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The Media. What Media?

All I See Is Sedition From Marxists Who Have Taken Over The Media.

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

June 24, 2020



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How The Left Media Works Today.

You've seen it day after day, wondering what is going on with these so-called propaganda "news" stories where a left media will take a few seconds of what someone had seen, or said, and then makes up an assumption.

Then they spread that assumption around AS FACT, posting it to places such as YouTube. It then uses that new link to say what they saw is now the real story. The above parody video from the Trump Campaign shows you EXACTLY how their little con game works.

However for your education, below is a REAL example of a real event the left and its media distorted to the point you might think that NASCAR was a racist organization. (Of course the left media knew that all along. Just ask them.)

But like the above Trump video, all you see or hear is a split second of an event that some said Bubba Wallace had a noose in his garage. NASCAR was so upset with the complaint 15 FBI agents showed up to investigate. (Is someone going to return the cost of their travels to our Treasury? Just asking.)

So what is the bottom line of these Marxists in the media, and they are Marxists . . . get used to the word along with Brown Shirts.

As many of us suspected, recalling that many racist claims against conservatives are usually invented by the left, we have discovered that this event from NASCAR can now be added to the list.

The rope was reported to have been there since last October 2019 and before Watson used the service bay. Note the rope hangs down where you would expect it for its purpose.

What was the purpose of this rope that someone said Bubba would be threatened with? It closed the garage door. Should I repeat that? It closed the garage door.

Yet the Marxist media ran with it anyway before the investigation ended because it doesn't care about the truth. In other words the media WANTED it to be true. It would simply help the thugs and protestors to tear down more statues. Once the truth was discovered, the media would go into its usual predictive mode of, Nothing to see here, move along.

ESPN quoted Wallace:

"This sport is changing,'' Wallace said after the race. "The prerace deal was probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to witness in my life. From all the supporters, from drivers to crew members, everybody here, the badass fan base, thank you guys for coming out. This is truly incredible, and I'm glad to be a part of this sport.''



Oh please, give me a break. Didn't he ever try to close the garage door from rain and wind? Why was this allowed to gain world-wide attention? Why did it get out of hand, Wallace reported to be the one pissed off?!

Look at the tiny size of the noose in the photo below. Or how about, "Oh look, there's a rope hanging from the bell tower in the church I just joined and it's got a small noose on it. How racist! Burn down the church."

I still go by the Hodge Brothers on their definition of America, taking their birth here seriously while many whites today run around like zombies . . . like Chick-Fil-A's newer boy wonder suggesting his managers might want to shine the shoes of other blacks giving them brushes.

So allow me to understand. The fascists who run our media today worry about a noose hanging by a door jam in 2020, yet nothing when it comes to around one hundred Democrats standing around the burned-down building of a black-owned newspaper, a trophy photo?


Goodbye NFL, NBA, NASCAR, like watching the left spit on America's police because "you 'all" suddenly "woke" to what, history and where a nation comes from? Are you nuts?

What makes America exciting for me at 78 is now buried by a new spoon-fed generation that willingly accepts the media lies, a media that probably sees WWII vets as racist for winning the war but not ready to say it. You don't have to look any further than what the protestors did to our WWII Outdoor Memorial to understand that. Maybe the media needs a few more buildings burned, statues taken down or now I hear churches to be scrubbed of a white Jesus? - Webmaster


NASCAR announced Tuesday evening that the "noose" found in black driver Bubba Wallace's garage Sunday was actually not a noose, but instead a garage door pull rope that has been there since last fall, before Wallace was assigned to that garage. - DISRN

Photo Source: DISRN



Is This Really Your Granddaddy's Democrat Party? I Don't Think So.

Oh look folks. everything is alright now that little Jimmy Kimmel has apologized to his mommy and daddy in the media for wearing blackface in resurfaced 'Man Show' sketches [just like the Democrat Governor from Virginia, right? ] - YahooNews


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