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America's Spirit Under Attack From Within

May 13, 2019






The Delusion of Diversity On The College Campus!

Education at progressive universities has morphed into political indoctrination, dumbing down students, for example, so they might believe Mozart was only a parrot that had memorized symphonies. This would allow the student to avoid having to admit Mozart was a white male with privilege.

But forget my opinion. You decide after watching this interview about what is going on under your nose at Ivy League universities. - Webmaster

Heather Mac Donald On Hoover Institution - HooverInstitution

Video Source: HooverInstitution

TKS to Ellen of South Carolina for the heads-up.



The Politically Correct Lies Also Run Amuck Formerly Trusted College Journals.

"Three academics conducted what they call a "grievance studies" experiment. They wrote fake papers on ridiculous subjects and submitted them to prominent academic journals in fields that study gender, race, and sexuality. They did this to "expose a political corruption that has taken hold of the universities," say the hoaxers in a video which documented the process.

John Stossel interviewed James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian who, along with Helen Pluckrose, sent so-called research papers to 20 journals. They were surprised when seven papers were accepted. One claimed that "dog humping incidents at dog parks" can be taken as "evidence of rape culture." It was honored as "excellent scholarship." - ReasonTV

Video Source: ReasonTV

It's 1984 And You Didn't Even See It Coming!

"The University of Iowa has earmarked over $2.7 million for its Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for this fiscal year. The budget, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix, spans nearly 70 different activities and spending categories." - TheCollegeFix



And Then There Is Multiculturalism . . .

"Our final objective is to create our own Islamic system." [for America.]

Click on photo to watch video.

Muslim on CSPAN proclaiming to make all America's Muslim so they can enjoy the teachings Of Allah. - Webmaster

Video Source: Ibleedredwhiteandblue

TKS to John of Tucson, Arizona, for the heads up.



. . . The Objective? "To Accomplish Our Goals."

"Disturbing footage of Muslim kids saying they would sacrifice themselves and kill for the 'Army of Allah' surfaced from an Islamic center in Philadelphia. The Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic Center in Philadelphia posted the video to its Facebook page celebrating 'Ummah Day' in which young [American Muslim] children wearing Palestinian scarves sang and read poetry about killing for Allah and the mosque in Jerusalem."

"The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a watchdog group, alerted FOX News to the video. These are not isolated incidents; they are happening in major centers of the country – including in Pennsylvania," MEMRI said in a statement." - FOXNews

Video Source: MEMRI / FOXNews

Lebanese Girl Gifts Piggy Bank To Hezbollah Chief To “Get A Missile.”




Dark Agenda

The war to destroy Christian America.

"David Horowitz discusses his new book, 'Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.' The Freedom Center founder exposes not only the Left's war against Christianity, but also a war against America and its founding principles." - Frontpage

Video Source: Frontpage

"Disney’s Tolkien Biopic Whitewashes ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Creator’s Christian Faith." - Breitbart / [ No surprise here as Disney gets involved in sexual orientation at its child-loved castle while supporting progressive liberal media outlets ESPN and ABC Network. This is too much like Beauty And The Beast, the petals having fallen off the rose now buried with Walt. - Webmaster]

"The Infertility Crisis Is Beyond Doubt. Now Scientists Must Find The Cause." - TheGuardian, July 2017 [This story from two years ago is finally getting some attention, with Mother Nature seeming to sense the environment males are growing up in today is not good for the raising of children and therefore is reacting as one might expect. - Webmaster]




So How Can We Put A Face On These Conflicts?

A Political Triangle Can Help.

A place to discuss the application of political science, political theory, and political history that we see every day. We point out fundamental misunderstandings of political concepts and bizarre attempts to categorize political identities. - Reddit

Graphic Source: Reddit







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