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December 21, 2018


How could Revelation in the Bible 2,000 years ago understand that . . .

. . . future citizens would eventually be required to embed a Mark (today known as a microchip) under their skin to buy and sell anything around the world that this generation, (and for the first in human history), is observing what soon could become a reality?

It is also happening in what the world calls the "digital" age, the Old Testament predicting a "technology explosion" in what Revelation sees as the end times.


Don't believe what is happening in front of your eyes? Check out the following.



Human Implantable Microchips:

The Fastest-Growing Industry In The World!

"Kramer is chief executive officer of Digiwell, a Hamburg startup in what aficionados call body hacking—digital technology inserted into people. Kramer says he’s implanted about 2,000 such chips in the past 18 months, and he has three in his own hands: to open his office door, store medical data, and share his contact information. Digiwell is one of a handful of companies offering similar services, and biohacking advocates estimate there are about 100,000 cyborgs worldwide. 'The question isn’t ‘Do you have a microchip?’  Kramer says. 'It’s more like, ‘How many?’ We’ve entered the mainstream.'” - NTEB

Video Source - NTEB



IBM RFID Commercial - The Future Market - IBM




Cash Is Now Almost Extinct As Swedish Citizens Begin to Implant Microchips Into Their Hands To Pay For Purchases

"Ask most people in Sweden how often they pay with cash and the answer is 'almost never.' A fifth of Swedes, in a country of 10 million people, do not use automated teller machines anymore.

More than 4,000 Swedes have implanted microchips in their hands, allowing them to pay for rail travel and food, or enter keyless offices, with a wave [of the hand.] Restaurants, buses, parking lots and even pay toilets depend on clicks rather than cash." - NTEB

Video Source: NTEB



How New Ideas In Design Will Revolutionize Even Smaller Chip Sizes

"How a Harvard Professor Makes Transforming Toys and Designs was originally published by WIRED on November 29, 2018. This story features Associate Faculty member Chuck Hoberman." - Wired

Video Source: WYSS / Harvard

Original Story You Will Have To Pay To Read At Wired Magazine.. - Webmaster



Scarily Accurate NVIDIA AI Algorithm Technology NOW Able To Generate Synthesized Human Faces That Look 100% Real

"The technology works so well that we can expect synthetic image search engines soon — just like Google’s, but generating new fake images on the fly that look real. Yes, you know where that is going — and sure, it can be a lot of fun, but also scary. Check out the video. It truly defies belief." - NTEB

Video Source: NTEB


I Warned You Alexa Was Listening In AND Storing In-Home Conversations! - HeiseOnline

Did A Mysterious Extinction Event Precede Adam and Eve? Our Own DNA Hints Some Kind Of Major Sea Change Occurred And Not That Long Ago. - FOXNews

Chinese Researcher Claims That He Helped Make The World’s First Genetically Edited Babies. - AP

"Witches Now Outnumber Presbyterians In The United States, As WICCA and Paganism Experience Explodes Growth." - NTEB



So If The Bible Is Correct About Revelation At The End Of The Bible, What About Genesis At The Beginning? Watch.

"However, one Rabbi has recently published a book titled 'Searching for Sinai.' Rabbi Alexander Hool believes that Mount Sinai is in Saudi Arabia, and not at the traditional location in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. A great deal of research and theory exists on this topic, and fully understanding it could take a whole lifetime.

To facilitate research about the location of Mount Sinai and the reported Exodus events, this web site intends to provide a wide-ranging review of some of the theories so that researchers can work from a common set of facts and arguments." - SinaiInArabia

Video Source: SinaiInArabia










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