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Guess Who Really Is Following The Russians?

February 10, 2020



Want to guess who really is following the Russians?

Its the AOC part of the U.S. House, better known as "The Squad," which has adopted Russia's methods of subversion and not Trump. Trump is the one who is trying to create prosperity while promoting individual success, which the progressives of the Democrat Party hate.

Why? Because individuals who can think for themselves do not need handouts and / or government assistance that would otherwise keep them in line. Self-achieving Americans are never attracted to membership in a socialist government. And Democrat leaders understand that all too well, hoping to keep the people barefoot, drugged and stupid.

The ability to transmit subversion into the United States over the protection of its Constitution could be easy if all the national media outlets came together to subtly push one ideology upon the country.

They could do this with corrupted content embedded into one entertainment program at a time, one news item at a time, one manufactured crises at a time with the objective to overwhelm the public's right to know.

Their end game over time would be to change pubic opinion so authorities across the country would let their guard down. It is then that the country could be brought to its knees by ripping apart the civility of communities, pitting one American against the other, mocking law enforcement as racist. Sound familiar what is going on today in Sanctuary cities? Because it is.

But that is exactly what has already begun when looking at the creation the "echo chamber," formed by the corrupt executive leaderships of national media outlets that include ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and the newspapers under the thumb of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), from the New York Times down to printed and electronic outlets located throughout America's cities and towns.

To start, Disney, formerly known for children family programs, has been turned into a profit center for investing adults, choosing to own far-left ABC News, (The View), and ESPN, (NBA with Nike getting along with Communist China), plus a substantial stake in 21st Century FOX, reports that Disney will be removing "FOX" from that brand name.

Turner Broadcast System (TBS), a division of AT&T, owns CNN. Will someone please tell Ted Turner, concerning his former brain child, that for him it's really, "Cat in the Cradle, "I grew up just like you?

Disney is reported to have over 28 millions subscribers while ESPN over 7 million. NBC and MSNBC content is run by NBC Universal, which is owned by Comcast, another streaming service transmitted into millions of American homes.

With a reported 95 million single family homes in America as of 2019, the potential for these media outlets to provide subtle "collective socialist" propaganda directly into American homes is stunning.

And this does not include the current attacks to shut down conservative posts on social media already instituted a few years years ago by the titans who developed and own Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, Facebook by itself reported to have one-billion users worldwide.

Then there is the NFL's recent 2020 Super Bowl that ALLOWED Jennifer Lopez at half time to put children in symbolic cages on the field to promote illegals coming into America. Lopez (and the NFL) seemed to hope that the million viewers of the Super Bowl would blame Trump when it was Obama who constructed those units.

Jennifer Lopez had one of her children in a cage while she bent her bottom into the million viewers at the 2020 Super Bowl. - Webmaster

Photo Source: NewsThud

Seeing the progressive DNC's echo chamber in action, one can quickly understand how easy it was for the Third Reich to move the general German population against an religious ideology embedded within the society.

And they did it with access to a very limited communication technology available back in the early 1930's. Yet the Third Reich was totally successful, indoctrinating citizens to view Jews as non-human, allowing 5 million exterminated in only a few years.

If that lie was achievable then, the corrupted media must have asked its membership then why not now after the election of the Clinton's in 1993?

To that end watch the video below on socialist / communist methods of subversion and consider what corrupted progressives have already done to change the American society from what had existed after those WWII war heroes came home.

Those winners then went on to use government loans for formal educations, allowing those war survivors to then establish some of the most creative and successful corporations the world had ever known!


Click on graphic below to watch video on methods of subversion. If video has been removed from YouTube, Click Here to watch.


Societies can fall in cycles of 40 or 80 years. - Webmaster

Graphic Source: SaveTheWest

Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, (1939 - 1993), describes Russia's methods of subversion that can be used against a rival nation. His warnings were recorded just 36 years ago when I was 42 years old. I had been raised by the men and women who won WWII, my father a survivor of Okinawa in 1944.

What Yuri describes is not unlike what is going on today on the Democrat side of the U.S. House of Representatives, which started to consider impeachment against Trump after he had defeated Hillary Clinton for president. The corrupt progressive media immediately took the cue from the DNC on January 20, 2017, to push the public to accept an impeachment when Trump hadn't even had time to find the bathrooms in the White House.

After the election of progressive Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary 27 years ago, the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), went into full swing to control what newspapers across the nation wrote about social issues to their readers, from illegal aliens to diversity and gender politics, which if allowed would destroy the unique difference between traditional men and women known since the dawn of civilization.

The national media's technique for distorting the news was referred to by some conservatives as the national media purposely "coloring your news," or how the media sneaks little white lies into daily newspaper articles, month after month, year after year until after a few decades the face of the society would no longer be recognizable as it had been.

It is what we see today in 2020, Obama 12 years ago promising to "fundamentally transform the United States of America" through his control of the Democrat Party, walking it far left during the 2008 election.

Senate Democrat Harry Reid's had helped to set the new standard, his agenda revealed after being confronted on his telling lies on the Senate floor about presidential candidate Romney, Reid saying Romney had not pay his taxes. Harry made the comment on the Senate floor because it's the Senate's legal "safe space," defending his lie with its logical outcome, adding a smile, Romney didn't win, did he?!

And there-in is the mission of today's progressive / socialist Democrat Party. It's not about running for office any more, debating what issues are best for America. It's about winning, and only about winning.

Hillary was supposed to finish the job of fundamentally transforming the United States of America, as promised by Obama in the 2008 election. She was not supposed to lose what Democrats thought was a guaranteed election of their queen bee.

However that objective has not gone away by the election of Donald Trump. To the Democrat Party it has only put on temporary hold until Trump can be removed from office legally or if necessary by violence before the November 2020 elections. - Webmaster

Video Source: YouTube



When he was alive, Yuri Bezmenov's warnings were not found on the TV screens or front pages of America's national news media.

Yet today they are actually being put into action by progressives on those very same screens and front pages of newspapers to continue the fundamental transformation the United States of America.

Obama, the Democrat Party's leader, had introduced that concept to a cheering crowd of young Democrats just before the November election of 2008.

Listen to their cheers for yourself as they applaud the empty promises of Obama's collective socialism being more attractive than the freedom of self-achievement established by our founders. It reminds me to warn again those who will listen that 1776 is not a day in history but an everyday warning to not let your guard down.

On Obama's election in 2008, one former Air Force officer had sent this simple sentence in an e-mail: Everything I had believed in and fought for all my life was destroyed on a single day without a shot being fired. - Webmaster







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