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Our Troops On D-Day Fought For This?!

June 6, 2019




[Democrat Run] "L.A. Has Morphed Into A Complete Sh*thole – Shocking Pics." - ClashDaily

If video taken down, Click Here to watch.


If video taken down, Click Here to watch.

"Maybe all of those celebs should look at what’s going on in their own backyard before lecturing folks in Alabama and Georgia.

Hollywood celebrities and a few production companies have decided that they are going to try to apply pressure to governments in states that pass pro-life laws by depriving them of their esteemed presence.

Really celebs?

Ok, then. Maybe y’all can step just outside of Tinseltown and hang back in Los Angeles with the ballooning homeless problem, feces on the streets, rats and medieval diseases.

Seems like a fair trade." - ClashDaily

Video Source 1: ClashDaily1 / NBCLA | Video Source 2: LauraIngraham / FOXNews



Check Out Detriot In 1945 Vs. Hiroshima. Then Watch Detroit 66 Years Later In 2011 Vs. Hiroshima. The Difference? Democrat Rule!

If video taken down, Click Here to watch.

66 Years Later: Hiroshima; Japan Vs Detroit, Michigan, USA - PubliusFarmer

Video Source: PubliusFarmer



Never Forget D-Day!

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