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This A Warning Video To You, America! "No Safe Spaces."

October 28, 2019




"NO SAFE SPACES features an all-star cast of supporting guests from all sides of the political spectrum including actor/comedian Tim Allen, Van Jones, Alan Dershowitz, Dr. Cornel West, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin and others and has garnered a significant amount of attention from newsmakers who have gotten a sneak peek at the film." - Patch

"NO SAFE SPACES is a documentary that proposes that The First Amendment and the very idea of free speech are under attack in America today. In NO SAFE SPACES, comedian Adam Carolla and radio talk show host Dennis Prager travel the country, talk to experts and advocates on the left and right, tour college campuses, and examine their own upbringings to try to understand what is happening in America today and what free speech in this country should look (and sound) like." - Patch

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"Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager confront the alarming trend of suppressing free speech at colleges and beyond in No Safe Spaces." - NoSafeSpaces

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Why New Film 'No Safe Spaces' Is Unfairly Rated

"'Jordan Peterson’s and my quotes will stay and we will not censor the real-life punching of a conservative student. The much more graphic films that regularly receive PG ratings only serve to illustrate what I have experienced with Google in their efforts to make PragerU videos hard to find: powerful forces in Silicon Valley and Hollywood have one standard for ideological allies and another for people like me,' he added of the film which mentions 'sexually transmissible disease' and 'Debbie Does Dallas' and a student is seen getting punched.

'I will urge my friends and fans who only go to PG movies to ignore the MPAA’s fake PG-13 rating and go anyway. And please bring friends,' Pager continued.

The film features commentary from a variety of Hollywood actors, scholars, academics, political figures, and media members, including Van Jones, Alan Dershowitz, Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Cornel West, and Tim Allen." - FOXNews

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The Progressive Washington Post Newspaper Honors The Academics Of Killed ISIS Leader

Why does Amazon's founder tolerate this, owner of the Washington Post?

Newspaper writes obituary for ISIS terrorist leader, who burned people in cages and beheaded Americans, "Baghdadi 'Auster Religious Scholar."

Political Correctness Gone MAD!


So who is the managing editor that changed this headline? Was it done to protect Islam? - Webmaster

"The Washington Post changed the headline of its obituary of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi from 'terrorist-in-chief' to describe him as an 'austere religious scholar.'

U.S. forces killed Baghdadi Saturday after a successful raid on a compound in northern Syria.

While many celebrated the death of the serial rapist and murderer, the Washington Post left many confused by giving him the title of 'austere religious scholar at the helm of the Islamic State.'

The Post acknowledged Baghdadi led ISIS with 'shocking brutality' but focused much of its obituary on his academic career.

'The man who would become the founding leader of the world’s most brutal terrorist group spent his early adult years as an obscure academic, aiming for a quiet life as a professor of Islamic law,' the Post wrote.

The reasons behind the newspaper's decision to tout Baghdadi’s academic career rather than his brutal leadership were unclear. The first version of the story described Baghdadi as the 'Islamic State’s terrorist-in-chief,' before it was changed to 'austere religious scholar.' - WashingtonExaminer







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