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1995: A Time When Democrats Saw Illegals As Dangerous To The Country

July 17, 2019



How Did We Get Here? A Review Of The Journey.


In 2019 the DNC is no longer your grandfather's party. It's not even close.

I say that because old-school Democrats, some of whom I have contact with locally, have become very angry realizing "their pappy's" political party no longer exists. Not only has the "new" Democrat Party of Obama pushed out conservative Democrats as no longer wanted, but now with open arms have embraced socialism for their new platform . . . a direct path to the collective, the result of communism pushed by Marx and Alinsky.

In 2008, 13 years after President Clinton gave his 1995 State of the Union speech to warn Congress on the seriousness of uncontrolled illegal immigration to the country, the Democrat Party allowed itself over the following years to be driven to the hard left by a new candidate for president.

That candidate was Barack Obama, born into a Muslim family, studied the Koran for several years as a child in Indonesia and was radicalized by his grandfather on his mother's side while living in Hawaii.

McCain and Palin laughed at the new candidate, Obama, as a community organizer. They were either naive or unwilling to understand Obama's goals to promote socialism and eventual communism through the Power Points he learned from Saul Alinsky's group or the teachings of Marx who defined his followers as "useful idiots," the same kind of people Obama had been reaching out to for votes in 2008.

As a candidate for president in 2008, Obama had taken with him all the other Democrat candidates running for office to an annual meeting of the DailyKOS, with the hope of driving the party into the arms of far left progressives. It was also Obama as a young man who admired Frank Marshall Davis, referring to the communist, (identified by the FBI), as his mentor . . . an early contact arranged by Obama's grandfather when living in Hawaii.

Therefore, it can no longer be a surprise that the Democrat Party of 2019 has morphed into the party of Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx. Through that effort it has also become the party of America's first "crotch salute" president . . . the party of "workplace violence" when a Jihadist attacked our troops on American soil . . . the party where a patriot can be seen as a "Nazi nationalist" . . . or the party that sees a 14-year old teen, (standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial wearing a red MAGA hat), as a white supremacist supported with the assistance of a leftist American mainstream media out for blood of anyone who is a white male, Christian and conservative.

We live in an age when the media "colors the news" rather than reporting it. To that end some in the mainstream media have come to openly support violence using Obama's Brown Shirts, or better known as antifa. Cable news hosts have believed while antifa may break a few heads, (and the law), their violence against certain others can be sometimes considered a "moral duty."

The DNC in other words has become the party of the fundamental transformation of the United States of America that Barack Obama promised in 2008. He promised it in a speech, realizing at the beginning of November the election was his to seize. He looked forward to a young voting public indoctrinated by universities to seek entitlements and social justice, free stuff that Obama said they deserved.

Social justice had been the socialist agenda pushed by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge project (CAC.) In the late 1990's Obama had been hired to distribute millions of dollars on behalf of the project in an effort to teach the concept of social justice to Chicago public school students.

In an attempt to accomplish this at the CAC, Obama worked directly with an educator assigned to write its social justice curriculum, Bill Ayers, one of the early Weather Underground bombers and a friend of Obama at the University of Chicago.

Looking back, you can see the planning of all this was no accident, the goal to eventually overthrow a Constitution that protected the individual, one needing to be replaced by the collective of obey.


All Of Americans, Not Only In The States Heavily Affected, But Every Place In This Country That Are Rightly Disturbed At The Large Numbers Of Illegal Aliens Entering Our Country . . . President Bill Clinton, State of the Union Speech, January 24, 1995

Click on photo below to watch video.

State of the Union Speech, on Democrat Party policy toward illegal immigration.

President Bill Clinton, January 24, 1995, State of the Union Speech. - FOXBusinessNews

Video Source: FOXBusinessNews



The Perfect Storm

As corrupt liberal university administrations were turning to the socialism of Marx, Obama and Ayers were teaching at the University of Chicago. Obama would soon run for the Illinois senate, opening the door for him to run for president of the United States. At the early Democrat Party fundraising, Obama would be photographed in 2007 giving his "crotch salute" to the nation at the playing of America's National Anthem.

Progressive leftists had already gone after kids in high school under the faux banner of preventing STDs, which were growing among teens ironically because of the liberalism pushed by the left. These leftists convinced the government and public school administrations that teens needed to know more about sex. They were told sex education would result in a reduction of the sexually transmitted diseases. So decades ago Planned Parenthood was welcomed into classrooms across our nation as part of the required curriculum.

Not only were students trapped in classrooms forced to be taught more than they needed to know about sex, some were taught techniques on homosexual sex acts in the name of inclusion. The classes actually lead to more STDs to the point that the CDC in 2004 was forced to issue an epidemic alert that teens when turning 25 years old would have had a . . . wait for it . . . 50% chance of contacting an STD.

Obama even promoted teaching sex to children during his run for president in 2008, telling crowds that the Republicans running for office were saying that Obama wanted sex education taught as early as Kindergarten. He smiled when making the comment, as if it was a lie, causing everyone in the audience to laugh. Then Obama said with his usual twist. "But that's not a bad idea," the audience suddenly went silent. Check the documentation below, posted in 2007 before the election of 2008.


2007 Warnings About Candidate Obama's Agenda For America's Children

Note: Due to the age of this posting, the links shown below may no longer be on their respective servers.

- The abortion giant, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, had a total income of $1.02 billion -

Planned Parenthood Web Site Promotes Porn to Teens

"Why aren't we discussing this in the 2008 Presidential elections with Obama?" - Webmaster

Obama's speech for support of Parenthood, Socialize Medicine, removal of conservative supreme court, and applauds Maggie Sanger and writings of Ruth Bater Ginsberg.
Source: YouTube posted by

Above is Obama's July 17, 2007, speech that gives his rock-solid support to Planned Parenthood while he also demands the implementation of Socialize Medicine, the removal of the conservative supreme court and openly applauded Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, along with the writings of Ruth Bater Ginsburg (.pdf.)

Obama's glorification of Ginsburg is very disturbing, this Supreme Court Justice and former ACLU executive the one who demanded extreme socialized changes for America.

For example she wanted to combine the Boy and Girl Scouts into one organization while a report claimed she wanted to reduce the consent for sex with children down to 12-years old.

This reflects Ginsburg liberal agenda to demand America emulates Europe's Progressive Justice System. She is a very radical, far-left secular Jew who has pushed her singular beliefs upon the American people through her close activity in the ACLU and its active support in continuing to sue Christian values in America where ever and when ever it can.

Obama's speech sounds wonderful, doesn't it? But history has brought us here before. Hitler was seen as if a God by the German people, Adolf receiving 96% of the vote in 1932 with his telling the people they would be under a socialized government for the benefit of all and the Fatherland.

Fifteen years later six-million German Jews would be dead and German cities in rubble. So will America go with Obama just as it has tried to do with the vile Al Gore and his global warming hysteria, followers threatening the careers and the lives of those that dare to disagree, some followers with Communist ties, many of his leaders saying "The debate is over."

In America, the debate is never over! If it is, then so is our freedom as an independent people. If this is the year of change, what exactly is that change and at what cost to the independence of the American people and the promise of their Constitution.

Americans could be looking at the end of everything they had known as good, the famous American way of life neutralized by arrogant liberal socialists who have sacrificed little for the security of this country, too many the children of arrogant boomer brats., the Planned Parenthood Web site that says it was created "to provide medically accurate sexual health information for teens on the Internet," advising teens that viewing pornography is a normal and "safer" way of enjoying sex.

In a 2007 article, "Birth Control Choices for Teens," the writer for the Planned Parenthood site tells readers about "Outercourse."

Under the subtitle, "lower-risk forms of outercourse," in addition to kissing, masturbation, erotic massage and body rubbing, or frottage, is "fantasy."

"Many couples can read or watch sexy stories or pictures together," the article states. "They can also share or act out sex fantasies. People do it in person, on the phone, surfing the Internet or through e-mail instant messaging."

Another advice piece, "Porn vs. Reality," warns that federal law makes it illegal for anyone under 18 to view pornography; "however, not everyone follows the rules, and you may run across some porn before you turn 18. There are a few things you should know about the images you might see.

First of all, many people enjoy pornography alone or with a partner as part of sex play. People have different ideas of what is arousing, and there are many different kinds of porn that appeal to people's different interests."

On the Web site's "Ask the Experts" page, young readers pose questions about pornography.

"Dear Experts," one young reader wrote, "I look at porno sites but I got all A's for my subjects. People say looking at those sites affects your school work, but since I think I'm not affected, should I stop it? If I should, how?"

The answer given by experts includes the advice that "many people enjoy using pornography as a part of their sex play -- alone or with a partner." And "there is no correlation between using pornography and getting bad grades in school."

The experts also told a young male viewer of pornography that masturbating while looking at pornography was not cheating on his girlfriend.

Repeated requests for interviews with Planned Parenthood and staff by CNS were not answered.

(Note: In 2008 CNS provided another story titled, Porn-Maker Praises Planned Parenthood's Teenwire Web Site.)




This all lead to the following video produced five years later by the grass roots Catholic organization, American Life League (ALL), bringing together actual film and photos to show how Planned Parenthood had radicalized high school classes and colleges, too.

It is stunning stuff, but ALL TRUE. When Planned Parenthood complained about the upload, YouTube took the video down. But eventually it allowed the video back on the Internet.

Planned Parenthood's XXX Rating - Your Tax Dollars At Work. (2012)

(Note: If the above video has been taken off of YouTube again, Click Here to watch

But as Planned Parenthood was attacking conservative values in the public schools, distancing kids from the values of their parents, the universities were attacking self achievement, proclaiming it was discrimination against students with lesser abilities!

This attack on America's foundation for the success of the individual was promoted by prestigious universities such as Columbia University and its infamous "Teachers College," where new teachers were sent out to attack self-achievement in the name of social justice. There are those words again.

Once this "socialist" cancer was allowed to spread through high schools, news started to pop up that high school graduates were being discouraged and EVEN prevented, during graduation ceremonies, from displaying their mortar board color tassels of achievement.

Why? The Teachers College radical agenda was now being reflected through high school administrators, suddenly worried other students were being offended by the best in the class. In high schools in the 1950's, those high achieving students were regarded as examples of success.

Decades later those same students are branded as offensive. Social Justice fanatics are trying to turn America on its head in the name of the collective.

Below is an article that addressed what the Columbia University Teachers College was going to spread in 2006, 13 years ago the college would send out indoctrinated graduates holding degrees in teaching, ready to pass their radical indoctrination onto local schools in towns across America.

Source: Townhall, Letting The PC Slip Show, October 13, 2006



So What Are The Results Of All Of This?

Watch Social Justice Gone Wild . . .

. . . a shocking example of the university system under Obama's social justice to fundamentally transform the United States Of America. Oh, did I mention this was at Yale?

How To Become . . . A Hated Person

"Yale Students Berating Professor," September 2016 - BooshiBanter

Video Source: BooshiBanter



Or Listen To The Attack On An Everyday American Over Free Speech . . .

. . . promoted through the lie of social justice, teaching students to attack authority, the stuff of Marx, Alinsky, Obama and Ayers to overwhelm the system, then replace it!

How To Become . . . A Dangerous Person

"How do you become 'dangerous'? Writer and Portland-based podcaster Nancy Rommelmann would have thought she was the last person to answer that question — until she publicly dared to raise some questions about the #MeToo movement. Then her life suddenly changed and she became public enemy number one. She tells her astonishing story — what happened and why — in this compelling video." - PragerU

Video Source: PragerU



While An American World Soccer Team Player Calls Christian Soccer Player Homophobic For Not Wearing A Rainbow Shirt As Ordered

These soccer stars are the new role models for Obama's social justice. You couldn't ask for better representatives for America's "crotch salute" president or a NFL football player that enjoys wearing "cops are pigs" socks for all his team mates to view.

"With that, Harris — who's openly gay and engaged to teammate Ali Krieger — linked to Ekeocha's tweet on her own Twitter post and went off on Hinkle. 'Hinkle, our team is about inclusion,' Harris tweeted Monday. 'Your religion was never the problem. The problem is your intolerance, and you are homophobic. You don't belong in a sport that aims to unite and bring people together. You would never fit into our pack or what this team stands for.'" - TheBlaze

Video Source: TheBlaze



So How Do We, As A Nation, Return To The Roads Paved For Us By Our American Ancestors?

Since the FBI and CIA allowed their upper senior management to be weaponized by Obama and his Czars of 2009, we can start by asking the U.S. Supreme Court to investigate the motivation for creating "education centers," such as found at the University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The giant university used huge budgets to create their "education centers," pushing the social justice agenda of Alinsky and Marx onto new incoming freshman students.

The university is pushing a social justice system promoted by radicals such as Barack Obama and Weather Underground bomber, Bill Ayers, started two decades earlier with the intent to transform the country away from the freedom of the individual to the bondage of the collective to "obey." In other words the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is saying to Americans, "We know better than you, stupid, so get out of the way." - Webmaster


Carolina Journal July 2019 .pdf file.

Source: Carolina Journal, July 2019, Page 16



And The Person Attacked By Social Media, Shown In PragerU Video?

Notice Nancy Rommelmann's husband's business was located in Portland, Oregon, a hot bed for Antifa attacks while the police are told to look on, directed by the city's mayor. This is not the mayor's fault but the people who allow him to stay in office. It proves again that a Democracy is only as good as the citizens who are willing to protect it.

The person who came after Nancy Rommelmann and then gathered others online to go after her husband's business, need to be identified by Twitter. Why is the FBI not demanding accountability? If there is no law authority, there is no law. What the law says doesn't matter if it is not backed up by government officials. That is what happened to Donald Trump when the FBI used false documents to push a faux agenda to remove him from office.

Photo Source: IsraelForeverFoundation

If Trump is a target, then any American can be a target by these fascists. In America, an Internet device was used to freeze and polarize the target. While in Germany against the Jews, a paint can was used to freeze and polarize the target.

It is the stuff of the teachings of Saul Alinsky's Power Points, specifically #13, which had been taught to Obama while Hillary knew Saul on a first-name basis. In other words, law is useless if no one is there to enforce it. Just ask the Jews who lived in Nazi Germany after 1933.

It was called fascism back then. It is still fascism today.

But this time it is not in Berlin but on American streets allowed by an American mayor, who is actively playing the part of Adolph Hitler from 80 years ago. If you don't recognize history, you are bound to repeat it. And so it is in the city of Portland, Oregon.


Not Unlike The SS In Nazi Germany Shown Above, Antifa Is Allowed To Rule The Streets Of An American City

Warning: Extreme Language

Check out the cop down the street, ordered to do nothing, as Antifa is allowed by a radical Democrat run city government to take over some of the streets in Portland, Oregon. - Webmaster

If video has been taken down, Click Here to watch.

"Antifa actually posted these videos of themselves attacking any motorists, in this case a tourist from North Carolina, who had driven into their (illegal) protest. Their tweet matter-of-factly stated that they chased after and attacked the gentleman in his car in 'self-defense'. You cannot make this up, If you remember CNN says antifa violence was justified when attacking what may look like a white supremacist.

You'd think antifa would have more self-awareness than to post such things, but no, presumably the Open Society Foundation paychecks are sweet enough that they are encouraged to come out to block traffic and flaunt anti-white rhetoric." - Story Source: OregonLive

Video Source: OregonLive







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