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December 1, 2020



Please see note below on the posting of this story, which lists a few sources that have gone on record to report the German event did not happen. However there are so few going on record that it is as if no one wants to touch it.

As someone remarked to me the other day, we no longer know what is true and what is made up, like the old ad from decades ago asking is it live or is it Memorex, at the time a popular cassette tape manufacturer.

It is the reason our founders wanted freedom of speech so people would be free to report events that would allow citizens to make good decisions when voting in an election.

So how did that work out? - Webmaster



Please Read All The Sources Provided. This Was An Ongoing News Story That Needed More Verification.

Article Source: CreativeDestructiveMedia

TKS to Bill of Florida for the heads-up!


More Sources

"New reports About Election Manipulation Read Like A Tom Clancy Novel." - Channel411News

"Lt General: U.S. Special Forces Attacked CIA Server Farm In Germany In Server Seizure Operation, 5 Soldiers Killed, Servers Secured." - PamGeller

"Special Forces Raid CIA Servers In Germany." - TheNewAmerican







Note to our visitors:

The above is a news story. It is why it is posted. If this story is over reported or incorrect in its events, it doesn't matter. It is still a news story that needs to be covered and reported on with corrections or additions or denials. Did it happen as reported? Did it not happen as reported? Again, where is the reporting?

So why are there only a few outlets quietly denying the report, writing the event in Germany was false. The Military Times did report that the attack did not happen. This is as retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney continues to double down. But that's about it, as if the November 3, 2020, election results went smoothly and to move along, nothing to see here.

Too often today's progressive news reporters, not unlike the universities that may say they actually train them, seem to march in rank step to unreport or bury what doesn't verify their news agency's agendas. That unfortunately blurs the question; what is proven news and what is someone's views?

For instance Obama said last week Trump had allowed immigrant children to be put into cages. But it was Obama who built those cages and had children in them during his term in office. What did the reporters on the Breakfast Club say to him about that charge? I've heard nothing. Have you?

Why didn't they challenge it right there? Are they afraid of Obama? Or could they be fired for asking a question a journalist of old would have been expected to ask? In 2020 that answer could easily be, "Yes, they could be terminated from their job."

In the interview Obama tried to refer to Hispanics, who voted for Trump in 2020, as maybe homophobic. Yet the reporters in the interview didn't take him to task on that racist statement, Obama's comment seeming to be back to Christians that Obama had laughed about who held onto their guns and Bibles.

And what about that word we all use, the "press?" I'm not sure we even have a press anymore. So why do we use it anymore?

And why are they called the news media if they don't report the news without coloring it first for the reader? What a horrid thing for Obama to say about Christians, from one who was trained on the Koran for three years when a young boy in Indonesia, a fact the "press" buried in the 2008 election. However that same "press" made sure everyone knew the cost of Sara Palin's dresses, her running for VP against Obama's choice in 2008, Joe Biden. What Muslim, the "press" had said in 2008. You're a racist for asking, they said.

Obama also talked about America being a racist nation. He has always talked about America being a racist nation since 2008. Yet he is a black Muslim man who served two terms as President of the United States elected with white votes, never once saying in public at the time he was also a Muslim running for office.

But now in 2020 he openly sports his Muslim training four years after he left office because it seems to benefit him to say America is now also racist to Muslims. Yet it was Biden who said that Obama (for a black) was well versed and clean when Obama was running for office in 2007.

And did you know it was Obama as president who never once invited the leader of the largest moderate Muslim group in America, a former Navy commander, to the presidential table to discuss the issue of Islamic terrorism for EIGHT YEARS! Not once.

Obama also complains about blacks being killed by police but never mentions more whites have been killed by police than blacks. It is reported that about 13 unarmed black men across America were shot by police last year. But then no one mentions the reported 11 million arrests that didn't involve the shooting of black man. 11,000,000:13? That's systematic racism? I don't think so.

That was a lie, which allowed retail stores to be burned down in cities across America in 2020, some owned by minorities with over 30 innocent people murdered by BLM in those so-called Democrat-supported "peaceful" riots (an oxymoron.) One was a black retired police officer shot in cold blood live on Facebook, the cop protecting a friend's business. Think the "press" remembers his name?

It was Freedom Is Knowledge that posted a story a few weeks ago of a benefit held for a BLM founder in West Hollywood, who had been trained by communists for three years. Yet no one questioned a trained communist having their group's name, BLM, painted on a basketball court floor of the NBA, a mostly black group that works with the communist China while holding up fists during the playing of the National Anthem?

13 blacks murdered in America but it's okay for the Communist Chinese to harvest organs from arrested Chinese Christians or have work camps for arrested Muslims to make products for sale that would benefit the Communist Chinese Party? Somebody is lying at the NBA.

Finally, this is to those people who refer to being a reporter on their business cards, while really they might be better called "indoctrinators."

To update this report, a few news agencies have come out to say the story of servers being taken from

Next time you take your expensive cameras and microphones to interview Obama, do it on the front steps of his home in Martha's Vineyard, panning the neighborhood around it. It is a place that is not exactly a sample of South Chicago where Obama lived in the 1990's when working with Bill Ayers for the CAC to teach public school children about social justice and who had legally represented ACORN to help falsify voter registration.

What, you didn't know that?

So to those reporters (indoctrinators), how about just the facts and leave the bull**** by your news van. Just try not to step in it on your way out. - Webmaster







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