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Why The Left Hates America!


March 13, 2019


"Christianity, the flag, free speech, being white – when did they become problems?"

The Left in 2018: Unhinged - GOP

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Article by Whistle Blower Magazine, March 3, 2019, WND

"Imagine that as a young child, rather than being taught by your parents and teachers that America is a wonderful nation uniquely blessed by God, you were taught to hate it.

What if you never learned to appreciate the bold explorer Christopher Columbus, or the hardy and devout Pilgrims, or the rag-tag colonial army that against impossible odds won Americans’ independence by defeating the world’s best-trained military – and then went on to establish a transcendently enlightened Constitution that guaranteed personal freedoms such as the world had never seen?

In short, what if you never learned to love America?

What if you never reverenced the fact that America sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives in a bloody Civil War to end the evil of slavery – and then later sacrificed hundreds of thousands more lives to stop the ravages of Hitler’s Germany and Imperial Japan and to rescue countless Jews from Nazi death camps?

What if you were oblivious to the reality that America is the least racist nation on earth? Or that most of the world’s major inventions that have so richly blessed all of humanity – from the light bulb to miracle drugs to the microchip – were invented by Americans?

What if, instead of all of this, you were taught from your youth to feel guilt, embarrassment and shame toward your country? What if the emphasis in your learning was always on America’s faults and darkest deeds, and never on the good? And if your parents and teachers failed to inject this anti-Americanism into your soul, your professors would zealously take care of that when, as a young, intelligent, energetic, but also inexperienced and impressionable college student, you entered those hallowed halls with great expectations – and were literally taught to loathe America from day one.

February’s power-packed issue of Whistleblower magazine – titled 'WHY THE LEFT HATES AMERICA”' – delves into the mystery of an entire political movement that has come to reject, and indeed revile, traditional America. It is subtitled 'Christianity, the flag, free speech, being white – when did they become problems?' and takes readers on a rare guided tour inside the mind of the hard left.

Highlights of 'WHY THE LEFT HATES AMERICA' include:

'Inside the mind of the hate-America left' by David Kupelian, a thought-provoking look at how today’s Democratic Party sees the world.

'Why do top Democrats find patriotism divisive?' by David Limbaugh, who explains their 'emotional breakdown over innocuous and uplifting presidential expressions of patriotism and traditional American values.'

'3 reasons the left wants ever more immigrants' by Dennis Prager, who says the left’s problem with Trump’s border wall is that it 'signifies the affirmation of America as a distinct nation.'

'Franklin Graham: Trump is facing a ‘digital coup d’etat,'' by Bob Unruh, in which the evangelical leader concludes, 'The left is trying to destroy this man.'

Free-for-all’ at U.S. border reveals disturbing trend: Agents ‘shocked’ by high numbers of illegal crossers from 2 specific countries”,' by Leo Hohmann.

Mohamed’ now 3rd most popular name for baby boys in Midwestern U.S. city,' by Leo Hohmann, who documents how the State Department, working with U.N., has 'distributed more than 54,000 Somali refugees into Minnesota cities and towns.'

Immigration’ is key to defeating America, admits 9/11 mastermind,' in which readers shockingly learn, directly from a terrorist leader: 'The plan is to fill the country with like-minded Muslims through easy immigration laws and by having babies”

7 reasons the Pope is wrong about immigration' by Joseph Farah, who questions Pope Francis’ advocacy for open borders and his insistence that 'to encounter the other, the different, the neighbor' is a 'privileged opportunity' to encounter Christ.'

'Dick Durbin’s pro-North Korea immigration allies” by Trevor Loudon, documenting how the Democrats’ current amnesty effort would create millions of new Democrat voters.

Dems look to another Kennedy to rescue drowning party” by Jack Cashill, who reviews the shocking family history of debauchery that hangs over the left’s new golden boy

'Exceptionally good or exceptionally evil?' by Dinesh D’Souza, vividly illustrating how two competing and utterly opposite visions for America are battling for ascendency.

'Is democracy on the way down?' by Patrick J. Buchanan, revealing why the recent brief government shutdown was about one thing only: America’s national identity.

Sanctuary’ for illegals becomes blacks’ worst nightmare: Inside the war brewing over health care, education and other services, by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

'The secret to winning America’s new civil war' by David Kupelian, who answers the question: 'How do we win what is at core a spiritual war, and hopefully, even change the minds of our misguided countrymen?'

'The left has long demonstrated its dissatisfaction with America,' says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, 'by striving to replace its free-market capitalist economic system with Marxism/socialism, replace its Judeo-Christian morality with ‘sexual freedom,’ and replace its Constitution through audacious judicial activism.'

'But today,' adds Kupelian, “a's this issue of Whistleblower makes clear, there exists no greater proof of the left’s revulsion toward traditional, constitutional, capitalist, Judeo-Christian America than its ongoing campaign to literally replace Americans themselves via uncontrolled immigration, both legal and illegal.'

Indeed, replacing Americans with non-Americans – as current headlines demonstrate day after day – has become the highest priority of the left and its institutional fortress, the Democratic Party."


Above article by Whistle Blower Magazine, March 3, 201i9, WND

Read why the left hates America. - WhistleBlowerMagazine.






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