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Revisiting The Media's Labeling Of The Charlottesville Riots


April 3 , 2019



A Twenty Minute Video Produced On August 20, 2017, About What Really Happened At Charlottesville, Focusing On The Truth Of The Event!

This is another reminder of Alinsky's most damning "Power Point" that the left uses against what Hillary called America's "basket of deplorables." Obama had referred to the same group years earlier as president, laughing about holding on to their guns and Bibles.

From the vile arrogance of the left in Hollywood to the corrupted halls of our universities along with elite corporate fake national news outlets, these Socialists / Marxists really don't hate Trump. They hate you for electing him. But why?

Because many of you are older Americans, like myself, who were raised in the 1950's by those who served AND won WWII, loving this nation. Many of us would then go on to raise our children with those same values passed to us by what would be called the 'greatest generation,' never forgetting we had also lived with a generation who survived the crash of 1929.

Their memories of those times with little to eat caused them later in life to still never throw anything away while being sure whatever food was in a jar would be fully wiped out so only clear glass showed before it was tossed aside or recycled.

But decades later the left would be doing damage to the security of our Republic in its hating America's freedom for the individual spirit, our universities becoming filled to the brim with Socialists / Marxists not unlike Obama's former czar, Janet Napolitano.

After she retired from leading the Obama administration's Homeland Security position, she went on to be president of the University of California. It was reported in that new position she demanded that no student be told America was an exceptional nation, obeying Obama's demand for a fundamental transformation of the country.

I personally was not at all surprised by this move, reminded of a friend who sent his very smart daughter, raised within a faith-based family, to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After he paid for three years of her education, she told him his Bible was full of it. He then pulled her funds for the last year, telling her to finish on her own. The father moved to another part of the country, discusted with a university system that had trashed his family values, and all too common an occurance in today's intolerant leftist society.

The University of North Carolina is the same corrupt university that a decade ago allowed U.S. House Of Representative, Congressman Tom Tancredo, to be chased off its campus in 2009 over a discussion of the dangers to America from open immigration. The university allowed the SDS into its halls that night. They reportedly broke windows, forcing the congressman to be removed for his safety.

It is also the same university that allowed the recent ripping down of a historic statue on its campus known as "Silent Sam." The same professor who had pointed a rifle at a driver in the Charlottesville riots was also reported to have lead the charge to take down the bronze monument. At Charlottesville it was reported that driver who had the gun pointed at him drove backwards from the threat of the rifle and into the woman, killing her. He was later held accountable for her death.

Below is a video of that professor by a independent news crew asking him questions outside his office about his activity with a rifle at the Charlottesville riots. The Antifa-supporting cowardly university professor then calls the campus police to come protect him.

You can't make this up about the left. Watch for yourself.

Professor who was accused of chasing a Charlottesville driver with gun now attacks cameraman. - NEOAethyr

Video Source: NEOAethyr

If link has been taken down, click here to watch.


The University of North Carolina several years ago made the news again by refusing to give a professor tenure. During his first years of teaching on campus the atheist instructor became a Christian, the university seeming to see that as an antithesis of its terms of employment. The professor being attacked simply over his religion then sued the university thugs for discrimination . . . and won. His name was Mike Adams.

With all this information on these growing socialists / Marxists across America, never forget it was the top Marxist Obama** himself who taught the Alinsky Power Points to students at the University of Chicago. He was also close friends with Weatherman Bomber, Bill Ayers. Obama even went so far as to lie when running for president of the United States about his relationship with Ayers, saying he didn't personally know a Bill Ayers.

But he did! Obama actually passed out funding as the head of the CAC with the intent to push social justice curriculums onto students in the Chicago public school system in the mid 1990's. And who do you think wrote the curriculum to try to indoctrinate students into socialism? It was Bill Ayers. Obama was a liar then and continues to be a liar today.

Hillary Clinton, whom Obama supported for president in 2016, had actually known Saul Alinsky on a first name basis. It was reported Alinsky offered her a job in his socialist organization on the southside of Chicago. So what was that important Alinsky power point that the establishment media, socialist university professors and Hollywood elites use against Trump and his followers today?

Power Point 13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

Now you can watch the video below of an overview of what really happened at Charlottesville, having clearer eyes and understanding the enemy that wants you dead while getting paid salaries at our colleges, Hollywood elites supported by theatre tickets and a very fake national media like CNN pushing a global agenda 24/7 within an international reporting format.

CNN gained the name "the snuff network," over a decade ago when Anderson Cooper allowed the world-wide playing of a terrorist video given to CNN in 2006, showing their attempt to "snuff out" the life of an American GI in Iraq. Cooper allowed it while knowing the terrorists on the audio proclaimed that "first innocent children and women must be out of the way" before the attempted kill. How brave of them, the audio designed for the American audience Cooper would play the tape for.

The following year CBS seemed to wet its panties over Cooper's bravery at CNN against America's military, handing him a reward for a spot on its prestigious 60 Minutes. - Webmaster

** Obama's grandfather was reported to be a communist, introducing Obama to the communist poet Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii. He also was reported to have taken his grandchild to a local radicalized church that hid SDS students from the FBI. While the fake media cried foul in 2008 that it wasn't true, a video was released years later of Obama reading from his new book at a university function, proclaiming his grandfather had not only introduced him to Davis but that Davis had become a very important mentor in his life. The media had lied again.

And therein lies Obama's words in November of 2008 when he proclaimed, "In just five days we will fundamentally transform the United States of America." Obama's followers sang Obama's praises that month of his win, loving the idea America would be destroyed, fundamental transformation meaning to never look or be the same AGAIN. - Webmaster

"Blame On Many Sides In Charlottesville? Trump Vs The Media." - Shuttershot45

Video Source: Shuttershot45

If link has been taken down, click here to watch.

The Definitive Takedown Of The Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People’ Hoax Comment Attributed To Trump - Breitbart







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