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July 1, 2019




"An Angry, Old White Guy Watches the Democratic Debates."


Article by Abraham H. Miller, June 30, 2019, American Spectator


"I don’t give a damn where you were 60 years ago on civil rights. I don’t care if your great grand-pappy owned slaves or you grew up in rural Louisiana and used the 'N' word as often as a contemporary rapper. I can’t get vexed about 2000 children at the border not getting enough facial tissue and diapers when tens of thousands of American children are sleeping on the streets and in shelters of our cities.

What I want is a president who is going to work for America, whose reputation is grounded by the present, and whose concerns are sharply focused on the future, America’s future.

The sine qua non of great candidates is not where they stood on racism in 1963 but where they stand on America today!

As of April 2019, there were 22,000 children sleeping in NYC’s municipal shelters. On any given night, half a million Americans are homeless. Some 40% of them are minors.

So, while you are raising your hands to give health care to illegal aliens and feeling virtuous in the process, what the hell are you doing about the problems impoverished Americans face?

Biden took it on the chin for not supporting government-enforced busing to deal with de facto segregation. What parents, white or black, want their children to sit on a bus and be transported to an inferior school. Court-ordered busing was one of the strongest reasons for white flight out of America’s cities.

You’re the senator from California, Kamala, not from Central America. In your own back yard, in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, homelessness is a crisis and third-world tent cities are reproducing themselves along California’s freeways.

In San Francisco, people spend 41% of their income on rent. San Francisco is a city of renters not owners, and some 70% of the homeless once had a roof over their head and lived here.  The median price per square foot in San Francisco is over a $1000.00. Realtors call it expensive. The rest of us call it obscene.

Why is it expensive to live here? Because if a developer finds an endangered species of field mouse on his property, all construction must stop. Democrats have created regulations that have regulations.

The Larkin Street facility in San Francisco deals with the needs of homeless young people. In the Pantheon of homelessness, young people come from the most abused conditions and are the most likely to be without any shelter.

While you and the administration are rushing 4 billion dollars to the border, did you ever stop to consider what a few hundred million would do for your own constituents accessing the vital, and in some cases life-changing services, at places like Larkin Street?

The Democrats seemed to be climbing over each other as to who was going to give away the most stuff. Well, at least Bill de Blasio was honest enough to say he was going to pay for it by raising the tax rate to 70%. But not to worry because you guys are only going to tax the rich, right?

If you taxed all the income over 1 million dollars at 100%, you couldn’t get rid of the deficit let alone begin to pay for all the free stuff you say you want to give away. You just know that half the population does not pay federal income tax, so you pander to them. The rest of us will have to pony up for your programs.*

When you don’t sound like you are running for the presidency of the Castro District, you all sound like you’re running for the presidency of Guatemala. You hate this country so much you can’t even wear a traditional American flag pin.

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Octavio-Cortez are said to be the new face of your party. Omar’s district is the prime source for ISIS recruits. As a Minnesota legislator, she voted against American insurance companies and for death benefits for ISIS terrorists’ families.

Rashida Tlaib says she never feels more Palestinian than when she is in Congress.

Alexandria Octavio-Cortez goes to the border fence and sheds crocodile tears over an empty parking lot while pretending to look at caged illegals.

I don’t care what color or what ethnicities people are, but I expect that anyone who goes to Congress should represent America, not ISIS, Palestine, or Central America.

What I care about is what you are going to do for America, today and tomorrow? And let me echo what some Americans said about the Indian invasion of Bangladesh (East Pakistan) back in 1971. The Nixon administration thought about engaging in, yet, another stupid Asian war and some Americans voiced, what many felt – just because you were born in some sh**hole doesn’t make it our responsibility to expend blood and treasure to save you.

And, maybe, Kamala, if you want to thank anyone for the integration of Berkeley, you should remember that before there was a Free Speech Movement on campus; there was a civil rights movement. And it was white people of my generation that took to the streets and the businesses of Berkeley, so you could go to an integrated school and stand behind a cash register — something black people were kept from doing in 1963.

But no one dreamed back then that equality of opportunity would be designated as a racist policy, and equality of result would be the new goal. No one went to Mississippi Freedom Summer thinking they were getting their head bashed for racial preference.

As Joseph Nye Welch said to Joseph McCarthy, ' … have you no sense of decency?' The whole disgusting lot of you!"


Article by Abraham H. Miller, June 30, 2019, American Spectator

"Abraham H. Miller is a Distinguished Fellow with the Haym Salomon Center and an emeritus professor of political science, University of Cincinnati. He served on the faculty of the University of California, Davis and the University of Illinois, Urbana.

A specialist in the study of terrorism and political intelligence, he has been a consultant to and academic fellow with the National Institute of Justice. He has also been a Bradley Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. His academic work appears in numerous prestigious, peer-reviewed journals, including the American Political Science Review.

As a student of political violence, his work on the black urban riots of the 1960s won a Pi Sigma Alpha Award from the Western Political Science Association." - Salomon Center


* Note the following paragraph was moved to the bottom of the article. "But one program I am willing to be taxed for is male abortions. I think no amount of money is too much to transform gender rights into gender justice!"


[What? More!] House Democrats To Introduce Bill For MORE Refugee Admissions From Central America! - Breitbart








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