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The Corruption Of America

March 4, 2020



Listen to this warning from a decade ago. It is sure to come to a boiling point for the 2020 November elections.

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"Fundamental Transformation" Of The United States Of America

The promise to transform America came from the lips of candidate and socialist community organizer, Barack H. Obama, in November of 2008 and just days before being elected president of the United States.

Once in office in 2009, Obama, who had been strongly influenced by his Communist grandfather in Hawaii, would create Czars to surround himself with for the transformation he promised to his party's "collective" base during the election.

It then was discovered later in 2016, after Trump's election, that Obama during his eight year term also had enough time to weaponize the leadership of federal agencies such as the FBI, IRS and could include the top leadership in the CIA, all better known as the "deep state."

Obama was already well trained by the Chicago socialist, Saul Alinsky, who Hillary knew on a first name basis, pushing the Marxist program of "social justice" for public schools via his working as an executive with the CAC in Chicago. Its curriculum was developed by none other than Weathermen Bill Ayers. That's important because during the election of 2008 candidate Obama lied he didn't know him.

Two years after Obama's election, James Jaeger produced a warning DVD titled, "Cultural Marxism: The Corruption Of America."

The DVD's predictions in 2010 are now coming to a head a generation later in 2020 with another presidential election on the horizon and only months away. Obama's Marxist left is trying to finalize the job of transforming the country by pushing Trump out of office, to these socialists only a four-year hiccup.

Candidate Hillary Clinton claimed in 2016 that Trump was elected by degenerates she identified as "deplorables." Even Disney-owned ABC jumped in, agreeing that all those people who supported Trump, (and went to Disneyland?), were deplorables. - Webmaster

Cultural Marxism: The Corruption Of America

"Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America" is a DVD documentary video on the overthrow of a free society by Marxist theoreticians called the 'Frankfurt School.'

The goal was to instruct on how to overthrow a non-Communist nation by undermining its traditional culture, creating fundamental transformation so the society would never look as it had been.

The Frankfurt School is of the collective, which hates individual success, the antithesis of their movement and why Trump is hated so much by the progressive left. Not surprisingly, Trump's enemies in 2020 come from the national news media and the entertainment industry, as predicted by the 2010 DVD.

If you want to know how the nations of the world became increasingly Marxist in form, if not in name, this DVD provides the dangerous strategy. - Webmaster

Image Source: NewsWithViews

The video also goes into the dangerous Gramsci’s Marxism, which is reported to be an "instrumental in rectifying the notion of ideology, as was held then by the 'Marxist' theoreticians of the Second International and the Bolshevik Party of the Stalin period."

It should also be noted that Joseph A. Buttigieg was a "founding member of the International Gramsci Society" while at Notre Dame and living in South Bend, Indiana.

He is also the father of Pete Buttigieg, who ran for President of the United States against Donald Trump for the 2020 election along with Marxist, Bernie Sanders, a U.S.Senator from Vermont still in the race for the party's nomination in the 2020 elections.

The U.S. House and its socialist leader from the radical city of San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi, didn't miss a beat over a socialist possibly winning the nomination of her party, 100% unity at all cost.

"When asked whether the Democratic party would rally behind presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders (I-VT) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the party's gospel is "unity" and that they would support 'whoever the nominee is.'" - RealClearPolitics

Video Source: NBCNews

The goal of the Frankfurt School, as seen in America's culture in 2020, was to use art, music, education and the news media to condition citizens to accept the essential elements of Marxism without identifying them as such.

After a few generations of conditioning, [better known as social engineering when Obama was in office], Marxism could then become the new reality for the American people without any violent revolution or even the awareness that a revolution had ever occurred!

We see this today as a reality, identity politics pushed by a Marxist Democrat Party, a political party turned in that direction when Obama was running for office in 2008.

This destruction of the society was warned by Plato born 400 years before Christ, Plato believing that in a democracy strange ideas could enter the society through the arts and eventually go mainstream, warned by this documentary, to the point where even puppy dogs would stand up on their hind legs and demand their freedoms, too. To that end Plato believed that no successful democracy could EVER survive.

A perfect example is a program called House Hunters, a DYI type of cable channel, featuring the effort to find a Throuple a home, or in this case a man with his two wives. Seeing this, the warning on the ten-year old video tape has come to life in 2020 right in front of millions and into their own homes as "normal" behavior.

It is another example of radicals taking content control of TV shows, destructive socialists pushing their own personal views of morality onto audiences as what should be "normal" behavior, the TV show platform amplifying that message to millions through mass media, or as had warned in the 70's by Marshall Mcluhan, the Media is the Massage.

And if you don't like it coming into your home today from progressives, you're a racist.

Here is what was said on the video about where our country was headed, again the comment made ten years ago:

"The United States has undergone a cultural, moral, and religious revolution. We are two countries now. We are two countries morally, culturally, socially, and theologically. Cultural wars do not lend themselves to peaceful co-existence. One side prevails, or the other prevails.

The truth is that, while we won the Cold War with political and economic Communism, we lost the war with cultural Marxism, which now is dominant.

Those of us who are traditionalists, we are the counterculture." - Pat Buchanan

The DVD also includes testimony from G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, Edwin Vieira and Ted Baehr. The 2010 video directed by James Jaeger is available for purchase. - Webmaster: comments plus DVD's promotional copy.

Video Source: NewsWithViews





A Prime Example Of How The Media Is Being Used By The Left . . .

. . . every day our national media looks for a new word, a new angle, to attack the values of tens-of-millions of Americans as "deplorable," smelly Walmart shoppers.


To The Media, It Doesn't Matter Who Or What, Just Find A New Target And Do It Every Day, Then Do It Again And Again Until It's Seen As If True.

A prime example? The sentencing of Roger Stone.

It is reported THE LAWYERS IN THE ROGER STONE TRIAL LIED TO BARR, promising the Roger Stone sentencing would be fair. Then they purposely went back on that promise, even when Stone had no previous convictions. This is while FBI executives had lied to Congress, yet free to walk, promote books, as if sticking up their middle finger to a Constitution that protected the rights of individuals and their free speech.

Those lawyers knew Barr would have to step in after they lied to him. To that end the four suddenly walked away from the trial, as if the plan, relying on a corrupt media to cover for them, the foreman a liberal activist not unlike the lawyers in the Mueller circus. Later the Obama's appointed judge would recommend four years in jail.

This is Russia, Russia, Russia all over again, giving the left’s “echo chamber” media SOMETHING NEW TO SPIN now that the impeachment is over and the Mueller Russia investigation done, a former Marine made into a fool. 

Today's media is called an echo chamber because most of the daily reporting and guests they invite on their shows all use the same words on the same day from one news channel to the next.

In other words your free press is dead at the corporate national level. It doesn't matter what progressive channel you turn to, the message will many times be the same, sometimes even with the exact same phrases with everyone obviously reading from a daily prepared script.

It is what one could expect from a Communist run central media in the 1960's. Now its 2020 and has become embedded in America's former trusted communication centers.

Echo, echo, echo equals fake reporting, and where the term comes from.

Looking at all these events, one after another since Trump's election, big money is obviously behind this effort to bring the left back into power and start the pay-to-play movement again, elites making money off of wars and working with China, pushing socialism on other countries with billions invested by fortune hunters such as George Soros.

Obama’s promise in 2008 to fundamental transformation of the United States of America is in play with American family values turned into jokes, for example using cartoon animation to push their agenda Sunday nights on the FOX so-called "entertainment" network.

This is while on the other end, too many colleges seem to allow conservative students to be attacked, Obama's Marxist social justice encouraging those progressive administrations to look the other way.

This cannot last.  The left's partying to undermine the Constitution may soon be exposed as naive Americans begin to learn the bitter meaning of having allowed themselves to be the left’s “useful idiots.” 

They danced in the streets when Marx promised free stuff, and also when Hitler promised Germany would rise again from the ashes of WWI. And to that lie they all danced by the millions right into their graves across Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia, but only after their votes had been cast and thugs had make it into office to then fundamentally transform the society.

Once running the government, the treasury and the military, nothing could stop them, The die was cast. Their fates were sealed. - Webmaster


Licensed To Lie

"Exposing Corruption In The Department Of Justice." - Amazon



Democrats Attack AG Barr. They Wanted Him Impeached!

Video Source: The FIVE

["On And On It Goes, Where It Stops, Nobody Knows!"] 2020 Democrats Warn They May Want To Expand The Supreme Court. - Politico



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