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Democrats Used The Excuse Of COVID To Attack Churches

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September 30, 2020




Montana Physician Dr. Annie Bukacek:

How COVID 19 death certificates are being manipulated. - LibertyFellowship, April 20, 2020

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Video Source: LibertyFellowship


CDC Vindicates Dr. Bukacek, Indicts Itself

Article by Pastor Chuck Baldwin, September 3, 2020

"At the height of the government’s coronavirus lies and lockdowns, 30-year veteran physician, Dr. Ann Bukacek, stood at the podium of Liberty Fellowship and exposed the gross exaggeration of corona death certificates that were being encouraged by the CDC as a way of  manipulating public perception regarding the nature and extent of the virus. She used the CDC’s own statements to prove her assertions

For daring to tell the truth about the coronavirus and the CDC’s hype and fearmongering over the virus, a tsunami of hate, vitriol and personal and media attacks were hurled at this respected physician (she has been voted Best Family Physician in the county two years running and three times overall) at a level most of us cannot imagine.

Even many of her peers in the medical profession attacked her mercilessly—some even threatened to get her license revoked. She didn’t flinch. She has more courage than most men you will ever meet. 

Well, hold onto your seats.

A recent report published by the CDC itself totally vindicates Dr. Bukacek and, at the same time, indicts itself. For the most part, of course, the mainstream media is ignoring the report.

Dr. Annie Bukacek of Kalispell did her best to try warning Montanans that the death rate of COVID-19 was being stretched and contorted by misleading death certificates. In the article, Montana Doctor Blows the Whistle on the CDC’s Manipulated Coronavirus Figures, the Gazette reported Bukacek’s presentation which explained that COVID-19 was being placed on death certificates as the cause of death merely because the deceased had tested positive for the virus and regardless of whether or not it actually caused them to die.

Bukaceks’ assertions were picked up by the national press and joined a loud chorus of medical professionals around the nation who were insisting that the CDC’s figures were skewed.

Largely, Bukacek was slandered in the press in [DNC supported] outlets like The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, and even Rolling Stone for being an ‘anti-vaxxer’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ who was ‘undermining COVID-19 response in Montana.’

Buzzfeed wrote of Dr. Bukacek, “In a widely circulated video posted on social media, Bukacek cast doubt over official COVID-19 death tolls, saying medical professionals were pressured to attribute non-COVID deaths to the virus.”

For this, Montana liberals who were prone to believe whatever was told to them by Governor Bullock and state health officials and castigate any opposing view as a 'conspiracy theory' launched a petition to oust Dr. Bukacek from the Flathead County Health Board.

The petition to remove her, which has roughly half the signatures than the petition to keep her, reads, 'Dr Annie Bukacek has violated public trust by putting her political and religious views ahead of science in regards to the Covid-19 outbreak.'

It turns out, Dr. Bukacek was right all along, and her understanding of science and medicine has been vindicated in the latest report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the CDC, only 6% of deaths originally reported as caused by Coronavirus were deaths exclusively caused by Coronavirus. As Dr. Bukacek warned Montanans from the beginning, the rest of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 were in cases in which patients tested positive, but who had other underlying health conditions that actually caused their death.

While news outlets all across the country are pointing out that the CDC has provided this data, showing that COVID-19 is the exclusive or primary cause of death in only 6% of the cases (and has been inflated a whopping 1,567%), it should be noted that it doesn’t mean per se that COVID-19 didn’t have a role to play in the other 94% of deaths.

What it does mean is that patients died with or from other ailments that are far more serious.

Essentially, what the CDC has admitted is that those who have died from heart attacks or the flu were claimed to have died from COVID-19 on death certificates and in CDC reporting, whether or not that was the primary cause of their death (or necessarily a cause at all).

If Montana COVID-19 rates are largely similar to those across the United States, this means that approximately six Montanans have died exclusively from COVID-19. Meanwhile, Governor Bullock and many local health boards seem to be unmoved by the latest scientific findings.


Did you get that? The primary cause of death attributed to the coronavirus has been inflated by a whopping 1,567%.  And did you hear this?

'Essentially, what the CDC has admitted is that those who have died from heart attacks or the flu were claimed to have died from COVID-19 on death certificates and in CDC reporting, whether or not that was the primary cause of their death (or necessarily a cause at all).' That’s EXACTLY what Dr. Bukacek told us back in April. 

This local NBC news report states that the CDC is now admitting that only 9,683 people in the U.S. have died exclusively from the coronavirus—NOT the reputed 160,000 plus. The rest of the deaths had other serious underlying diseases that took their lives.

Please let that sink in. The CDC’s own report says less than 10,000 people have died exclusively from the coronavirus.

That fact is a blatant admission that the entire CDC/WHO/medical establishment/White House/congressional/news media corona narrative has indeed been grossly exaggerated and manipulated.

Jordan Hall, Publisher of the Montana Daily Gazette, which was quoted above, gave an excellent summary of 'The Great Coronavirus Panic Of 2020.'

* The government response to COVID-19 has done far more damage than the virus itself.

* Far fewer have died exclusively from COVID-19 than is regularly reported.

* Far more have had COVID-19 than we were led to believe.

* The so-called “experts” who insist we listen to them have been wrong on almost everything from the beginning.

* We self-sabotaged our economy and stripped ourselves of liberty for what amounts to a paper tiger.

* The government now has a far better idea exactly how far they can push citizens before we push back (and it’s further than any of us previously thought). This isn’t merely a strategy; it is a test.

* There is clearly a coordinated effort to keep us afraid of this virus and afraid of each other in a way that far surpasses common-sense communicable virus mitigation. The media, technocrats, and at least half of our politicians want you to remain terrified (or should I say, terrorized).

* Masks are clearly far less effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19 than social distancing (especially if you are sick), but almost all the PSAs from our Nanny State focus on masks exclusively. I’d suggest this is because without masks there would be no visible reminder in your daily life that you’re supposed to be terrified of something.

* In fact, if it weren’t for media propaganda and the hysteria propagated by politicians, I submit to you we would not know there was a ‘pandemic’ at all. That’s right; without their fear mongering, we might have noticed nothing but a nasty respiratory bug going around, but it would not have struck us as a particularly deadly pandemic.

Amen, Jordan!

This means it’s time for the American people to call the bluff and throw away those worthless masks, forget those stupid social distancing mandates and demand that their state and local authorities give the People their country back.

The CDC has lost all credibility.

There is now no doubt: The CDC is nothing but a criminal cabal of white-coated pimps working for Big Pharma. Anthony Fauci should go to prison. Bill Gates should go to prison.

The medical 'experts' who regurgitated and went along with this fraud should find other work, and the politicians and government bureaucrats who helped shut this country down, who helped destroy millions of jobs, who helped ruin the careers of millions of people and who helped take the homes and livelihoods of millions of Americans should be tarred and feathered and put on a slow boat to China.

And let’s not forget a president and Congress that stole over 6 trillion dollars from the American taxpayers—two thirds of which went to their big banker buddies at the Federal Reserve. 

Not only has the CDC lost credibility, so has the U.S. medical establishment. Doctors HAD to have known that the narrative was false, but they sacrificed their integrity and honesty and played along—they played along for BIG MONEY. 

HCA Healthcare is one of the world’s wealthiest hospital chains. It earned more than $7 billion in profits over the past two years. It is worth $36 billion. It paid its chief executive $26 million in 2019.

But as the coronavirus swept the country, employees at HCA repeatedly complained that the company was not providing adequate protective gear to nurses, medical technicians and cleaning staff. Last month, HCA executives warned that they would lay off thousands of nurses if they didn’t agree to wage freezes and other concessions.

A few weeks earlier, HCA had received about $1 billion in bailout funds from the federal government, part of an effort to stabilize hospitals during the pandemic.

HCA is among a long list of deep-pocketed health care companies that have received billions of dollars in taxpayer funds but are laying off or cutting the pay of tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and lower-paid workers. Many have continued to pay their top executives millions, although some executives have taken modest pay cuts.

The New York Times analyzed tax and securities filings by 60 of the country’s largest hospital chains, which have received a total of more than $15 billion in emergency funds through the economic stimulus package in the federal CARES Act.

The hospitals — including publicly traded juggernauts like HCA and Tenet Healthcare, elite nonprofits like the Mayo Clinic, and regional chains with thousands of beds and billions in cash — are collectively sitting on tens of billions of dollars of cash reserves that are supposed to help them weather an unanticipated storm. And together, they awarded the five highest-paid officials at each chain about $874 million in the most recent year for which they have disclosed their finances.

At least 36 of those hospital chains have laid off, furloughed or reduced the pay of employees as they try to save money during the pandemic.

Seven chains that together received more than $1.5 billion in bailout funds — Trinity Health, Beaumont Health and the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan; SSM Health and Mercy in St. Louis; Fairview Health in Minneapolis; and Prisma Health in South Carolina — have furloughed or laid off more than 30,000 workers, according to company officials and local news reports.

The bailout money, which hospitals received from the Health and Human Services Department without having to apply for it, came with few strings attached.


Of course, this also means that there is absolutely NO REASON to take a corona vaccination. None. Zero. Zilch. It means Gates and Fauci are international con men who make P.T. Barnum look like a choir boy by comparison. It means that all of these lockdowns, shutdowns, closings and mandates were total frauds. It means the entire corona narrative is a fraud. It also means there is something much more sinister at work here.

Planting fear, paranoia and hysteria into the hearts and minds of millions of people over a virus that has directly taken the lives of fewer than 10,000 people (doubtless, the true number of low corona deaths globally are similar to those in the U.S.) betrays a massive conspiracy to scare the world into total submission and subjugation.

As I have said from the beginning: This is NOT about our health and safety; this is about our control and enslavement.


In Germany, more than 500 physicians and scientists came together to challenge the corona narrative saying, 'We have a lot of evidence that it’s a fake story all over the world.' Also in Germany, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently rallied with a huge crowd of tens of thousands of German people who were rallying against Bill Gates and Big Pharma.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke to an enormous crowd in Berlin on Saturday, as tens of thousands of Germans joined forces to protest what Kennedy Jr. referred to as Bill Gates’'bio-security agenda, the rise of the authoritarian surveillance state and the Big Pharma sponsored coup d’etat against liberal democracy.'

'The pandemic is a crisis of convenience for the elite who are dictating these policies,' said Kennedy Jr., who praised the huge Berlin crowd for being on the frontline of the fight against global totalitarianism.

From this point forward, anyone who submits to this phony, fraudulent corona narrative is a willing participant in tyranny. Those who continue to go along with this masquerade need to stop waving the flag and stop singing God Bless America, because they are volitionally submitting to their own subjugation. THEY ARE WILLING SLAVES.

Everyone who attacked and besmirched Dr. Bukacek for her courageous stand should crawl on their knees and beg for her forgiveness. And those who embraced and promoted the phony corona narrative should publicly renounce this global medical Ponzi scheme and go to work repairing the damage that they have wreaked on our society.

Article by Pastor Chuck Baldwin, September 3, 2020


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The Truth About Who Is Behind Keeping COVID-19 Alive And Well . . . And It May Have Nothing To Do With Medicine. - FIK

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