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CNN Contributor "Files Her Nails" Over Discussion Of Americans Murdered By Illegals


January 16, 2019




"Star CNN contributor, [Nicaraguan-born] Ana Navarro, files [her] nails on live TV as guest discusses murders by illegal aliens." - GatewayPundit

"She harshly criticized Trump's comments about immigrants, labeling him a 'racist.'" - Wikipedia

"Navarro made the gesture on "Cuomo Primetime" while host Chris Cuomo discussed illegal immigration and crime rates involving illegal aliens compared to U.S. citizens. Cortes correctly stated that there are reports that dispute the notion that illegal aliens commit fewer crimes than American citizens.

'It’s fake news for you to inject BS and say that it’s equal to the real data,' Cuomo claimed. 'It’s not BS,' Cortes fired back. 'Even if I were to grant you that, okay, the point is the illegal alien crime rate should be zero.' Navarro pulled out her nail file and started filing her nails." - Nam Trang Ánh

Video Source: Nam Trang Ánh / CNN




As Of 1/15 CNN Didn't Report The Following Headline. But In 2017 CNN Saw Trump As The Problem. Hmm?

DHS: Two NY MS-13 Stabbing Suspects Exploited Unaccompanied Minor Loophole To Enter U.S. - TruePundit




Now To Rachel Kleinman, News Editor, AOL.COM

I enjoyed YOUR REPORTING today. I enjoyed it because it was reporting and not opinion from AOL, the owner of the Huffington Post. I wasn't on the border when Trump visited it, so I needed to know only the facts as if shown by news footage of the president's comments.

Your piece simply reported what Trump said and did, using good old traditional journalist reporting of "who, what, where, when, and why" with "how" thrown in.

Thank You.

Now I wonder if you might know a researcher / reporter who has been following a list of all the Americans killed or lives changed dramatically by an illegal alien breaking the law, such as driving drunk, rape, murder or caught in the act of stealing what doesn't belong to them?

I would like to know each of those fallen names, LIKE WE REPORT THE FALLEN IN WARS. The names should also include a quick background of their families and how they came to live in America and if any children were left behind like in 9/11. A photo of the lost soul would also be nice.

Are you aware that a young man is doing this for every living veteran from WWII, his going across the country to meet and video tape each one?

Those fallen at the hands of illegal alien crimes could have been a neighbor, someone who had helped another or someone who had served their country, a doctor, you know, a basic biography of what impact that illegal's evil act had on each American life that was snuffed out along with those around them.

We have a list of those who died in 9/11. I lived just 20 miles from "the site." But I don't know the names of these Americans WHO SEEMED TO HAVE LOST THEIR LIVES FOR NOTHING.

I look forward if you find someone who has that info. Thank you. - Webmaster


PS: AOL must have noticed my above positive comment and suddenly removed Rachel Kleinman's post. It was replaced with the following negative one from . . . wait for it . . . NBC News!

"On the border, Trump turns political in making case for his wall."

Story Source: NBCNews / AOL

Note: I couldn't make any of this up if I wanted to about today's social engineered reporting, spoon-fed to the general public as news. - Webmaster







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