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March 11, 2020



. . . I graduated high school in West Palm Beach, Florida, in June of 1960.

While I didn't think about it at the time, everyone there with blue caps and gowns had either lived or moved to the area. And unless they had been killed in an accident, became a victim of a violent crime, were infected by a terminal disease or had moved away, they were there. Bert Reynolds had graduated about a year before me, years later forming a theater group in Jupiter.

But students graduating in June of 2020, only 60 years later, will not have any understanding of how many teens, who could have been their friends, will simply not be there . . . the places where they would have stood, empty.

Unlike my class of 1960, many of those empty spots in June of 2020 across the nation will probably be from abortions, the mother for whatever reason, a medical issue or not ready for motherhood, didn't want the child nor anyone else to raise it and give it life.

Maybe those mothers were like the woman in the second video below, who is seen celebrating her abortion at a pro-choice gathering of progressives on the steps of the Supreme Court in early March of 2020 in Washington D.C.

You will watch her claim, because of her decision years ago to abort her baby, that now she has a nice car and a home with two children. Of course that was all at the expense of another's life. The outcome of that aborted child, living, and on its mother's lifestyle decades later would never be known.

Today abortions have become so frequent they're considered birth control. The late Charles Colson, of Nixon fame, had said that 50% of the women getting an abortion today had already been to a clinic for the same reason. In fact Colson said that as many black babies were being aborted in America in three days as all blacks murdered by the KKK. And that so many were being aborted that the African American race had actually lost an entire generation of humans.

And because of the availability of so many fresh human parts, the fetus / baby has become big business in America for Planned Parenthood, shown in the video directly below.

Within that big business there is, at no surprise, a total disregard for life. You will watch an abortionist laugh about having taken the brain out of the baby's skull, the eyes then unexpectedly falling out into her lap. You will hear the jaded audience laugh at the deceased baby losing its eyes.

Click on graphic to watch the short video taken at a NAF meeting in 2017.

Video taken of participants of a meeting of the NAF reported to be in 2017.

Next time you listen to Benny Goodman and his famous band, his story just one of many of that time period, consider the fact that Benny's father had been a Russian immigrant, a tailor living in Chicago on a very tight budget. When Benny was born, the father and mother already had 10 children to feed and raise.

Today it would have been so easy for Benny's mother to abort him, Planned Parenthood probably recommending it due to the family's low income. No one would have blamed the mother in this day and age, watching the video below of the almost macabre mentality of some progressive women in America today.

So what did Benny's father do? At 10 years old Benny is reported to have been taken to a synagogue in Chicago to study music. Benny being small, it was said he was then handed a clarinet.

And the rest is history.


Pro-Choice Meeting On Steps Of Supreme Court March 2020

Click on photo below to watch an abortionist bragging at the gathering on the steps of the Supreme Court about her abortion when she was younger.


\Break the system is demanded by these socialists, wanting life terminated at their will.

Captured Photo Source: CBN

The above pro-choice gathering in March of 2020 is the same one attended by Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer from New York State, planned for the steps of the Supreme Court. It is also the same gathering where Senator Schumer threatened the career / lives of two newer conservative judges. Schumer later gave the excuse that he had come from Brooklyn where words are not spoken softly.

But note that this gathering is more about the "fundamental transformation the the United States of America" than abortion, as promised by the Marxist, Barack Obama, in 2008 when he was running for president of the United States.

Obama was also known as the crotch salute president by some in the military over his hands that were folded over his crotch during the playing of the National Anthem when a candidate at a Democrat fundraiser in the summer of 2007.

Obama was not unlike two radical communist professors at Columbia University known as Cloward & Piven, who in the 1980's in New York State used thugs to go into government offices for social services. Their goal was to encourage applicants to apply for more benefits than they needed, hopefully overwhelming the system, bankrupting it.

Once bankrupt, a new system could be put into place, a collective one replacing a Constitution that had looked out for individual rights.

That EXACT SAME THEME was projected at this 2020 meeting attended by Senator Schumer, as proven by the T-shirt in the photo above with its imprint reading, "Break The System."

You can click here to read the entire article on the pro-choice meeting over an upcoming Supreme Court decision that had nothing to do with abortions but the safety of women getting them in Louisiana.

Obama had bascially done the same thing as Schumer when Obama was a state senator in Illinois. His was the only vote in the Illinois Senate to allow a living aborted child to be killed outside the womb or allowed to die after birth. Obama had reasoned, not unlike Schumer, about implications for Planned Parenthood.

Why? Because too many American mothers, aborting their babies, have become a big voting block for the Democrat Party and its control of the country, its treasury and its pushing aside individual rights that had been guaranteed by the founding documents.

It is also why it is projected that so many European democracies by the year 2050 will have enough Muslim votes to change the governments in many of those Western counties.

Why? Muslims don't abort their children, children who in 20 years will be voters in the Western society, eventually voting an Islamic run government into office without a single shot being fired.

This all is another reminder to those progressive women in America to enjoy their lives because their great grandchildren may not be so fortunate, reminding them again that it's not nice to fool Mother Nature. - Webmaster

Video / Photo Source: CBN








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