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America's World Corporation, Coca-Cola, . . .


December 4, 2019



. . . is reported to have created the Sprite commercial shown below for promoting its product for a new image in a South American country.

So does Coca-Cola with this ad join the NFL, and now the NBA to see America's 200 years of world-praised traditions as offensive to their new growing global objectives?

Do they no longer want to be associated with citizens they view as dirty Walmart people, while despising the family members of these same Americans who formed the modern world through giving their lives in the winning of WWII?

But is this just the tip of an iceberg being formed by corporations whose leadership no longer see America to be protected but instead literally in the way of a one-world government they have joined . . . corporations that classify America as just another consumer in a global market where profits have become more important than the freedom of the individual?

And do they see the world in this way because their executives now view individual freedom as the enemy of profits over new income from the enemies of freedom clearly shown through what is happening to the freedom-loving citizens of Hong Kong?

It is a question we all need to ask in this brave new world run by zeros, ones and dangerous worldly progressives who identify citizens as not running the government but instead in its way, as our founders had warned us again and again. - Webmaster

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Video Source: NTEB

"Sprite Runs Argentina Ad Celebrating Moms Helping Children Cross-Dress." - DailyWire







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