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OMG, Does Biden's Democrat Party Hate Sports, Too?

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October 12, 2020



The Democrat Party's BLM Marxists Now Go After Christian College Football Coaches.

Senator Graham, is Clemson next after Illinois State?

So why don't you ask your opponent in the 2020 election before it's too late, so close to Pelosi whose DNC governors have shut down churches across the nation in Blue states yet see BLM riots as "peaceful."

Click Here to watch if video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"Black Lives Matter turns up heat on Christian athletes and coaches," reports Laura Ingraham on October 9, 2020, on her Ingraham Report.

Is has already spread its hate of America and love of Marxism across the country from the NFL to the NBA. The NBA has been successful in spreading the Communist Chinese Party Ideology, sad but painfully true how sedition against the United States seems to now runs deep in the NBA, not much American about it anymore.

In her report, OutKick African-American columnist, Jason Whitlock, commented on the disturbing trend in America against the Christian faith.

In other words where the rubber meets the road, it's the individual vs. Obama's Marxist "collective salvation." Obama was BLM's early endorser when president of the United States, inviting the group's leaders into the White House when they wanted to "fry cops like bacon." starting around 2015.

Look how far their hate has come in just five years, easily referred to as Obama's Brown Shirts and surely as dangerous as the original ones in Nazi Germany during the country's last years as a Democracy, Hitler winning the final 1933 run off election. It would not be until around 1985 that Germany would recover and become a free country again. In other words not forgetting 2020, elections do matter more than most would like to admit. - Webmaster

Video Source: IngrahamReport / FOXNews



BLM Has Murdered Over 30 Citizens In 2020.

"Why are Minneapolis residents terrified to leave their homes in recent months? For the same reason why someone brazenly shot and killed an anti-Antifa counterprotester in broad daylight in Denver on Saturday. There is no deterrent against violent criminals any more and therefore no protection for the average citizen." - The Blaze

Graphic Source: Minneapolis residents scared to leave their homes as city on the brink. - TheBlaze







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