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Scripture Nails The Signs Of "Our" Times

April 11, 2020



We live in historic Biblical times.

The generation to see Israel reform in 1948 is the generation the Bible talks to for watching the prophesy of coming end-time signs. For those who lived before these times, the printed words in the Bible could have been seen only as warnings, some not understood at all because they had not yet come to pass.

But for us who live in "these" times, those printed words in the Bible come to life and are well understood from the activities of evil growing around us . . . flourishing in the secular world since 1948 by mockers of the Word of the Bible.

These days of isolation are a blessing many have missed while ministers like this one preach not only to their local flock but now to the entire world on the World Wide Web, as prophesy comes to life to those who will listen.

Watch this Palm Sunday overview of the signs of the coming Christ, line by line from the Bible. You can also visit this church for online Easter services by clicking on the link provided below.

Click On the graphic below to watch Palm Sunday sermon and the warning for our times..

The signs of of our times are visited in this Palm Sunday online service from Rock Springs Church located in western Georgia south of Atlanta. - RockSpringsChurch Online

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