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On CNN, Former CIA Official Gives Threat; The Brotherhood Of The CIA Will Stab . . .

October 4, 2019




Community Organizer Socialist Barack Obama, Trained On Alinsky Power Points And Attorney For ACORN, Who Worked With Weather Underground Bomber Bill Ayers . . .

. . . at the CAC to push the Marxism of social justice onto Chicago's school children in the 1990's, has backed his promise to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

Taking office in January 2009, Obama immediately surrounded himself with Czars while beginning to weaponize the CIA and FBI that lead to the failed two-year Mueller Russia investigation. Some guests on the Trump hating media were even allowed to accuse Trump of being a Russian spy without challenge.

Obama had also tried to place a communist, Van Jones, as his green czar until exposed by Glenn Beck. Jones then used his "Color of Change" organization to go after Beck's advertisers at FOX. Jones was later hired by CNN and provided a voice with his own show. At the same time in 2009 Obama was reported to have allowed the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR to edit the language of training manuals for America's security agencies.

In his Cairo speech of the summer of 2009, Obama, who as a candidate gave our national anthem his famous crotch-salute, suddenly demanded that it was the job of the president of the United States to ensure Muslims be allowed to practice their religion "AS THEY SEE FIT" (Sharia Law) in Western countries.

This is exactly what our founders feared; a government gone rogue.

In 2019 these attacks on president Trump have reached a dangerous peak, progressives of the Democrat Party trying to remove a president from office before the people can vote for him again in the coming November 2020 election! - Webmaster

Watch Former CIA Official Threaten The President And His Attorney.

Click On graphic to watch former CIA official.

Tucker: Trump refused to bow to intelligence agencies. - Tucker Carlson / FOX News

Tucker: "Trump refused to bow to intelligence agencies. Intelligence agencies didn't like President Trump challenging them." - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

Video Source: TuckerCarlson / FOXNews







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Black newspaper burned down on November 10, 1898. The Democrat Party's machine showed its true colors in the murders of blacks in the Wilmington Massacre of 1898 and then NEVER LOOKED BACK. - Webmaster No problem with this man's background to still be president of the United States, as it was a man who allowed a woman to drown then being made the king of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate!  And the Democrats worry about the values of Russia's KGB? - Webmaster