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"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

June 29, 2020






The Democrat Party participated in a massacre of successful black Republican businessmen, murdering over 10 with reports of their chasing over 2,000 blacks from their homes and success shops in the Wilmington Riots of 1898.

In the photo below, Democrats are standing around their trophy, a burned-down black-owned newspaper.

One hundred and twenty two years later, Democrats haven't looked back, Pelosi and Schuler now running the show in 2020! The black and white photo on the upper right below is of Charles Aycock, who instigated the riots saying negros needed an education, even though they had a thriving community in Wilmington. The Democrats sure put them in their place in 1898, eh?

The Party would later reward Aycock by naming him after their annual fund raisers in North Carolina, keeping the name for 60 years until 2012, only eight years ago!

Pelosi / Schumer Photo Source: ToledoBlade



To the Democrat Party that stands in rank step, I also question why not one mainstream media reporter is investigating a possible "reseeding" of the COVID-19, which is suddenly appearing in states that have tried to get their economies moving again.  Isn’t it strange a virus knows where to go to re-infect certain areas of the country?  Why wouldn’t a free media notice that unless it's the objective for an upcoming presidential election?

With literally NO ONE in the national media asking who would benefit from reseeding areas with infected individuals into states that would vote for Trump, means to me it's probably true under the left's own motto, "silence is violence."

I want to put up this photo again, which was taken in December of 2001, just a few months after the 9/11 attack on New York City. You have seen it in a few of my recent e-mails. Check out the names.

The photo is backed by a news story that came out about the event from the Carnegie Foundation, which was giving out awards to what was defined as "visionaries."  But seeing Fauci there, whose vision?

The names included the Gates Foundation, (now pushing tagged vaccines for all humans on earth), Ted Turner, (the creator of the globalist news org CNN that is doing to people on the right in Turkey what it is doing to the people on the right in America), and . . . wait for it . . . George Soros.  

Fauci was also there nineteen years ago.  Note I have not seen this photo any place else in the mainstream media.  Why would that be? Maybe you already know the answer?

With police starting to be defunded in America in leftist cities, such as in Minneapolis where citizen policing will start, Islamists will probably quickly fill those positions using the basics of Sharia Law, an estimated 53,000 living in the city.  The same area elected the Muslim representative for our U.S. House in 2018, Ilhan Omar, the one who said about 9/11, those people who did something.

You should also know I came across a published study on masks needed in work places, which PRE-DATED the COVID-19 Virus.  It reported that masks, which are stretched or washed, could quickly become compromised with larger holes for molecules to get through in industrial applications.  Some of the masks shown in the article are identical to the ones being worn today for the virus. I thought it strange Fauci never highlighted this fact about face masks.

In fact if you watched Fauci at the Pence news conference a few days ago, he kept removing his mask to speak as he walked to the microphone, pulling the mask off and touching it.  He also touched the podium several times before going back to stand against the curtain, where he put on his mask again.  It looked like he was doing a choreographed ballet for America's TV audience.

Touching the mask would spread any virus from his hands and onto the podium for others to touch.  So I have to ask, did he know the virus was located back by the curtains where he was standing and wearing the mask? But then when he came to the front to the podium, where others had stood without masks, he knew that this area was free of COVID-19?  Back, mask on. Forward, mask off.

He seemed so confident that the lack of following his own rules sent a clear visual message that something has been going on about his whole lockdown that really smells of a setup.

Please do your own research on what I have suggested above. You might then want to pass this around under the question,"What do you think?"

I only bring this up because that is what we used to do in America when I was growing up. We questioned everything. Colleges then demanded it. Today they've abandoned it.

TIME Magazine

Today the left just hates that cross-checking of what is being reported, from the Communist mayor in New York City to the fascist mayor of Seattle, elected by the people who are just like them, a fact that has not sunk in to most Americans from other parts of the country.

But it should have, as citizens who hate America's 244 years of traditions now come out in droves not afraid to be identified. And it seems there are millions, either educated at far left Marxist universities that have been that way for years or from Planned Parenthood, allowed into public schools over the last 20 years to challenge the importance of families to young minds.

Two recent authors have researched that today incoming professors at many of America's universities have a ratio of 50:1 of leftists vs. conservatives. In the 1960's while I was in college that ratio was 4:3.

Now you can better understand what is happening. It is why I am the way I am today and why the people who burned down businesses and pulled down statues this month are the way they are. Do you finally get it?

And notice they're all very young, as if students of Karl Marx himself, who he called his "useful idiots." And maybe that's the reason the Democrats in Washington D.C. can march in step without one leaving their nest, what you would expect of followers of Marx, Alinsky and Cloward & Piven.

It's what the Third Reich did in German youth programs, turning children against their parents to tell the SS what was being said around the dinner table. Imagine what Hitler could have done if he had Alexa?

The bottom line for 2020 is that the chickens have come home to roost in America for this vicious education system not to have been dismantled decades ago pushed by Clinton, Fonda and Kerry, the left's original revolutionaries who are still alive today.

Is COVID-19 being reseeded? Read this article on how China has handled scientists, citizens and reporters: EpochTimes

For more research, I have placed related HTML e-mails below that were recently posted on the COVID-19. You might want to read them again to understand how serious an intended reseeding of the COVID-19 virus could affect our next election, the left trying to force everyone to stay home and vote without an ID, using their paper ballots instead.

If Democrats are elected in November of 2020, do you understand those freedoms may never come back. Because the document that protects them may be taken away.

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Someone asked me when I thought this COVID-19 lockdown might end.  I replied, "Probably starting November 4th." - Webmaster








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Black newspaper burned down on November 10, 1898. The Democrat Party's machine showed its true colors in the murders of blacks in the Wilmington Massacre of 1898 and then NEVER LOOKED BACK. - Webmaster No problem with this man's background to still be president of the United States, as it was a man who allowed a woman to drown then being made the king of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate!  And the Democrats worry about the values of Russia's KGB? - Webmaster