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From Innocent Entertainment To Diabolical Propaganda?

April 22, 2020



Need An Example? Here's A Recent One.

CNN Published More Than 700 Stories On Allegations Against Kavanaugh. They Haven’t Published A Single One On Biden's Accuser. - TheBlaze, April 17, 2020




"Out Of Shadows."


Beginning in the 1960's, I sensed that something was changing in the country, an unseen force against the freedoms America's men and women had fought for in a war that had recently ended in 1945.

As a teenager, I had been raised by those same men and women who won WWII, and it was therefore frustrating that I couldn't put my finger on what was going on around me. It was like the smell of fresh earth in the air, signals of a destructive tornado ripping up land and dirt nearby, one mile at a time, yet still out of sight.

Then came the 90's and the Clinton's, what seemed the beginning of social engineering to seduce younger citizens in Alinsky's socialism . . . citizens who had little to no experience of the devastation socialism can cause to their lives.

What I had imagined living in the 1960's was no longer a maybe in the 1990's. It was obvious what was going on . . . the days of the Clinton values had arrived.

It was a time when the vicious American Society Of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) was growing across the country, a progressive organization trying to ensure that any news in newspapers on social issues, such as sexual orientation, immigration and American values, would first go through the ASNE's "progressive filter" of what a collective society should look like.

Their goal was to eventually "color the news" in every newsroom across America. In other words, under the thumb of the ASNE its progressive membership would ensure the "correct message" would always go out to every newspaper reader across the nation, the print media's echo chamber.

To ensure the message would be uniform, the ASNE would also become involved in recommending by category who a newspaper should hire as a reporter. To that end around the late 1990's conservatives and Christians were suddenly dropped into a bottomless pit under the category "Other," disappearing from the list.

At the same time as the ASNE was taking over our media, Planned Parenthood's tentacles were finding their way to take over our children in public schools across the country. The faux goal of the abortion giant to reduce STDs by teaching sex education seemed strange with meetings later held at sex conferences.

Today, an Obama-appointed judge in San Francisco, is trying to jail a videographer for documenting on video what Planned Parenthood had been up to for years in selling baby body parts for profit.

To no surprise, Planned Parenthood's message of sexual freedom would actually INCREASE STDs to the point the CDC was forced to put out a warning that STDs had become an epidemic; that when teenagers reach the age of 25, 50% will have been infected!

Something was going on with these organizations pushed by the "Clinton's." It was like an evil trying to crawl across the country on its belly to stay unseen, something very diabolical about the left's agenda that "needed to be hidden" for awhile.

But with Hillary Clinton's loss for the presidency in 2016, the left would boil over into foaming anger at Donald Trump winning the prize, instead.

Then in 2020, four years later, this would all come to a head represented in what seemed to be a physical threat against some on the supreme court by Democrat Senator Schumer, while he stood on the steps of the Supreme Court building in Washington D.C. at a protest funded by . . .wait for it . . . Planned Parenthood.

Schumer would literally scream, his fist in the air as if swinging at the two new supreme court justices brought onto the court by President Trump, Schumer threatening, you have released a whirlwind and you will pay the price!

We found ourselves needing to ask a question we never thought would be necessary for those elected to Congress;

Or what, Senator Schumer? Are you going to have your Brown Shirts, antifa, try to break down the judge's front doors as antifa did to Tucker Carlson of FOX News? Exactly what are you capable of Senator Schumer, arranging in the dark the assassination of the president, too?

"Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), speaking at a rally of pro-choice supporters Wednesday, threatened Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch that they will 'pay the price.' Chief Justice John Roberts condemned Schumer's remarks." - RealClearPolitics

Video Source: RealClearPolitics


With that vicious attack by New York Senator Schumer against the Supreme Court, (his obviously having little respect for our Constitution), something suddenly changed about the left and that maybe we needed to wrap our arms a little tighter around our founding principles for protection against dangerous ideologues like Schumer, who has served on the Senate for over two decades.

The left was quickly reaching a point where there was less and less reason to hide their hate for the independence of the American citizen, openly calling the way of life of those Americans as "deplorable." It was a term created by the Hillary of the 1990's, her radical opinions grown from 30 years ago no longer needed to be kept in the shadows.

Getting rid of Trump, whose election stopped the overthrow of individual freedoms in our country though fundamental transformation, has been the left's goal since 2016. It had originally grown out of the radical spoiled yuppies of the Fonda's and Kerry's from the 1960's. The left's continued hate for the Christian message of our founders would continue into 2020, 60 years later, but no longer hidden under cover as a new presidential election was on the horizon.

The Christian message of the importance of the individual and their achievements goes hand and hand with those freedoms that made America so different from the rest of the world. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have reflected those benchmark Judeo values for over 240 years. They would draw tens-of-millions of immigrants from every part of the globe to clearing centers such as Ellis Island where dreams were welcomed and independence rewarded.

Many of those same immigrants today, now U.S. citizen for decades and in retirement, fear that the socialism they had escaped from in Europe was being welcomed into America by the leadership and membership of a corrupted Democrat Party, one trying to run the business of Washington, D.C. by itself.

Once the left's progressive message, pushed by the likes of Clinton, Obama, Schumer and Pelosi, would be able to bury the Christian message of individual freedom from appearing in America's mainstream news and entertainment industry, the reason to hide the left's destructive goal from the American people would no longer exist.

Their final objective to overwhelm the system could be brought out into the open, the left then saying in its arrogance, Yeah, so what are you going to do about it?

In other words, America would finally be "fundamentally transformed" to the left's image as promised by Barack Obama in 2008, an African-American mentored by Communist Frank Marshall Davis and at a young age studied the Koran for three years in Indonesia.

Those are samples of the little details the mainstream media left out when the 2008 presidential election was approaching. In 2020 they could own the high ground to define the definition of family values . . . or what a family's make up would be.

So as you watch the videos below without having read this forward, you might have said of the last one, Oh that's just a conspiracy. You would then have been tempted to stop the video.

But then after waiting to see a little more, it starts to make sense . . . a very dangerous sense as to what has been going on behind your back by a media that no longer gives the news but instead "colors the news," . . . a media that no longer reports the news but instead acts like is a public relations firm for the Democrat Party.

Your Fourth Estate? Going, going, gone as Obama in 2020 recently attacked . . . wait for it . . . FOX News again like he did when president of the United States for two terms!

After watching the last video / film, you may begin to feel a little uneasy, hopefully asking, What is going on? And you thought the virus was a threat to your way of life. - Webmaster


The Documentation


First Watch These Three Examples Of Our Corrupt Media Over The Last Eight Years


1.) Follow The Ideology, From 2012: Fast & Furious

Click Here to watch if video has been removed by YouTube.

"President Obama personally inserted himself into the Fast & Furious gun walking scandal after he extended executive privilege over certain DOJ documentation. Was the Fast & Furious a botched scandal, or a deliberate effort to undermine the Second Amendment? Find out as Bill Whittle explores the ideological motives behind the Fast & Furious scandal." - BillWhittle

Video Source: Afterburner / BillWhittle



2.) From 2015, Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Click Here to watch if video has been removed by YouTube.

"The Dems want to pin the Confederate Flag, KKK, Great Depression, urban decay, and harsh marriage laws on the GOP... pin the tale on the Donkey instead!" - BillWhittle

Video Source: Afterburner / BillWhittle



3.) From 2017, Why I Left The Left

Click Here to watch if video has been removed by YouTube.

"Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report used to be a big progressive. He even had a show with The Young Turks! But now he's not a progressive. He has left the left. Why? Dave Rubin shares his story." - PragerU

Video Source: PragerU




If You Knew About The Above, This Photo Should Have Never Been A Surprise.

What happened to this news story of a governor mocking blacks? But you already know the answer from the above videos. The Obama media outlets buried it in rank step. See, no more surprises. You know their motives. Northam was even in medical school at the time.

"Northam, a pediatric neurologist who graduated from the medical school in Norfolk, Virginia in 1984, caused outrage this week when he suggested that a pregnancy could be terminated during the baby's birth.  Northam made the shocking remarks in an interview with WTOP-FM on Wednesday, when he was asked the debate in the state legislature over a bill that would relax restrictions on third trimester abortions." - Daily Mail

Photo Source: DailyMail

Oral Sex Was Consensual For The Lt. Governor? You Decide - NPR

The Constitution Guarantees Civil Rights At Birth. But Not With Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, Who Just Wants To Make Babies "Comfortable." - WTOPNews




Documentary Film: Out Of Shadows

Before watching, please Click Here to read the reviews. Then decide for yourself if you wish to continue.

Out Of Shadows tries to answer a question many of you may have asked. Are some leaders in the Democrat Party, Hollywood and the media trying to strip America from the values of its founding fathers? To that end there is so much visual content in the film, I need to issue a viewer warning. - Webmaster

Note: You may want to watch it on your large screen TV via a YouTube link from your smart TV, Blu-Ray player, Roku or other streaming device. Just type in Out Of Shadows into YouTube's Search and look for the English version. It may have a picture of the film's creator with some Hollywood stars, some believing YouTube is trying to bury the film.

Click Here to watch if film has been removed by YouTube.

"The Out Of Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.

This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of woke professionals. It’s been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for free for anyone to watch." - OutOfShadows

Video Source: OutOfShadows

TKS to Ellen of South Carolina for the heads-up.



What Sedition Looks Like Under A Corrupted Media.

Mark Zuckerberg: Lockdown Protests Are ‘Misinformation,’ Facebook Will Ban Organizers. - Breitbart

It is amazing to me how media owners, such as Zuckerberg, thinks his fortune gives him a right to put his boot heel into America's First Amendment, the same one that allows his "service" to exist! This is the stuff of dictators that America fought against in WWII, Facebook spitting on their efforts in 2020?!

We already know about another corrupt world media, CNN Turk, where it was reported by those who opposed the Turkish Sharia Law dictator, “[CNN] had been setting traps for the party and party members, villainizing them and distorting the realities.”

Sounds like a Trump press conference, doesn't it?







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