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Did CNN Declare War On Trump?

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July 13, 2020


CNN's Zucker, though its owner AT&T, has just announced in so many words the cable network will race-bait the Republican Party in the upcoming election and their view of traditional American values from the last 244 years.

Here is Zucker's own statement from this report by Breitbart:

"The team, per the memo, will 'break news and cover the stories and conversations around race,' including what Zucker called 'the systemic racism that the majority of Americans now acknowledge exists.''

What? Did you know, according to CNN Zucker, that a majority of Americans, approximately 175 million people, feel that systemic racism existed in America?

I don't believe that for a second. But I know a majority of brainwashed college students may believe that with their puppy dogs and hot chocolate safe spaces. That's because it is reported the ratio of new professors in America of left vs. conservative will now be 50:1 while back in the 1960's it was 5:4.

In other words, about 100 percent of all professors at universities now support Marx and Lenin, leftists over decades shedding their faux liberal skins, social justice the theme that rips countries apart.

For America it started when Obama folded his hands over his junk during the playing of the National Anthem at a Democrat fundraiser in 2007.

Some in the military later called it Obama's Crotch Salute. How perfect for the community organizer who attended a church filled with SDS members while later in a video proudly referred to Communist Frank Marshall Davis as his mentor.

By releasing this today, Zucker has acknowledged he will want all his reporters to use the race card during the election 24/7. And his SS-like staff is quite capable of following Zucker's orders to-the-letter. If they don't like what someone is saying they'll even blacken the screen, saying 'oops' we had a technical error.

Are you aware this is the exact same complaint conservatives in Turkey have made with their own fascist's CNN TURK, which supported a Sharia Law dictator but then would set verbal traps for conservatives when giving interviews to create fake news.

Because of that, the conservative Turkish organization announced it would no longer allow CNN to interview its people. 

Trump should consider the same for all candidates on the GOP ticket.

We see it all the time in America from the thugs at CNN. (see below what Wikipedia reported on CNN TURK in Turkey.)

CNN has never been a free press since its negotiating with Saddam, falling right in line with the propaganda of the media in 1932 that existed during the rein of the Third Reich and the destruction of Germany's democracy overnight.

Beware America. These people hate your history, your success and your children and to that end will do anything to shut it all down now that the gloves are off as announced by Zucker today and CNN's owner, AT&T.




Need More Proof Of CNN's Objectives With Approval Of It's Owner, AT&T?



Sale of Independent Media Outlet in Turkey to Group Tied to Erdogan Raises Concerns


By Mehmet Sumer, March 26, 2018, Voice Of America


"Freedom of the press and freedom of expression are among the most controversial issues in Turkey. In the past decade, some mainstream media outlets have been sold to businessmen and groups with ties to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is also the head of the ruling AKP party. AKP has been ruling Turkey for 15 years.

After the failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016, some of the remaining media outlets, critical of Erdogan, were shut down, allegedly for having ties with terror groups.

The Turkish Journalists Association said that as of January 2018, 154 journalists had been jailed in the country, making it one of the largest jailers of journalists.

The recent sale of the largest media group in Turkey — Dogan Media Group — to a conglomerate with close ties to Erdogan has heightened concerns about the future of an independent media in Turkey.

Dogan Media, which has an operating value of $1.1 billion, was sold last week to Demiroren Holding for an undisclosed sum.

Dogan Media also owns a number of TV and radio stations, which include CNN Turk, as well as one of the highest-circulating newspapers, Hurriyet. CNN Turk has a license agreement with U.S.-based CNN International to carry its brand.

After the sale, media reports questioned if CNN would withdraw its brand name from CNN Turk.

Asked about the controversy, Jonathan Hawkins, CNN vice president for communications, told VOA Turkish Service, 'We will be meeting with the new owners in due course to discuss the implications of the sale.'

CNN Turk was established in 1999 as a joint venture of Turner Media and Dogan Media Group. CNN Turk and CNN+ in Spain are two joint ventures CNN has taken outside of the U.S. with the CNN logo.

Both of these TV stations can use the CNN logo and some of the contents provided by CNN Network via their license agreement with the CNN International.  CNN Turk is broadcast under the Dogan Media Group umbrella. (continued below.)




"[On the afternoon of Friday, May 31, 2013] CNN Turk was broadcasting a food show, featuring the “flavors of Niğde.” Other major Turkish news channels were showing a dance contest and a roundtable on study-abroad programs. It was a classic case of the revolution not being televised. The whole country seemed to be experiencing a cognitive disconnect, with Twitter saying one thing, the government saying another, and the television off on another planet."

In 2014, it showed a documentary on bees as Turkish Kurds undertook major protests about Ankara's refusal to support Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State in Kobanê.

On 15 July 2016, CNN Turk was forced to shut down by soldiers during the 2016 Turkish coup attempt.

In February 2020, the Republican People's Party (CHP), announced a boycott of CNN Türk. Tuncay Özkan from the CHP alleged that the TV channel acts like a publicity agency for the Government of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). [Just like in the U.S. with the DNC.]

No politicians from the CHP would take part in any debate of CNN Türk and the CHP also advised not to watch CNN Türk at all. - Wikipedia


Hey America. even in Turkey secular conservatives know how dangerous CNN is to their freedoms. - Webmaster



(continued from above) Hawkins did not comment on the future relationship between CNN and CNN Turk once they are under Demiroren's management.

Demiroren had also purchased two major newspapers — Vatan and Milliyet — from the Dogan group in the past. When Dogan acquired the daily Vatan in 2008, the state-run Turkish Competition Authority ruled that Dogan Media had to re-sell Vatan within two years because the purchase violated antitrust laws regarding print media.

The purchase of Dogan Media by Demiroren, however, will create a new monopoly over print and visual media in Turkey.

'This sale means the death of pluralism and independent journalism in Turkey's mainstream media,"' said Erol Onderoglu, the Turkey representative for media freedom advocacy group Reporters Without Borders.

Meanwhile, the sale of CNN Turk to a pro-government group has also become the focus of a clash between CNN and FOX News.

CNN president Jeff Zucker last week in New York criticized FOX News for its alleged pro-Trump coverage.

'It is really state-run TV. It is a pure propaganda machine, and I think does an incredible disservice to this country,' Zucker said.

When responding to CNN's criticism, FOX News pointed to CNN Turk as an example of state-run media.

'Today, probably as Zucker was speaking, controlling interest in CNN Turk, CNN's cable station in Turkey, was sold to an arm of the regime,'

FOX News anchor Tucker Carlson said. 'Jeff Zucker's network is now, in effect, in business with an authoritarian, Islamist and highly anti-American Erdogan government.'

Carlson said with that sale, CNN Turk literally became state-run TV."


[Just like CNN under the DNC in America. It's a plan of attack, a declaration of WAR.]


By Mehmet Sumer, March 26, 2018, Voice Of America




"CNN’s Jeff Zucker Through Its Owner AT&T, Announces ‘New and Expanded Race Team’" - Breitbart

In 2019, Trump Suggested Boycott Of CNN’s Parent Company, AT&T - PBS







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