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In Times Like These, Never Forget America's Founding.

March 19, 2020



Never allow radical progressive liberals, be they ones like former president Barack Obama or ANY of his very troubling socialist followers, talk you into taking your eyes off the ball in the protection of individual freedoms passed down to you by others, ones who have given life and treasure for this country and its unique Republic.

Wrap yourself around America's principles, created by faith-based leaders over 240 years ago. They put their lives on the line when writing our founding documents on individual freedoms in 1776. To that end 1776 is not a day in history. It is what those who love freedom fight for every day, as candidate Obama was giving his crotch salute to the nation in 2007, shown on the right,

The dangerous leaders of the socialist New York Times will try to tell you America is a racist country through the newspaper's faux 1619 project, pushing the progressive lies of its followers onto children in American classrooms.

The Times is a news outlet that gathers its principles from the socialist organization, the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), now formed under a new name to include all electronic media. It is the ASNE that recommends the hiring of reporters and editors for newspapers across the country through its acceptable categories.

The goal of the ASNE is to have editorial continuity across the country for "coloring the news" on social issues that affect American citizens, being sure subjects such as immigration, sexual orientation and religion are presented in the politically correct language the ASNE has approved. In other words they are the antithesis of your right to know.

At the end of the 1990's, the ASNE discouraged the hiring of faith-based individuals by burying them under the meaningless category of "other," replacing their major category with sexual orientation and why your media has changed so dramatically over the last 20 years.

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"Bob Woodson joins Mark Levin on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.'" - FOXNews

Video Source: Mark Levin / FOXNews

For strength, Americans need to turn back to the values of those great grandparents, who risked it all to come to America, many through Ellis Island. They were searching for freedom for their current and future families away from the smothering effects of socialism and the shutting down of free speech with social engineering of what words are acceptable to use.

For instance, today you can now easily identify these dangerous reporters because they tell their readers and viewers that President Trump is a dangerous Xenophobe and racist when he refers in his White House briefings to a virus that came from China as Chinese. Now you can understand why the ASNE has been so dangerous to your right to know, actually Marxist in its nature, as reporters spin their own personal web of deceit.

Many of our great grandparents, who immigrated to America, have been to places run by organizations like the ASNE and the reason why they left those countries. Today many who are still alive have become stunned as they watch socialism try to gain a permanent foothold in this country through the control of Marxism, which has been seeping into the leadership of our national news media for decades. This includes many of our universities, as we watch identity politics rip the fabric of our society apart, one strand at a time, until nothing is left of individual freedom.

Patriots such as Mike Adams fought those socialists who wanted to take his rights away. He sued the University of North Carolina for discrimination in withholding his tenure. Why was he denied tenure? Because during his five years at the Wilmington campus, he changed from being a liberal atheist to becoming a Christian.

It is more proof that diversity to progressive isn't diversity at all, but a hammer to keep people in line, identified years ago as the "thought police."

My grandparents came from Sweden, seeing socialism coming to their country. After working in America for three years while living with relatives, my grandfather brought his wife and three young sons to this country in steerage. Two died before graduating from high school from food poisoning and polio while the third went missing on Okinawa in 1944, later found. It made me the only grandchild left to continue their fight against a dangerous left.

Today I promote my grandparent's belief that our rights come from our creator and that freedom of speech is always attacked by those who hate it. And never forget that liberals will almost always die on their sword before ever admitting they were wrong. They live a life not unlike a virus or disease that tries to kill the host body, no matter if it lives or dies itself. - Webmaster


The Days Of Elijah!

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Oorah! "Days of Elijah" by Marines at Camp Pendleton, 2015. - NewSalemChurch

Video Source: Merrie Pardee Baldwin / NewSalemChurch

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