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Media Tripe Vomit "Russia, Russia, Russia" All Over Again!

February 21, 2020



'Here We Go Again.' Chris Matthews And Others On The Left Accuse Trump Of . . . Wait For It . . . 'Secret' Russian Collusion. - WashingtonExaminer

And guess what news agency started this all over again to cover the Democrat's failed and terrible debates? The ASNE's own pride and joy, the New York Times. - Webmaster

"The new information provided to House lawmakers from the intelligence community suggests Russia supports the reelection of Trump in the 2020 election and is willing to participate in coordinated hacking and social media campaigns to ensure his reelection." - Washington Examiner

"MSNBC host Chris Matthews accused President Trump of hiding Russian interference in the 2020 election. Matthews expressed anger after the New York Times published a report late on Thursday detailing a Feb. 13 meeting called by a Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee to discuss the 'integrity of our upcoming elections.'

'Here we are again,' said Matthews. The president doesn't want Democrats to know what's going on. He doesn't want anybody in this country to know what the Russians are up to. He's apparently out there suppressing the fact that they're out there, now, again, doing what they did in 2016, putting their thumb on the scale on his behalf to beat the Democrats.'" - READ MORE / WashingtonExaminer

Photo Source: WashingtonExaminer / MSNBC






Still Don't Get It?

Watching the years of antics by progressive ABC News and ESPN, tolerated by their owner "family values" cash cow Disney, with AT&T owning CNN via COX cable, (Ted Turner fulfilling the Cat's In The Cradle prophesy "he grew up just like me"), it's no surprise what's going on with what used to be called news.

It has been morphed into daily propaganda worshipped by the ASNE, propaganda that even RT News (formerly Russia Today) can't always stomach.

The "echo chamber" national media is one Alinsky would be proud of as they hold hands in a circle, singing the same songs against Trump for three years. This is while a "new key word" is fed to each and all of them daily, thus the "echo chamber."

They're now suddenly going back to where they started when Trump took office on January 20, 2017, needing to protect the failures of last night's terrible and disgusting food fight at the Democrat Party debate.

Nothing surprises me anymore, watching hateful headlines that seem to always pop up each morning with a new rising sun.

Looking around the world, one can easily see Germany's traditional western values are being destroyed by immigration. The same for Sweden. This is while France seems to be riding off into the sunset while England is trying to just survive.

It is therefore amazing that protecting the West's traditions has now fallen to former USSR satellites, Hungary and Poland to protect the West's family unit, two countries that know exactly what Marxism and Alinsky values can do to the family unit. This is while it has been reported since 2014 that China could have as many Christians as in the U.S. by 2030.

And Russia? The new Democrat Party brought in by Obama and his Czars in 2009, have done more damage to American freedom than Russia could ever hope to do.

Never forget it was Obama and the Democrat Party that promised, "In five days we will fundamentally transform the United States of America," not Russia.

The bottom line in this world is that Trump has given success to tens-of-millions of Americans, success Marxist in the Democrat Party hate. Why? Because people who can stand on their own two feet don't need these ******** and their "Russia, Russia, Russia" lies.

So to the "Russian" Marxist media, pardon the pun, please stick it where the sun don't shine. - Webmaster








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