reich did to Jews on November 9, 1938. on the Night of Broken Glass.

Surviving Jews of the Holocaust had warned us, "It was amazing how fast it all happened. No one could believe the government would attack its own citizens."

But it did!

A Red Flag Law also reminds us of what happened to the new Justice of the Supreme Court a few months ago, Democrats saying, (after he had been accused of a rape decades earlier when he was 18 years old and where there was zero evidence), it was suddenly his responsibility to prove his innocence. That was a 100% turn about in one day against the promise of our Constitution "of being innocent until proven guilty."

In one day it was tossed out the window by leftist Senators of the Democrat Party and pushed by most of the leftist DNC media, from MSNBC to CNN 24/7.

The attack on this justice and his rights under the Constitution was stunning, pushed by Democrats elected to serve in the U.S. Congress. Right in front of our eyes they were suddenly not concerned for ALL the world to see their obvious and open hostility against our Constitutional rights fought for in 1776, now under attack in 2018 on TV screen across the world.

In arrogant unison they tossed out their oath of office to protect the Constitution of the United States. And why not? To them they are only words to be edited at a later time. - Webmaster


"If you’re not scared yet, you should be.

Connect the dots.

Start with the powers amassed by the government under the USA Patriot Act, note the government’s ever-broadening definition of what it considers to be an “extremist,” then add in the government’s detention powers under NDAA, the National Security Agency’s far-reaching surveillance networks, and fusion centers that collect and share surveillance data between local, state and federal police agencies.

To that, add tens of thousands of armed, surveillance drones that will soon blanket American skies, facial recognition technology that will identify and track you wherever you go and whatever you do. And then to complete the picture, toss in the real-time crime centers being deployed in cities across the country, which will be attempting to “predict” crimes and identify criminals before they happen based on widespread surveillance, complex mathematical algorithms and prognostication programs.

Hopefully you’re starting to understand how easy we’ve made it for the government to identify, label, target, defuse and detain anyone it views as a potential threat for a variety of reasons that run the gamut from mental illness to having a military background to challenging its authority to just being on the government’s list of persona non grata.

This brings me back to those red flag gun laws." - John Whitehead, President Rutherford Institute.

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