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Remember; It Started In Riverton, Utah!

June 10, 2019




 Join Others And Become A Sanctuary City For Preborn Children.

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"As Live Action News reported just last month, a growing number of city councils across the country are considering proposals to become 'sanctuary cities' for preborn children.

While the wording varies, proposed measures for sanctuary cities for the preborn generally include: 1.) a statement affirming the value of all human life and that life begins at conception, and 2.,) a commitment to assist pregnant women in their city, particularly those with unintended pregnancies.

In May of this year, a group of Raleigh, North Carolina, residents urged their city to become a sanctuary for preborn children.

On June 4th, 13-year-old Addison Woolsey, another resident of Raleigh, again advocated for sanctuary city status for the preborn, pleading for their rights to be valued along with their pregnant mothers. Miss Woolsey’s comments were met with shouting and cursing from abortion supporters, including several pro-choice African-American women who objected to her comparison of support for abortion to support for slavery. They shouted that because she wasn’t Black, she shouldn’t speak about slavery.

In May, Riverton, Utah became the most recent sanctuary city for the unborn, and in April, a professor in Phoenix, Arizona, gave an impassioned speech urging his local city council to become a sanctuary city.

In March, Lea County, New Mexico, residents voted to become a sanctuary city. In February, a New York bookstore owner urged the Batavia, New York, city council to do the same thing. Back in June of 2018, Effingham, Illinois, became America’s first sanctuary city for the preborn." - LiveActionNews

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