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February 3, 2020



Media Purposely Reports A Very Innocent Story Incorrectly, In Its Continued 24/7 Attack To Remove Trump From Office.

The end goal of the Obama media's ongoing attacks, as illustrated in the non-event below, is to find a daily string of stories, no matter how small, to make Trump look incompetent and then removed from office to protect, (in their words), "America's democracy" before Trump can win again in the November 2020 elections. Nancy Pelosi, Majority Speaker of the U.S. House of Representative from San Francisco, calls Trump's removal from office a means to protect the Constitution of the United States. No, she really said that!

"Media Claims That Wind Made Border Wall Fall Over. There’s More To The Story."  - Daily Wire


Media Claims That Wind Made Trump's Border Wall Fall Over. But As Usual There’s More To The Story.


Article by Ryan Saavedra, January 30, 2020, DailyWire


"Far-left news organizations reported on Wednesday that high winds blew over a small segment of President Donald Trump’s border wall that was under construction on the southern border near Mexicali in an apparent attempt to embarrass the president but the claim was misleading.

The [progressive] far-left publications — CNN, NBC News, HuffPost [AOL News], NowThis, and AJ+ (Al Jazeera) — published the following headlines or comments in tweets:

CNN: Portion of U.S. border wall in California falls over in high winds and lands on Mexican side

NBC News: Portions of California border wall wilt and fall into Mexico after high winds

HuffPost: 'Trump’s signature border wall fell over in Mexico from high winds a day after he boasted about the strength of his barrier.'

AJ+ (Al Jazeera): Part of President Trump’s proposed border wall fell over because of high winds.

NowThis: 'Strong gusts of wind knocked over new sections of Trump’s border wall into Mexico.'

The claims were misleading because a small portion of the wall blew over because the concrete had just been poured and it did not have time to set in and harden.

[However] Washington Post border reporter Nick Miroff noted that misleading claims and specifically called out CNN’s coverage of the incident, writing on Twitter:

'I get the urge to dunk on the border wall, but this is misleading. The panels that fell over in the wind were not anchored yet. You can clearly see that in the photo. And adjacent sections did NOT fall, likely because the concrete base had time to harden.'

The video, [shown in the Daily Wire article], was aggregated by far-left activist Antonio Arellano, who has a history of promoting falsehoods on the platform regarding border and immigration related issues.

'When mother nature says ‘¡Chinga tu muro!' Arellano wrote. 'Newly installed panels from the U.S. border wall fell over in high winds, landing on trees on the Mexican side of the border per @CNN.'

Translated into English, ¡Chinga tu muro! means, 'F*** your wall!'"


Above article by Ryan Saavedra, January 30, 2020, DailyWire






"Twas The Vote For Impeachment"


Twas the vote for impeachment, and all through the House

The Dems called him a liar, a scoundrel, a louse.

The witnesses were questioned, their answers unclear

But the Dems were incensed and just didn't care.

They made up some stories, they ignored many facts.

They misled with their words, while they pressed their attack,

And Schiff with his bug eyes, and Nadler his naps,

Pushed their agenda while looking like saps.

Then Articles were crafted with no criminal base,

And passed unanimously by every Dem in the place.

The Republicans played a part in this farce as well,

By attending and legitimizing what the Dems tried to sell.

And out on the lawn at a White House presser,

There was a lady reporter, so Trump stood to address her.

He led with a smile, and with a gleam in his eye,

Made it clear to the press corps he wouldn't be shy.

He was calm and sincere when he called it a scam,

All he wanted was justice and to expose this Dem sham.

"So on to the Senate, let's see where this leads,

I've done nothing wrong, I've made no misdeeds."

And he smiled and he waved, and he turned then to leave,

But turned back with a twinkle, touched his head, said believe.

Then quick as a flash the names were there on his lips,

each with a nickname, now familiar old quips.

Now, Nancy, now Adam, now Jerry and Val,

Now Sheila, and Eric, and Maxine you old gal.

There've been lots of bills, so you could have passed plenty.

But instead you've now ruined your chances for '2020.

So just bring it on, let's get this thing done.

Remember this day, when in November I've won.

It's been a fight for three years and you've landed no blows.

So I can weather five more, I might have to, who knows?

Still history will show I accomplished a lot,

despite the resistance your party has wrought.

So embellish your stories, cast me a villain.

I'll be in the Oval Office . . . smiling and chillin.


TKS for the heads up to Peggy Of WNC.









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