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The Warning Of A Worldwide Pandemic Came To Us Five Years Ago From An Eight Minute Video On TED Talks

March 25, 2020



But why wasn't the whole story told at the time?

Allow me to back up to three weeks ago when I put up on my Web site a John Hopkins online interactive chart on the daily spread of the world's new Pandemic virus, COVID-19. I had seen the chart beginning to appear on cable networks, including FOX News, today becoming standard fare.

As the COVID-19 virus quickly spread, it seemed to some that it had been weaponized in an attempt by the Communist Chinese government to cause world panic that could lead to America going into an economic free fall, the event allowing the U.S. dollar to eventually be replaced with China's own currency.

And it might have happened if Donald Trump had not been president, seeing all the actions he is taking without the help or cooperation from Democrat leadership that never lets a good crisis go to waste.

If you remember, that was first put on the table in 2009 when the socialist, Barack Obama, became president running on his "Hope and Change," laughable if not so horrific in its damaging the nation in the name of social justice, the stuff of Karl Marx rising from the grave.

Obama was weaponizing the media even more than the ASNE and ALCU had already achieved, while a few major news outlets of the national press corps seemed to enjoy standing behind China's Communist government during the Pandemic.

China is using these attacks from our corrupted media for its own propaganda around the world against the United States, never forgetting that China is a society that has no problem selling human organs from people in its boundaries who have been arrested by China's military.

Wait, what happened to the media's Russia, Russia, Russia? It has literally disappeared!

Why. Because it was all a lie to begin with, as you can clearly see from what Trump calls the "fake news," a lie pushed upon the American people for over three years, each day pushing it again and again so if said enough times on TV screens across America it might become a reality in the minds of voters, too busy with life to check the facts.

Yet suddenly it's all gone as if by magic.

The selling of human organs around the world by China, a country which ironically also produces much of America's pharmaceutical needs, was documented by James Dobson of Focus On The Family as early as the mid 1990's. On his national radio show at the time, Dobson talked about photos being smuggled out of China and given to him, the photos showing ambulances waiting as Christians and dissidents were being shot.

"Why ambulances at a mass murder," Dobson had asked at the time.

Because those imprisoned humans were being shot in the head, the ambulances ready to remove their organs to sell them around the world for big bucks.

It's an added benefit to Communist China's revenue, as national news outlets such as MSNBC in New York City turns its head away as if the human organ market didn't exist.

But soon its reporters can be found drooling over Chinese propaganda promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO.) WHO is a global organization that fawns over China's statistics while knowing full well their graphs cannot be trusted, more like propaganda than facts.

If you haven't figured it out yet, this media corruption includes the Democrat Party with its 2020 candidate, Joe Biden.

It is why the party wants to fund NPR Radio even during a Pandemic, as I write this tonight, NPR weaponized by the left for years to attack anything not liberal . . . anything not Obama or Hillary, fed with taxpayer dollars since its inception.

So we shouldn't be surprised when anyone calling the virus, Chinese, would be viciously attacked as a "RACIST" by others in America's corrupted media. This includes a recent comment by the governor of Illinois, who called anyone that identified China with the COVID-19 virus as a "racists." Yes, he said that, knowing the virus came from China.

Even an ABC reporter at a White House press meeting, (ABC owned by the dark side of Disney), arrogantly called President Trump a "racist" to his face last week.

This is beyond fake news. It is Sedition, an act to destroy the Republic of the United States, a country Obama promised to fundamentally transform in 2008.

Looking at our divided nation today, it seems Obama is achieving his goal through the DNC and its alphabet-media megaphone, its goal to make America a post-Constitutional society, which had been interrupted by the election of Donald Trump.

But to the DNC it is only for a few inconvenient years until the election of 2020 that could right the wrong for them, believing Trump's election was created by 62 million deplorable Americans who don't understand the benefits of a collective society.

Never before has an American media been so dangerous to our freedoms, worse than Pearl Harbor. Why? Because America won Pearl Harbor. This war is still raging on since the 2008 elections, twelve years ago.

These progressive journalists are like communists given permits to parade down Broadway in New York City, waiting for everyone to cheer as if they had done nothing wrong but to only elevate America to a new state of being . . . a new state of thinking about the globe and the benefits of their multiculturalism. They love their social engineering driven at the population day after day after day.

Even the Democrat candidate for 2020, Joe Biden, accused of helping his son receive over a million dollars from China when Biden was a VP under Obama, called Trump a "Xenophobe" over the virus being called Chinese. Biden said Trump needed to be replaced as one of America's worst presidents.

A collapse of the U.S. dollar through the COVID-19 virus would make China the most powerful industrial nation in the world. And China is reported to now have a military whose war ships outnumber the United States.

Worst of all and as mentioned, China has been allowed to manufacture most medications needed by the Western world. This has been going on for decades by progressive ideology infiltrating into the highest offices of our federal government, from Clinton to Trump. But because of the COVID-19 virus, it is finally being challenged by this president as an obvious issue of national security for the people of the United States.

Progressives have also taken over much of our national media though the "coloring of the news" by the dangerous American Society Of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), pushing its corrupt ways into editorial rooms across the country for the last three decades, one newspaper at a time.

The ASNE gathered steam in the mid 1990's, as Bill Clinton was being elected president and Hillary to become the country's First Lady. That's important because it was Hillary who knew Saul Alinsky by his first name, even offered a job by Saul to help spread socialism in the United States.

Obama was trained on the Power Points Of Alinsky on how to take over a society. Obama was also an attorney for ACORN, using the org to attack banks in the late 1990's. Obama later lied, as a candidate for president, that he didn't know the Weatherman bomber, Bill Ayers. But Obama knew full well who Ayers was. He had worked directly with Ayers at the CAC to push social justice training on America's public school children. Obama, as CAC's leader, passed out the money while Ayers wrote the curriculum.

And the Democrat Party has known since the days of the Third Reich that a controlled media can easily spread chaos and panic among a population of peaceful citizens, as we see happening with this new COVID-19 virus.

It is the EXACT same media that has been attacking Trump, trying to remove him from office literally since January 20, 2017, and proven by actions by extremely partisan cable news networks such as MSNBC, CNN and others.

So while John Hopkins University has been running the interactive chart on the world-wide spread of the COVID-19 virus, where could John Hopkins be getting most of its funding for maintaining this expensive world data bank? Could it be through the partial assistance of Bill Gates?

And if so why Bill Gates?

Because it was Bill Gates who was that speaker at the TED Talks in Toronto, Gates warning the world was not ready for the next virus outbreak. He gave the speech in 2015, five years ago.

However what was not seen was the election of businessman Donald Trump to the office of president in 2016, who today is quickly putting out the fire. We can all give thanks for that, as we watch the Communist mayor of New York City ask to put military troops on the streets of Manhattan. And at the same time it is the Democrat minority leader of the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer, who suddenly wanted Trump to impose Marshall Law on American citizens.

Now you know why the Democrat Party and its membership controlling the national media hates Trump.

He is in the way of a final fundamental transformation of a country that so many Americans love, many of them having relatives who gave their lives for the freedom guaranteed from the Revolution of 1776, not a day in history but an event we must obviously fight for every day.

Click on the graphic below to watch the eight minute speech given by Bill Gates on TED talks in Toronto five years ago.

As you watch you may want to ask why Gates never warns about Communist China and India producing huge amounts of medicines for people in the Western world. That would have a huge impact on the outcome of the very speech he was giving if they decided to refuse to release their manufactured medicines to the western world, something China is reported to be actually threatening during this Pandemic.

Why? Because Gates in his speeches is first a globalist and then second a United States citizen. To him the U.S. simply looks like another customer for Microsoft. Like I have warned again and again, I believe progressives would rather die on their sword than ever admit they were wrong. It is not unlike radical Muslims who love death more than people in the West love life.

Something to think about, as you watch the video below.

Note: Below the speech by Gates is the current Pandemic chart from John Hopkins. Below the chart is a trailer from the pandemic warnings movie, Outbreak, that reflects today's virus, the movie released 15 years ago.

Video Source:



Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) Updating Map

Click On graphic for updated map

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) Updated Map. - Webmaster

“Outbreaks of infectious disease are inevitable, but the economic damage they cause is not,” said Ryan Morhard, project lead for Global Health Security at the World Economic Forum. “Sustained attention from a broad multistakeholder coalition is needed in advance of a severe pandemic to save lives and minimize economic and societal consequences.” - Event 201, A Global Pandemic Exercise Gateway Pundit

Graphic Source: Arcgis



"Outbreak" Movie Trailer, 1995, Hollywood Imitating Real Life Horrors That Would Haunt Us Fifteen Years Later.

"When a disease in Africa is discovered, Colonel Sam Daniels of the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases or USAMRIID, is sent to investigate. When he reports back to his superior officer General Ford and tells him that they should put out an alert on this disease but the General that since the disease is so far away and not airborne that it can't possibly reach the U.S.

However, a monkey from that part of Africa was captured and brought to the U.S. and a man who works at the customs house took it and tried to sell it but when the person he tried to sell it to rejected it he released it.

Later the man who arrived in Boston collapses and dies, Col. Daniels wants to look into it but General Ford denies his request so he turns to his ex-wife, who works at the Center for Disease Control or CDC to look into and they discover it's the African disease but since it kills very quickly, Col. Daniels feels that it's been contained until another outbreak." - Yahoo / IMBD

Video Source: ClassicTrailers








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