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Fascist Corporations Raise Their Ugly Heads

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November 25, 2020



In June of 2020, Airbnb Sent Out A 'Racism Guide' To White Allies – Urging Them To Show Up And Be An Active Ally In Following Its Contents.

When President Trump announced that he would take decisive and swift action if state and local officials don’t quell the violent riots across the country, in response homesharing company executives at Airbnb Corporation felt it had become necessary for them to issue their own anti-white guide to “tackle racism,” as if all whites were automatically racist.

The copy was so intense (see below) it seemed to have a similar feel to the extreme fascism of the Third Reich when it decided to attack Jews in Germany after the election of Adolf Hitler in 1933.

According to Gateway Pundit, the airbnb guide was sent out to customers and hosts in June of 2020. It instructs many things that include such items as not to approach a black as neat and clean, which is exactly what Senator Joe Biden did in February 2009 when Obama was running for president. We assume that airbnb is delighted that Biden should be confirmed as the new president in 2021.

Shown below, the guide demands "that people actively show support for the violent riots and looting that has spread coast to coast with the help of domestic terrorist organization Antifa inflicting pain and destruction in dozens of American cities." - READ MORE / GatewayPundit, June 2, 2020


"Airbnb’s 'guide' encourages people to financially support violent rioters and looters. It even guides you to a host of racial or white guilt articles and films, designed to shame every white person into believing that they are the ones responsible for racism in America." - Gateway Pundit

Guide Source: GatewayPundit / airbnb







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