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To CNN, The Snuff Network: "How About Moving Your Headquarters To Brussels Off American Soil?"

March 12, 2020






Obama Supported CNN: Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste?


"Yes the flooding was bad, but there’s no reason for antics like this. It just makes CNN looks even more untrustworthy than it already is.  No wonder trust in the news media is dropping." - WUWT

Photo Source: WUWT


Snopes Protects CNN, Tells Facebook, (It's New Reported Fact Checker?), That The Above Photo Is Misleading.

That's A Lie!

It is an actual photo of Cooper, who chose to be videotaped in deeper water, saying it gave the flood more meaning on its impact to locals.

This is important because reporters did similar things in the Katrina flood of New Orleans while virtually ignoring a story on how Vietnam immigrants to the area had handled the hurricane, using their own resources to deal with the weather event and not relying on the government. One grandmother, who had dealt with the violence in Vietnam, said in comparison the hurricane was only like a pimple on her side.

Cooper says in the video below that the decade-old photo was misleading when posted by Trump's son to show how CNN colored the news. However CNN gained that reputation on its own as the "Snuff Network." In circa 2006 Cooper allowed a video tape to be posted world-wide given to CNN by terrorists of a GI being shot In Iraq. The terrorist audio was reported to be heard, saying for the potential CNN audience, don't shoot until women and children are out of the way.

But you bet the shot of Cooper in the water is misleading but by CNN, along with Snopes saying candidate Obama in 2008 was tired when he said he had campaigned . . . wait for it . . . "in 57 states." Anyone for ketchup?

If video has been taken down by the dangerous censors at Facebook, Click Here to watch.

"On Sept. 17, 2018, CNN's Anderson Cooper addressed the 10-year-old photo Donald Trump Jr. posted to Twitter, showing Cooper in deep floodwater while covering Hurricane Ike in Texas." - WashingtonPost

Video Source: CNN / WashingtonPost


A plan, endangering the safety and the lives of the American people for the purpose of helping to create a health panic that would hopefully remove a sitting president of the United States from office in 2020, may have been revealed today.

A speech written and given by the 2020 Democrat presidential candidate was OBVIOUSLY PREPARED WELL IN ADVANCE OF TODAY'S huge market losses through the massive details it provided against the current administration's decisions in handling the crises.

The speech, given by the DNC's candidate for president of the United States in 2020, Joe Biden, gave the impression that Washington D.C. Democrats somehow were directly involved in the stock market's sudden drop by almost a third and into a bear market because of continued attacks against President Trump, who is running for a second term.

The Democrat party was joyfully joined by its echo chamber of progressive media outlets, such as CNN and MSNBC, which refused to provide help and / or unity during the massive medical crisis that had come to the United States and what President Trump had asked for in his talk to the nation from the White House.

The details in the speech gave a strong opinion that Democrats somehow knew the medical crisis was coming through exact talking points, maybe even a set up in trying to fundamentally transform the United States of America promised by their former socialist candidate for president, Barack Obama, in 2008.

Video Source: NBC

Leading Democrats must have been delighted to release Biden's speech that called anyone who blamed China for the virus spreading around the world a Xenophobe. The Democrat Party's progressive media also joined in calling anyone, who blamed the Chinese for crushing America's economy through the spread of a virus, a racist.

Even China's own communist government got involved, agreeing with America's Marxist media attacking President Trump as a Xenophobe and racist.

This is the same China that had been accused of giving Vice President Biden's son over a million dollars after meeting with Chinese officials several years ago. If you remember this shouldn't have been a surprise, since candidate Bill Clinton had received donations from leaders of the Red Army.

Photo Source: ReadingThePictures

It was Democrats under Obama's leadership in 2009 that had weaponized the FBI and IRS. Obama had also allowed radical Muslim groups in 2009 to begin the dismantling of America's security agencies by changing the training language that deemed Islamists as a danger to America's free culture.

In fact the president of the moderate Muslims in the United States, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and retired naval officer, was NEVER ONCE INVITED TO A MEETING OF OBAMA AND HIS CHOSEN ISLAMISTS IN THE EIGHT YEARS OBAMA served in office.

Previous to that, Obama worked with Weather Underground radical Bill Ayers in the 1990's at the CAC. The purpose was to push the social justice of Karl Marx onto America's school children. Obama was hired by the CAC to pass out funds for the project while Bill Ayers wrote the damning socialist curriculum. It would therefore be no surprise when Obama, running for president of the United States, would fold his hands over his crotch during the playing of the National Anthem, some in the military calling it Obama's "crotch salute."

Then over a decade later, when Obama was running for president in 2008, he was asked about his relationship with Ayers. Candidate Obama answered there was no relationship, saying he was only a young boy when Ayers was involved in the bombings by organizations such as police departments.

Glenn Beck, when working at FOX News, had warned that when Obama was moving one hand, you better watch what the other was doing, something Democrats are born with in their DNA.

Beck revealed that Obama's vetted Green Czar, Van Jones, was actually a Communist who had created the organization, Color of Change, at the time having around 500,000 members. Van Jones used those members to call Beck's sponsors for the purpose of frightening them off in support of Beck's show on FOX News.

Years later Van Jones Color of Change would reach over a million and a half members, Communist Van Jones then given his own show on the Snuff Network, CNN.

So to CNN, who called our president a Xenophobe for preventing infected people from entering our shores, please consider moving your operations off of American soil and maybe to Brussels where your ideology would be welcomed with opened arms to the politically correct multicultural capital of Europe. - Webmaster








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