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9/11: "Unshaken Courage."

September 10, 2019




Stunning Reminder Of That Sunny Morning In New York City

"Remember every rescuer who died in honor. Remember every American that was taken away from us and remember every family that lives in grief. But most of all, remember that Men NEVER Die Until They Are Forgotten! This is 'Unshaken Courage.' an original documentary by "Nine Line," in remembrance of those we lost on Sept. 11th, 2001 and those still affected." - NineLineApparel

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This excellent video hit home for me, my living in northern New Jersey on September 11, 2001. I remember parents running or driving to schools in the morning in Pompton Plains to pick up their kids. One school had brought the children out into the bushes not knowing where the next attack would come from, that maybe buildings were no longer safe.

I personally still think the Islamist terrorists chose that date for the term "9/11," an American symbol recognized across the nation to report an emergency that could be developing into a tragic event.

New York City Mayor Giuliani would be going to funerals for almost a year as bodies were found clearing the wreckage, the last one a stewardess found at the bottom of a trade tower elevator shaft.

They tell us to never forget. But if you were there or near there, you can't. Your mind will not let it go like the photo of the falling man, alive at that moment yet to be gone a few seconds later.

But the memory of our U.S. Congress coming out onto the steps of our Capital to sing "God Bless America" is now such an disgusting oxymoron for me, as so many in that radical government body see God today as an irritant to be "woken" from; one that is the enemy of the left's hammer of "diversity and inclusion."

The memories of that 9/11 event become as alive to me today as if happening a few days ago and not 18 years later. Watching this excellent documentary will stream the memories back for those who were affected by another day in infamy in America. - Webmaster








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