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Part 4

Promoting Family Values: Having Children Does Matter!

March 6, 2019



Muslims are patroling the New York City area with one car, hoping to soon have at least 5, according to this Web site.  - Webmaster

The meaning of the above MCP car is explained later below





What The World May Look Like In 2040

While the West has been aborting its young in the tens-of-millions, so by the numbers who will be best set up to run Western societies in 2040?


The Answer Is Below.


Article by Elliot Friedland, December 27, 2017, Clarion Project


"Now we are looking at why minorities are able to have such outsized impacts on the wider world.

To do that, we turn to the work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a writer, statistician and risk analyst with a background in finance. One chapter of his new book, Skin in the Game, deals with “the dictatorship of the small minority.”

Taleb argues that intolerant minorities are able to set the agenda in human affairs not in spite of the tolerant majority, but because of them. 'It suffices for an intransigent minority –a certain type of intransigent minorities –to reach a minutely small level, say three or four percent of the total population, for the entire population to have to submit to their preferences,' Taleb writes. 'Further, an optical illusion comes with the dominance of the minority: a naive observer would be under the impression that the choices and preferences are those of the majority.'

This occurs because the intolerant minority will not alter their preferences in the face of criticism, whereas the tolerant majority will allow themselves to go along with the intolerant minority’s preference for sake of group cohesion and civic harmony." READ MORE - ClarionProject


"Most Muslims are not radical. It’s just a small minority of extremists causing problems. You have probably heard this narrative before and been aggravated by it. Maybe it’s just a small number, but why are they able to do so much damage if the numbers are so small? And if it’s just a small minority, why don’t the rest of the community act to stop them?" - Clarion Project

Video Source: Clarion Project


Above article by Elliot Friedland, December 27, 2017, Clarion Project



Think This Is Far Fetched? It Was Already On Our Doorstep In 2012, Ignored By Your Trusted Mainstream Media. Watch!

"The graffiti on a building in Belgium says it all: 'Welcome to 'Belgistan.' In fact, some are now calling it the Muslim capital of Europe." The Christian Broadcasting Network, CBN, gets the facts that the dangerous multicultural media REFUSES to show you.- Webmaster] - CBN

Video Source: CBN



After Watching The Above Islamic Leader In Brussels In 2012, Think He's Celebrating AOC In 2019?!

Click on photo to watch AOC on Instragram while fixing food in her kitchen.

"Our planet is going to hit disaster if we don't turn this ship around and so it's basically like, there's a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult," Ocasio-Cortez said while chopping up food in her kitchen during an Instagram live video. "And it does lead, I think, young people to have a legitimate question, you know, 'Is it okay to still have children?'" - DailyWire

Video Source: DailyWire



And In America, Too! Watch These 2015 Interviews In New York City.

"American Muslims speak out on 'Hannity.' Watch David Webb and Sean Hannity talk about controversies, Islam, and religion on Hannity." - Sept, 2015 / FOXNews

Video Source: Hannity / FOX News



Muslims Patrol East London, Promoting Sharia Law In Neighborhood

"Hard-line Islamists try to impose Sharia law in East London [in 2013.] CNN's Dan Rivers reports on a continent-wide issue." - CNN

Video Source: CNN



Muslims Patrol New York City, Promoting Sharia Law In Cars That Look Like New York City Police Patrols With MCPS On Side

“'Sharia Cops': New York Gets ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ with Squad Cars That Look like Police." - NewsMencos

Video Source: NewsMencos



The West Goes Into A Free Fall While Its Progressives . . .

. . . have no stomach to protect the sacrifice of those who died for the individual freedoms they are still able to celebrate today.

This is not new to the West. Ayaan Hirsi Ali's (see her speech to the media further below) troubled life in an Islamic family had been put into words by Theo van Gogh. For his efforts to assist the Muslim woman seeking freedom from the fundamentalism of Islam, he too found himself under attack as he rode his bike through the streets of his home, where he was murdered by a Muslim. It was reported that Theo begged for his life as the fundamentalist stuffed a knife blade into his chest with a note attached that there was only one religion.

It so enraged the Dutch community that the next day government officials were stunned at an anger, which they had no idea was festering within the community, as the murder of van Gogh caused citizens to burn down a local Muslim school. However one gay playwright said it best, watching the violence coming from the Islamic faith attempting to overtake his country. He said he now feared he would have to migrate out of his country because . . . wait for it . . . HE HAD SUDDENLY REALIZED HE HAD NO IDEA HOW TO FIGHT FOR HIS FREEDOM!

So much for the left protecting democracies! - Webmaster

"Birth Strike Founder Blythe Pepino Explains The Concerns Behind Her Movement." - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

Video Source - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews



In 2007 Ayaan Hirsi Ali Warned About Islam's Goal Supported By A Corrupt Politically Correct Mainstream Media, Content That Has Become An Echo Chamber Orchestrated By Progressives Running The DNC In America.

[Mohammed Bouyeri, a 26-year-old Dutch-Moroccan citizen,] "claims to have murdered van Gogh to fulfill his duty as a Muslim. Serving as witness in another court case involving the Hofstad group in May 2007, Bouyeri for the time expressed in more depth his thoughts regarding Islam. Here he said that armed Jihad was the only option of Muslims in the Netherlands and that democracy was always a violation of Islam because laws cannot be produced by humans but only by Allah." - Dirkdeklein

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islam, Western Culture and the Theo van Gogh Film (2007) - Remember This - Video: URL



Finally, Never Forget The Agenda Of The Alinsky Leftists Of The ASNE And RTDNA . . .

. . . whose aloof lies and destructive socialist ideology have not only stained America's Fourth Estate but have taken a dump on the reason it needed to exist, to protect freedoms of those the media likes to refer to today as "deplorables" . . . in their eyes Walmart's white trash?!

Watch a smug CNN host seem to not be able to wrap up her interview fast enough with Muslim Doctor Qanta Ahmed, after the Muslim professional reported that in many Muslim countries Trump and Republican administrations have stood by Muslims in the destruction of dictators AND ARE NOT Islamophobia as CNN and other fake news outlets TRY to report. CNN not only deserves the name of the "snuff network" related to our military but more recently famous for its backing of extreme Sharia Law in its CNN TURK against the moderate people of Turkey. - Webmaster (See full story: DailyWire.)

Video Source: PoliticsNowadays

"Iconic News Anchor, Ted Koppel, Says President Trump Is 'Not Mistaken' That The 'Liberal Media' Is 'Out To Get Him.'" - TheBlaze







So Where Is This All Going?


Part 4 is not an attack on Islam.  Far from it.  This four part series has been only a warning to the future based on increasing technology as predicted in Daniel 12:4 of the Old Testament. 

The Old Testament writes that God told Abraham that his seed would be as many as the stars in the sky.  But never forget Abraham had children through two women, his wife, Sarah, and her handmaiden, Hagar. Abraham had turned to Hagar for a child, not believing God would provide him with one promised through Sarah, assumed barren by her old age. 

So there was not just one offspring, but two, from Abraham’s seed; Ishmael and Isaac, the event happening about 2,000 before the birth of Christ:

For Isaac:

"The books of the Old Testament describe Abraham’s offspring, [Isaac], growing into a mighty nation—the Israelite kingdom—and entering into a special covenant relationship with God. Comprised of 12 tribes or family groups, the nation gained prominence for a time." - United Church Of God

For Ishmael:

“At that time, God repeated His promise that Ishmael would father a great nation. Hagar was in the desert and near death when the angel of God called to her, saying, ‘What troubles you, Hagar? Fear not, for God has heard the voice of the boy where he is. Up! Lift up the boy, and hold him fast with your hand, for I will make him into a great nation.'” - GotQuestions

Isaac would lead to Israel while Ishmael would lead to Muhammad:

"Ishmael is regarded as a prophet and an ancestor to Muhammad. He also became associated with Mecca and the construction of the Kaaba. Stories of Ishmael are not only found in Jewish and Christian texts, such as the Bible and rabbinic Midrash, but also Islamic sources. These sources include the Quran, Quranic commentary (tafsir), hadith, historiographic collections like that of Muhammad." - Wikipedia


4,000 Years Later, Here We Are At 2019

Today, the world we live in deals not only with the the offspring of Isaac and Ishmael and their continued fighting with each other, but it also comes at a time when the prophesy of the Book Of Revelation and its "Mark of the Beast" is becoming a reality. You will need a "Mark" if you want to buy and sell in a society that will hate God and His people.

The world will mock God's followers, believing only man can solve global warming, explain evolution for all species on the planet and accept the practice of infanticide, the killing of unwanted children born into the world. That includes the sale and purchase of human baby parts.

The Bible's prophesied future society would rapidly attack Christians. In 2019, in America Donald Trump reacts to those attacks by protecting traditional values and the country's founders. In fact the American media has given itself permission in lock step to attack Christians today, not only in the media Christian's support but in the Islamists that murder them around the world.

These new haters, brought together by Barack Obama and his Czars, identify as progressives who hate the president's MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats, not because of Trump but because of the tens-of-millions of mainly blue-collar Americans who voted him into office. Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election openly identified these tens-of-millions of voters as "Deplorables."

To show the hate by a national media controlled by progressives, watch the video below of a national NBC reporter. She almost snarls at a 16-year old boy because he had worn a MAGA hat. This reporter incorrectly assumed the boy's high school group yelled, "Build That Wall," the phrase used by another another group.

Greg Gutfeld brings up a perfect example of disgusting media corruption at the network level. - Webmaster

Video Source: GregGutfeldShow / FOXNews

And below is the actual proof of what happened that day to the 16-year boy, (standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial waiting with his class for a bus to take them back to Kentucky), the media never caring to show the full video to the public. Instead the teen with the MAGA hat was their sole objective of hate. Why? Because the boy was white, attended a Christian school and was part of Hillary Clinton's "deplorables."

"Watch Glenn debunk the biggest lies surrounding the Covington controversy in this minute-by-minute breakdown of exactly what happened in D.C. last weekend between the Black Hebrew Israelites, Native American protesters, and the Kentucky boys from Covington Catholic High School below." - TheBlaze

Video Source: TheBlaze

The growing corruption of our universities from the time of Bill Clinton through the election of Barack Obama has been stunning in its speed, producing students who have been programmed by socialist professors to hate America and its founders. They even encourage violence, pulling down statues and defacing memorials, a reminder of the historic days of Communist Karl Marx.

Below is an example of one of those "professors," teaching at Duke University and reported to have been involved in pulling down the monument to "Silent Sam" on the UNC campus.

Watch the radical professor suddenly find interest in "justice" by calling the campus police on a reporter who asked him about having a gun at Charlottesville that caused the death of the young woman.

Professor who was accused of chasing a Charlottesville driver with gun now attacks cameraman. - NEOAethyr

Video Source: NEOAethyr

If link has been taken down, click here to watch.

In summary, you have seen in these four parts technology stealing away our privacy while knowing the whereabouts of people every second of the day. For instance, I was standing in a Publix grocery store talking to my wife on the smartphone when a line popped up reminding me of sales at Publix.

And you've seen proof of the coming "Mark" for this "NOW" generation, its technology evolving literally in front of their eyes. And it is a time when our news can no longer be trusted, either because of a fake media working in unison with other deceptive outlets or newscasters looking like real human beings but easily edited, not only in their faces, but in what they are reporting. Stunning comments about a world the Biblical Book of Revelation promised would be called the end times.

Finally, Revelation also writes about trumpets. But where would they come from and how would they sound? To that end, we may have had our first warning several years ago as shown below. The sound of Trumpets have recently been documented to fill empty skies around the world for a period of about seven years. But they are not like trumpets from a musical instrument. Instead, they sound like the celebration or warning sounds you might expect from a Jewish Shofar, which would be appropriate when dealing with writings from the Bible.

Listen for yourself and get ready for what is coming.

Webmaster, Freedomisknowledge



Remember Those Strange Sounds That Were Coming Out Of The Sky For Several Years, Sounding Not Like Trumpets But Jewish Shofars?

Listen to the unexplained collection of sounds by country they were heard in, recorded from all over the world. And these are only a few that have been captured on video, suddenly going silent a few years ago.

From this you can grab the seriousness of events we are going through today. While a few individuals tried to create the same sound with a home video, nothing could duplicate what was heard by so many out in the open skies and around the globe for a limited number of years. It was even heard at a national league televised baseball game.

Watch the above video and listen to Shofar-like sounds coming out of the sky.

"There are strange sounds in the sky. Every so often, random people hear and capture these sounds on their camera phones. Are these Apocalyptic sounds, a sign of prophetic events soon to occur? Or are these sounds simply a hoax? One thing is certain, when you have major media networks covering this phenomenon on their news stations, you get a sense there is definitely something in air." - AllDayNewsNetwork

Video Source: AllDayNewsNetwork

"Noise heard across the globe for nearly a decade, while nobody has an explanation." - DailyMail



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