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Pull The Lever For Your Local Police!

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

November 2, 2020



President Donald Trump Spoke To Tens-Of-Thousands In Butler, Pennsylvania, Saturday Night. - Breitbart , October 31, 2020.

They really love him! - Webmaster

"The three Osprey aircraft escorting Marine One fly through the clouds lit by the setting sun as they arrive for a campaign stop by President Donald Trump, Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020, at the Butler County Regional Airport in Butler, Pa." - Breitbart

"Supporters of President Donald Trump wait to hear him speak for a campaign rally at Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport on October 31, 2020 in Butler, Pennsylvania. Donald Trump is crossing the crucial state of Pennsylvania in the last few days of campaigning before Americans go to the polls on November 3rd to vote." - Breitbart

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When You Cast Your Vote For President Tomorrow, Pull The Lever For Your Local Police!

Click Here if the video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"Policeman," by Paul Harvey, is presented here in the style of "So God Made A Farmer" run as a Super Bowl commercial in 2013. It is narrated by Paul Harvey, a tribute to the tens-of-thousands of police officers who risk their lives everyday and never know if they'll pass through the door to their home again at the end of their shift.

We should never forget they are the first ones we call when we are in danger. That is if they haven't been defunded by your local Democrat Party official. Then the rule will surely be "a gun in the hand is worth more than the local appointed Democrat party official on the phone," . . . if they even pick up. - Webmaster

PS: How's that home security system going to work with a defunded police force?

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On National TV Democrat 2020 Socialist VP Kamala Harris Demands Protests To Continue

Protests Will Not Stop, Should Not Stop After Election!

Click On photo below to hear her own arrogant, socialist-filled words!

Listen to Kamala Harris clearly give marching orders, with permission to riot, to her communist Antifa / BLS supporters using the innocent platform of a late night TV show. - Webmaster

Why Marxists Will Riot 2020 Election: 'Perpetual Violence.'" - CanadaFreePress

[A Traitor Is Running For President With Pay To Play.] Biden Opposed The Pakistan Raid That Took Out Bin Laden, The Pakistan Lobby Is [Now] One Of His Biggest Donors! - Frontpage

"Stevie Wonder Demands Reparations During Biden Rally In Detroit: ‘I Know Joe Biden Will Do It.’" - Breitbart



Joe Biden: A Lifetime of Lies, Corruption and Malfeasance.

You Can’t Get Rich In Politics Unless You’re A Crook. - Harry Truman

"And the latest revelation: Biden secured a ‘job’ on a Ukrainian Oil Company board for $50,000.00 a month, when Hunter Biden wouldn’t know an oil well from an erector set." - FrostyWooldridge / NewsWithNews

TKS to Peggy of WNC



"‘Spontaneous’ Street Violence Is Well Organized, Pursuing A Radical Agenda"- DailySignal

[With Huge Donations Going To Let Rioters Out Of Jail, Who Is Funding The Destruction Of America On Behalf Of The Far Left?] - DailySignal




If Someone Says To You, I Can't Believe You're Voting For Trump . . .


You need to simply remind them you're not voting for a person. You are voting for . . .

- The First Amendment and its freedom of speech. And also for the Second Amendment for your right to bear arms to defend my life and my family.

- You're voting for the next supreme court Justice to protect the Constitution as written and its Bill of Rights. And you're voting for a return of our troops from foreign countries to end America’s involvement in endless foreign conflicts.

- You're voting for the Electoral College that balances out the populations of states and the Republic they all represent as one for which it stands, sacrificed by so many then passed to us to carry on. You're also voting for term limits so elected officials can no longer suck on the tit of lifetime pay.

- You're voting for the local police to be respected once again. And to ensure law and order, you're voting the continued appointments of federal judges who respect the words of the Constitution and the writings in the Bill of Rights.

- You're voting for jobs to remain in America and not to be outsourced again to China, Mexico and other foreign countries along with keeping our borders secured to protect legal immigration.

- You're voting to defend our military along with the veterans who fought for this country, protecting the freedom of citizens back home. You're voting for continued progress for peace in the middle east and Israel.

- You're voting to fight against human / child trafficking wherever it raises its ugly head and the freedom from attacks on any American because of skin color.

- You're voting for freedom of religion and respect for the American flag, no longer seen by some national sports organizations such as the NBA and the NFL as important.

- You're voting to remove the sedition of our corrupt media by the billionaires who run it and the globalist corporations that feed hate for American conservative voters, "deplorables."

- You're voting for the right to speak your opinion and not to be censored by an out-of-control social media that tramples on the Bill of Rights.

- You're voting for the continued growth of the middle class and its 401ks and a stock market for investment in for the future of the nation. And you're voting to ensure freedom in the years ahead for your children and grandchildren."

Then when done you can ask, And what are you voting for?

Copy Source: TKS for the heads up to Ben from WNC








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