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In 1969 We Were Warned About The Communists Who Are On Our Streets Today

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

August 24, 2020



Part I: In 2020 Communism Took Over The Streets Of Major Cities In America . . .

. . . compliments of community organizer, Barack Obama, who promised to "fundamentally transform" the United States of America in 2008.

Click On photo below to listen to the warning from 1969. You will be stunned how it describes exactly what is happening to this nation as of this writing. Part II then suggests what could evolve if the left is elected in 2020 and becomes like the control freaks represented by too many current Democrat governors.

Click On the photo below to watch the warning given in us in 1969.

"There's a short clip going around from a lecture I did in 1969. The full lecture is titled "Communist Revolution in America; More Deadly than War". Due to the overwhelming interest and dire importance we have just remastered and made it available for the first time ever on DVD." - G. Edward Griffin / Facebook

TKS and a heads-up to Bill of Florida



Part II: If Communism Takes Over America With A Democrat Party Win In 2020

Click On the photo below to listen to this warning below from 1969 of what it would look like if communism took control of major cities in the United States, like they are trying to do today. As of now the new Democrat Party is pushing pure socialism onto the country led by Joe Biden and his supporters, Biden having lived off of government for over 40 years.

If elected, Biden could lead his party's dangerous collective agenda against America's middle class, which would revolt if the left tries to take away their constitutional freedoms while less and less police are available to stop riots if they continue into surrounding neighborhoods. - Webmaster

Click On the photo below to watch the warning given in us in 1969.

"Edward Griffin's 5th Edition includes a no-holds barred analysis of bank bailouts under the Bush and Obama Administrations that are shown to be nothing less than legalized plunder of the American people. Many other updates have been added, including a revision to the list of those who attended the historic meeting at "Jekyll Island" where the Federal Reserve was created." - Amazon

Copy Source: Amazon



Manning Johnson Originally Became A Leader In The Communist Party. But he later realized he was being used to encourage blacks to take down the country for the Communists, and fought back.



Need More Proof America Is Under Attack By Communists, As The Go After The Foundation Of Our Language?

"Why We Can't Breathe Subcommittee" Of Black Professors Demand Abolition Of ‘White Mainstream English’ For ‘Black Linguistic Justice.’

"In July, a subcommittee of an organization called the Conference on College Composition and Communication that named itself the 'Why We Cain’t Breathe!' subcommittee published a list of demands calling for the abolition of “White Mainstream English” to make way for 'Black Linguistic Justice.'

Five English professors and a writing scholar created the list of demands, claiming students needed to 'decolonize' their minds as well as the English language, as The College Fix reported. (READ MORE) - DailyWire

So is This The Language They Want To Replace Mainstream English? Listen. - Webmaster



National Council For History Education: No Comment On Democrat's Call To Abolish History Lessons To All Illinois Students

Democrat Lawmaker Wants To Abolish The Teaching Of History:

"The National Council for History Education told The College Fix it has no comment on a Chicago lawmaker’s recent proposal to abolish history classes in Illinois schools. The Democratic lawmaker, Rep. LaShawn Ford, suggested the current curriculum 'leads to white privilege and a racist society.'

The council’s executive director Grace Leatherman told The College Fix last week via email: 'NCHE does not have a comment at this time.' What’s more, the Illinois State Historical Society did not respond to requests from The College Fix seeking comment." - TheCollegeFix



Then Go After The Foundation That Motivates Success

"Every Big Ten Athletic Director Wanted to Play Football But Liberal Black Commissioner Killed the Season."

"Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren says no sports through the end of the year due to COVID. But… he’s fine with his son playing ball at Mississippi state…and despite every single Athletic Director in the Big Ten wanting to play ball.

As reported earlier, the Big Ten named Kevin Warren the Commissioner of the league last June. They probably didn’t see that this political hack would end all sports for the second half of 2020 when they did. Warren is supposed to oversee sports for the conference, not kill them." - GatewayPundit



And As Warned By G. Edward Griffin In The Second 1969 Video, After The Cities They Go After The Smaller Towns, Setting Fires To Frighten Citizens.

Kenosha Riot Livestreamer Urges Violent Arsonists and Looters to ‘Go Raid Some White Owned Businesses.’

(Taken from report) The violence is in response to a video of an officer involved shooting in which the suspect is seen on video ignoring officers and attempting to reach for something in his vehicle before being shot in the back multiple times.

The man who was shot, Jacob Blake, is reportedly alive, but in 'serious' condition. He has a long history of run-ins with the law, including for sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Multiple cars were lit on fire and subsequently exploded. “Every vehicle in this lot will be gone soon, it looks like the situation is expanding,” one livestreamer said as he filmed the destruction and sounded increasingly alarmed.

Dozens of businesses were destroyed during the riot, which was still ongoing at the time of publishing.

The Kenosha County Courthouse was also set on fire by violent and armed Black Lives Matter rioters over the officer involved in the shooting earlier in the day. The rioters broke into the building prior to setting it ablaze.

Armed rioters also confronted and threatened police while others blocked their vehicle. The extremists set multiple fires and knocked out a police officer earlier in the evening. Multiple garbage trucks were destroyed. - GatewayPundit

Portland Rioters Light Police Precinct On Fire While Chanting ‘Black Lives Matter.’- GatewayPundit

"Left-wing Portland Rioters Display Bloody Guillotine As They BURN American Flags; New Democrat Logo Says 'Death To America.'” - DcClothesline



Harassing Innocent Citizens Who Are Simply Dining On Outdoor Patios To Obey CCP Virus Regulations.

D.C. Protesters Harass Diners Seated On Patios, Target ‘White Spaces.’

"On Saturday, several pro-Black Lives Matter and other associated groups organized to protest throughout Northwest Washington, DC, which includes the affluent Georgetown and Dupont Circle neighborhoods.

As the sun started going down, the protesters first targeted diners at restaurants on P Street NW near Dupont Circle. Protesters shouted into megaphones and held signs that said, 'Black Lives Matter,' according to tweets by Deadspin journalist Chuck Modiano." - Breitbart






How Socialists Try To Take The Credit For Their Failures


John Kerry Uses 2020 DNC Convention To Say It Was He And Obama Who Were Going To Take Down ISIS . . .

. . . while trying to justify their giving Iran 1.5 million dollars on a pallet in cash, allowing the tracing of its spending to be impossible.

"Former Secretary of State John Kerry addressed Democrats on August 18 during the second night of the Democratic National Convention." - PBSNewsHour

Video Source: PBSNewsHour



How Do We Know This?

Below is a video from U.S. Marine, Victor Marx, who warned the Obama administration in 2015 that if ISIS was allowed to continue its destruction, America would face a huge problem in the Middle East.

However in 2019 Trump had ended the ISIS rule while Obama and Kerry had done nothing to do with sparing hundreds of thousands of lives in Iraq and Syria. And it was Obama, Biden and Kerry who watched ISIS cross the desert from Syria into Iraq, holding back our military to kill this horrendous adversary.

So many Christian Iraqis were later murdered by ISIS, from mothers raped to daughters sold into slavery, that Sunday services, which had been held for over 2,000 years since Christ walked the land, were no longer to be heard. Thanks again to Obama, Biden and Kerry.

Victor Marx Gives Warning To Obama administration of having no resolution for ISIS. Oct 7, 2015 - VictorMarx

Video Source: VictorMarx



"Remember that Joe Biden has held public office for 47 years. When you hear him say, he's going to 'fix our problems,' remember that 'he is the problem.'" - Dinesh D'Souza







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