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The Man In The Blue Suit

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

September 28, 2020






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Above is a photo of a man around 74 years old, arriving back home from a day's work. In some cases if campaigning, his arrival could be two in the morning, a time when most men his age were retired or enjoying half a year living in a vacation home.

His name, of course, is Donald Trump. The day of the photo probably started for him when the sun rose, another new one ready to light the sky as his head hits the pillow for a few hours of sleep.

He is obviously exhausted, an open tie revealing the accomplishments from another day finally put behind him. He has dedicated his life to keeping America's traditions alive, tough when the age of a grandfather. But that's what grandfathers are supposed to do, and Trump gladly accepts the role.

He has stood by Rosa Parks and asked years later how he could assist U.S. authorities after the attacks on 9/11. It was also a time when Democrat Party radicals such as Obama's Van Jones and Ayers were blaming those attacks on America.

The man in the blue suit is working for us, certainly not for himself. He left his hard fought-for life in 2016 with the goal to improve the lives of the everyday American. He even donates his monthly salary to charities.

He could have been expanding his company's interests around the world, while enjoying his family without the distractions that surround today's politics of greed and self-appointment.

He probably had no idea how vicious the left would become almost overnight against his wife and son, especially with words so vile they would stick on another's lips before allowed to be spoken.

From day one he would be ambushed by a national media, its leaders taken over by Marxists who were all too glad to make light of his many important achievements to improve the lives of so many American citizens; from farmers in the midwest to small business owners looking for a leader to take a burdensome government off their backs, trying to grow and in turn create more jobs for Americans out of work.

It is why tens-of-millions of Americas understand that Trump isn't doing this for money or power. They know he already had that secured. . . nailed down!

Just ask Democrats who kept coming to him every two years for millions of dollars in donations, that is before he decided to run for office. Trump would soon learn the hands that had reached out to him were from empty shells.

His running for office should have been no surprise to anyone. He had warned for years he was going to run if no other candidate would protect the traditions that made America great. He also warned he would stop China and other countries from buying off big name corporations and greedy politicians.

His goal was to simply return America back to its rightful place in the world, a time when freedom was catching fire in many countries around the world and across Asia.

It is amazing through all the abuse by thousands of wealthy and corrupted individuals across this country, feeding off the trough of sedition, that the United States is still one of the most desired places in the world to live.

But with all the changes in 2020, many immigrants are shocked to see the political correctness they escaped now approaching America's shores. From hardships, they already know how it will crush personal hopes and dreams if welcomed by progressive leaders who now run the Democrat Party.

Trump had also said to those in poor neighborhoods about his running for office, asking what do you have to lose voting for me? If you don't like my policies, you can always vote to return yourself to the rat infested row houses Democrats have left for you.

But then no one saw the pandemic coming, introduced to the world by Communist China with a lab-created weaponized virus released onto the entire world when hopes for the new year were just beginning.

However dangerous leftists welcomed the virus, seeing its effects as an immediate opportunity for unstoppable power over the people, shutting down churches as non-essential while rioters marching shoulder to shoulder in the hundreds down city streets as necessary peaceful protests.

This was as prestigious names from the past such as Disney, NBC, CBS, ABC have begun to fall by the wayside, no longer examples of America's moral standards in the world.

Their ranks have become overrun with young college graduates taught to disrespect America while they sat in too many college classrooms run by leftist professors. Today so many radical professors are entering into the teaching profession that the ratio could be as high as 50:1 left vs. right. It would be better to lock the doors of these colleges than to allow America to fall further.

Corrupted corporations also include AT&T and Comcast, owners of CNN and MSNBC respectively. They allow their media outlets to rip the country apart, wanting Americans to submit and agree to global control of mass populations using motives that reek of greed and sedition.

At the same time hundreds of these corporations donate to groups whose memberships stand with masks around their face and a club and firebomb in their hand, ready to be thrown at a cop, (black, white or hispanic), which ever one is in their way. The color of the skin? It really never mattered.

Decades ago Karl Marx called these mass rioters his "useful idiots," who would believe whatever Marx told them. Then after the election they would become in the way of the new doctrine, looking for the promises made, needing to be tossed aside to die or whither away.

In 2020 you can see the name hasn't changed. Even today they are still useful idiots. Just new faces ready for new graves if leftists are allowed to take over the government of the United States in the election of 2020. - Webmaster


The Tyranny Around You Has Many Forms

So why are the Democrats acting like there is no election, not wanting debates or an overview of the issues they will promote if elected?

Because they have moved to ballot harvesting for the win. They know if they flood certain states with enough ballots, it will be impossible to declare a winner on the evening of November 3rd. Or December 3rd. Or January 3rd. Or maybe even February 3rd.

And THEIR media will ensure this confusion stays at the top of the fold in their daily reporting to keep the public misinformed as possible. Did you forget the promise of a New York Times editor, "It ain't news until we say it is?"

Still don't get it? Do you remember the Democrat Party's 2020 Iowa caucus when the AP didn't want to declare a winner? Hmm, the election may be already over if judges, charged with overseeing the rules, are in with the Democrats like the FBI and DOJ have been over the last three years. Still waiting for Barr and Durham, like an Iowa Democrat caucus?



Note: The new copy on Trump was edited by Webmaster from anonymous copy that had been found on the Web.

TKS for the heads up to Peggy of WNC for the original anonymous copy.










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