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OMG, And They're Running For Office To Improve Whose Lives?

September 16, 2019



While Census Data Reports A Million American Households Have Now Risen To The Middle Class Under Trump . . .


. . . here is more "hope & change" from Democrats for the 2020 Election.

What? Biden urges parents to ‘keep the record player on’ for their kids. Yes, Biden really said that! [It should remind us all of the warning from the child's tale of the Emperor wearing no clothes. - Webmaster] - NTEB

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List Of Trump's Accomplishments Only Up To October 2018, Around One Year Ago - WashingtonExaminer





A Testimony To Obama's "Promise Program" Backed By Democrats Not Unlike The Candidates Above Who Allow Acceptable Collateral Damage Of Our Kids.

It is not unlike so many Americans who were also murdered, this time by illegal aliens in the name of the Democrat Party's support of sanctuary cities. Or Obama calling the murder of our troops by a Jihadist at the Fort Hood Massacre only an act of "workplace violence," promising to veto any attempt by Congress to give Purple Hearts to victims.

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Why Meadow Died

"The People And Policies That Created The Parkland Shooter and Endanger America's Students."

"After my sister Meadow was murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the media obsessed for months about the type of rifle the killer used. It was all clickbait and politics, not answers or justice. That wasn't good enough for us. My dad is a real tough guy, but Meadow had him wrapped around her little finger. He would do anything she wanted, and she would want him to find every answer so that this never happens again.

My dad teamed up with one of America's leading education experts to launch his own investigation. We found the answers to the questions the media refused to ask. Questions about school safety that go far beyond the national gun debate. And the answers to those questions matter for parents, teachers, and schoolchildren nationwide.

If one single adult in the Broward County school district had made one responsible decision about the Parkland shooter, then my sister would still be alive. But every bad decision they made makes total sense once you understand the district's politically correct policies, which started here in Broward and have spread to thousands of schools across America."

Hunter Pollack (Forward)

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Now For The Real Red Flags


To Yahoo News and the rest of the A.I. media journalists from someone who was raised by those who won WWII:

Too many of you reporters have really ****** up a nation those heroes defended with their lives and built from the ground up. They created fantastic inventions without computers at their desks or Smartphones pushed into a pocket behind their ***.

Your definition of what is news is too often surrounded by mundane videos images that have defined a profession turned into empty shells magnified by the laughable news footage shown below. A Beto Generation of nothing but fake lives and fake achievement can identify many of you. Even with the reality of Dolby 7 with 1080p camera images, your reporting is still crap from a crap news generation . . . garbage in, garbage out.

You're too much like the news editors in 2017 that drooled over a photo of a crotch-salute president taking photos of his wife while they stood on a yacht in Tahiti owned by one of the richest men in the world. Those editors, name withheld, fawned over the image of those plastic characters yet missed the irony of the boat they were standing on.

Therefore you are the real red flags, reminding us of those who wrote "Jew" on the windowpanes of businesses in Germany in 1935. They purposely turned a nation against its own and redefined news as indoctrination. Amazing how over 80 years later the sage was correct when reporting that "the more things change the more they remain the same." - Webmaster


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Black newspaper burned down on November 10, 1898. The Democrat Party's machine showed its true colors in the murders of blacks in the Wilmington Massacre of 1898 and then NEVER LOOKED BACK. - Webmaster No problem with this man's background to still be president of the United States, as it was a man who allowed a woman to drown then being made the king of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate!  And the Democrats worry about the values of Russia's KGB? - Webmaster