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Memorial Day And Our Corrupt Media While Trump Is In Japan

May 27, 2019



The Content Children Of The Associated Press (AP) . . .

. . . got it all wrong when they wrote this headline for a Memorial Day weekend: "AP FACT CHECK: Trump and a tale of 2 sheets of paper."

The AP hit piece attacked Trump for previous comments he had made, but being sure it was released while Trump was in Japan. AP seemed to hope to embarrass him in front of one of America's best allies and the around 64-million Americans who voted for him, the left's deplorables.

Without the final results of the investigation on who exactly started the Russia witch hunt against Trump, AP's buddies in the progressive media have tried to make Americans believe that Trump was actually a Russian agent.

And I bet the upcoming investigation will find out that some in the media were paid to print and say lies to repeat in their weekly echo chambers from ABC to CNN.

Don't believe it? Check these few examples that AP's article somehow missed:

Author, Malcom Nance, on MSNBC in June of 2018 had called Trump a "Russian Asset," and that Trump "would never betray Putin."

And then journalist and author Craig Unger came out in August of 2018, saying with all confidence that there was a Russian asset in the White House.

Then in February of 2019 on CNN, former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe told Anderson Cooper that he believed it was a possibility that President Donald Trump was a Russian asset.

No media in American history has ever said that about an American president, becoming an agent for an enemy of the United States and then do it again and again and again.

So while Trump is in Japan, let's not follow the Marxist over at AP but instead remember those brave young American boys and girls, yeah almost that young, who fought and won the stunning battle of WWII and especially Okinawa, which changed how America would rage war.

Shame on AP. Here is what this journalists should have been writing about on a Memorial Day weekend.

"Suicide plane attacks began during preliminary operations on March 26. Five days after the initial landing on April 1, a wave of 355 Japanese army and navy kamikaze aircraft struck the armada of Allied ships supporting the invasion, and further attacks continued into June. By the end of the campaign, Japan would launch almost 2,000 suicide attacks against the invasion fleet, including manned rocket-powered Ohka flying bombs. The attacks tested the nerves of even veteran sailors as 26 ships were sunk and another 164 damaged." - National WW2 Museum

"The U.S. aircraft carrier, Bunker Hill, burns after being hit by two kamikaze planes within 30 seconds during the Battle of Okinawa, May 11, 1945. (Image: National Archives and Records Administration, 80-G-323712.)" - NationalWW2Museum


AP, you simply got it wrong!

What was missing from Trump's Rose Garden speech was a cooperative media that cared about "us deplorables," those who keep America running. It is you so-called journalists at the keyboards of AP who may think that Okinawa is a new food delivery service to make your online life easier.

I say that because I believe too many of the content children of AP could never do what those boys and girls, yeah that young, did to take that Island to finish WWII with Japan.

And for those of you who want to apologize for "the bomb," you need to know that the Japanese goal was to hold the end of the island of Okinawa with their tens-of-thousands of troops hiding in miles and miles of tunnels.

Their mission was to discourage America’s resolve through the huge loss of lives and ships that were being hit by Japanese pilots trained to run their bomb-laden planes directly into the American ships, our boys reporting after a hit all you could see was arms and legs all over the deck of the carriers.

What the Japanese did instead was to convince President Truman that a hand-to-hand fight on the Island of Japan would have lost over a million lives. So he dropped the bomb.

I've seen some leftist popular musicians apologize for the bomb, their forgetting their freedom was given by that decision. It also freed Japan from its old Samurai history. Because of America, Japan would become one of the freest and most productive countries in the world. The same for Germany. And for South Korea. How soon we forget.

Photo source unknown.

TKS to Mark Matteson for posting this on Facebook in rememberance of the fallen on Memorial Day. - Webmaster

I therefore suggest to all you high school kids out there, that when you graduate head to a conservative university like Hillsdale College so you won't be lied to by any one of the thousands of Marxist professors employed at the other universities that push socialism such the University of North Carolina, University of California, Harvard, Yale and the rest who have lost their original mission statements from their founding. - Webmaster


America's New College Babies: 75 Years After WWII

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"Students at Yale bully sociology Professor Nicholas Christakis because his wife had the audacity to suggest, in an email, that students could, maybe, decide what Halloween costumes to wear by themselves." - BooshiBanter

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