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July 22, 2020



Have You Noticed America's Freedom Suddenly Slipping Away? Well It Wasn't Sudden. You Just Haven't Been Watching.

The death of Yale . . . or whatever its new name will be given to it by its Marxist administrators.

"In 2015, viral video of Yale's 'shrieking girl' screaming at professor Nicholas Christakis exploded across the internet. The cause was an email questioning Halloween costume guidelines his wife, professor Erika Christakis, had written.

A year after the blowup, Erika and Nicholas had both left their positions. In this mini-documentary We the Internet TV filmmaker Rob Montz heads to that university to investigate what Yale has become. Subscribe to We the Internet for more free speech documentaries. Click Here to watch Part 1 on what is happening on the university campus." - WTI

Video Source: WTI




Even Back Three Years Ago, Big League Politics Tries To Get An Interview With Antifa Radical UNC Professor, Dwayne Dixon. He Calls For Security!

They only asked "Why did you hold up a rifle to the driver of the car in Charlottesville?"

(Driver was charged with killing protestor, as he backed away from Dixon's rifle.)

Click On screen shot below to watch Antifa-member UNC Professor call for campus police.

Corrupt University Of North Carolina toleratres dangerous antifa professor on its staff.  He also helped to tear down Silent Sam statue on campus as the administration stood by and did nothing! - Webmaster

In August of 2017, corrupted U.S. House member from San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi, SHAMESLESSLY was finally forced, (for a moment at least), to call Antifa a violent group in its then attack in Berkeley against the very same "Patriot Prayer" group it had attacked in Charlottesville, at the time tagged as white supremacists by the Obama media.

So on this anniversary of 9/11 when 2,700 people lost their lives to Islamic terrorists, Communist Van Jones is NOW set to get money from the NFL in its support of Nike's anti-hero, Kaepernick. I couldn't make this up. No one would believe me. - Webmaster

Video Source: NEOAethyr

(Note the above account was terminated by YouTube's "community standards.")




Universities Continue To Be The Halls Of Hate Where Antifa Is Welcomed And Celebrated By High-Paid Administrations

You can see the young woman above, who could be your daughter, your daughter-in-law or your child's babysitter, teaching terrorist tactics when antifa and BLM are blocking interstates. In this "instruction" video, a young adult Antifa member is teaching others like her on how to break the windows of cars and then pull out the drivers who dared to bypass their road blocks on interstate highways, local Democrats following the orders of Pelosi and Schumer.

Pelosi is the one who said "they will do what they will do" about the pulling down of statues, rioting and burning of businesses while Schumer had threatened the lives of conservatives on the Supreme Court over abortion. Cleaning House will not be pretty when masses are forced to come to Washington reclaim their government. - Webmaster

Video Source:  SawMoreRocks98

(TKS to Matt of NJ for the heads-up.)




"Could America Have A French-Style Revolution?"

"As with the French Revolution, that will be the trigger for a wholesale replacement of our failed institutions." - ZeroHedge

"By French-style Revolution I don't mean the extravagant use of the guillotine, I mean the complete political overthrow of the ruling elites.

This overthrow need not be violent; it could be an entirely peaceful electoral rejection of the two-party political elites and the Federal Reserve / banking / financialization elites which together form the neoliberal-neofeudal ruling elites.

The BAU Crowd (business as usual) considers the possibility of such an overthrow of parasitic, predatory elites as remote as a landing by Martians. I suspect they're purposefully blind to the reality that America's elites and institutions are structurally incapable of accepting meaningful reforms that would address the extremes of dysfunction, exploitation, predation and wealth / power / income inequality that characterize America today.

America's elites and institutions have only one systemic response to crisis: do more of what's failed spectacularly.

This inability to acknowledge the reality of their own self-serving incompetence and the deeply dysfunctional nature of virtually every level of America's economic, social and political orders leaves an overthrow of the entire ruling elite as the only option left other than resignation to Bread and Circuses funded by the Fed, a policy of desperation that will inevitably debauch the U.S. dollar and impoverish everyone who counted on Bread and Circuses to fix what's broken.

Counting on Fed-funded Bread and Circuses to fix what's broken is the perfection of magical thinking, a state of denial expressed by the phrase routinely (but apparently falsely) attributed to Marie Antoinette, when she learned that the peasants had no bread: Then let them eat brioche (roughly translated into "cake" in English).

Ignoring the horror of the delusional BAU Crowd, let's explore the set-up for a French-style Revolution in America." - READ MORE / ZeroHedge

Graphic Source: ZeroHedge




The Democrat Party On 9/11, Two Years Ago!

Flashback: Businessman Donald Trump Visits Ground Zero The Day After The 9-11-2001 Attacks, Asks How He Can Help. - GatewayPundit







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