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Has The Supreme Court Left The Building?

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

January 11, 2021



On The Protestors In Washington D.C.


Joe Biden has revealed his true colors, and they are as dark as the fascists that burned books in Germany, being sure the wrong ones were not on any shelves in any German home across the land.

On Friday, the elderly and sometimes confused president-elect Joe, (listen to your record player), Biden attacked Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz had wanted an investigation to prove there was no fraud in the vote count when several states in unison suddenly stopped counting votes on the afternoon of election day.

At the same time Trump's votes immediately started to drop, when all day they had grown. One Democrat-run election center reported it stopped counting because of a water main break. That turned out to be an outright lie, reported to be a urinal where water is easily shut off.

So why did they lie? No one in our judicial seemed interested in any of those questions, and why the headline of this report reads, Has the Supreme Court left the building?

But it goes on from the best Congress money can buy.

Biden said of Senator Cruz on the MSNBC cable network,

He’s sort of like Goebbels [from Nazi Germany.] You say the lie long enough, keep repeating it, repeating it, it becomes common knowledge.

Biden, a president-elect, by comparing the deaths of five million Jews in camps to Republican Ted Cruz, dehumanized those who died in the Holocaust.

What a stunning comparison to make, this Biden "Caesar" fiddling while Rome Burns.

"The number of those dead was so high that the British army used a bulldozer to put the bodies into a mass grave." - The Journal
Photo Source: The Journal


"The number of those dead was so high that the British army used a bulldozer to put the bodies into a mass grave." - The Journal
Photo Source: TheJournal

Then we heard Senator Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, talk about the day protestors entered the Capitol building without permission as a day that ‘Will Live In Infamy,' comparing it to Pearl Harbor. He dehumanized the horror and deaths of those thousands of young men and women who died in a real day of Infamy, December 7, 1941, when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

Click Here For FDR’s “Day of Infamy” Speech

Not to be outdone, the former CIA head who lied to Congress, also chimed in with his reference to torture of those who would not submit to his fascistic statements:

Photo Source: GatewayPundit

"Anyone now seeking national redemption by claiming to no longer support Trump must acknowledge how wrong it was to ignore & enable his corrupt, dishonest & divisive agenda. Total denunciation of a despot's legacy is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy.

Every politician, government official, journalist, & talk show host who has ignored & enabled Trump’s lies & corruption bears responsibility for the damage he has wrought. Spare us the excuses. You failed the test of citizenship. It is now up to you to try to redeem yourselves.

What else must Trump do before he is removed from office? Are VP Pence, the Cabinet, and Republicans in Congress waiting for a disaster of unimaginable proportions to take place before they come to their senses? They must act now." - John Brennan, Tweets, January 2021

A few years ago I posted a trio of images to show how the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers / Pentagon on 9/11 were nothing compared to the attack on the nation by the community organizer, Barack Obama.

He made a statement out of the blue just before the 2008 election, promising, in five days we will fundamentally transform the United States of America, more dangerous than December 7, 1941, and the targets hit on September 11 of 2001. If you don't believe that, you have been living under a rock.

Sadly that was a surprise to many Americans, since the corrupted mainstream media had buried the fact that Obama, as a young man, was mentored by the Communist Frank Marshal Davis being watched by an FBI that at the time was related to We the People.

My comment by the posting was that while America could come back from the attacks of December 7, 1941, and on 9/11, Obama's promise to "fundamentally transform the United States" in 2008 could be more dangerous and go on for decades.

And on January 6, 2021, that was proven correct, when an election based on mailed-in ballots included counts that went on for days. In fact the Supreme Court seemed bored by it all, once directly influenced by an executive of the far left ACLU, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

She would, by her election to the court in 1993 by all but three votes, influence the nation to remove, even in small towns. the words wife, husband, man, women, female and male from documents that existed in the United States for hundreds of years.

Ginsburg even wanted to reduce the age of consent while hoping to make one organization out of the Girl and Boy Scouts. But her former ACLU resolved that by continuing to attack the Boy Scouts decades ago until today, the national organization filled with pedophiles has gone bankrupt from law suits over abuse.

Ginsburg was Obama's most favorite Supreme Court Judge, leading the left to adopt the communist concept of social justice that takes away from those who have earned it and gives to those who don't have it. We were warned by the founders what would happen if people used their votes to suppress self-achievement.

In fact it was the Columbia University's Teachers College around 20 years ago that started using social justice in education, encouraging those high school graduates with cum laude awards to remove the color tassels on their mortar boards so other students of less motivation would not be "offended." It is how Obama planned to fundamentally transform the most free nation in the world to the point, as Plato had warned, Puppy dogs would stand up on their hind legs and demand their freedoms, too.

Days That Will Live In Infamy. - FreedomIsKnkowledge
Living in a post-constitutional America. - FreedomIsKnowledge

As you can see for yourself, Obama has become more dangerous to our freedoms than any major outside attack on the nation. Americans brought up in a free America saw what was happening and felt helpless to protect the reason their grandparents immigrated to the United States in the first place - to escape the millstone of socialism around their necks.

As people were hoping Trump could make the America they had known great again, there was a deep state feeding off the gravy train that wanted no part of it.

Even the Justice Department, under Barr, recently piled on saying Trump’s conduct was a 'betrayal’ of the presidency. This is the same DOJ Barr that used Hannity for over a year to fool millions of his viewers to believe that the injustice by the FBI in trying to take down an elected president was going to be taken care of by Durham, a great blood hound who Barr insinuated would leave no bone unturned.

Of course, Barr, worth well over $40 million dollars, was a wolf in sheep's clothing, a part of the swamp. He never intended to go after the corruption that involved the Obama FBI, an institution at the heart of American law and one Obama had weaponized after becoming president, surrounding himself with radical Czars in 2009.

The corrupted American media buried Obama's background as some sort of conspiracy theory by the right and before the 2008 and 2012 elections. While a teen Obama was trained on the Koran in Indonesia for several years and then later while a young adult in Hawaii, mentored by the Communist Frank Marshall Davis.

But years later an old video tape suddenly appeared from a university where Obama gave a book reading for "Dreams of My Father." The video proudly reported his grandfather, on the side of his far left mother, had introduced him to a man on Hawaii that would become his mentor, calling him Frank Marshall Davis.

Click Here to watch if the video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

Video Source: DefeatCommunism

From here, let's look at the entire picture that has brought tens-of-thousands of Americans to stand outside the Capitol building a few days ago, where around 200 radicals mixed in as antifa infiltrators and BLM entered the building without permission and caused some damage. Two people, a protestor and a police officer, were killed

And looking at the video below, those infiltrators paid by someone on the left seem to have arrived in white buses with some riders wearing red MAGA hats, but turned backwards. Watch the video for yourself.

Click On the image below to see "selected" footage of several white buses "lead by what was called trooper cars in front and behind." But are they really trooper cars or CIA? Notice that as the large and deep group reaches the grounds of the Capitol building, they then stand there waiting for instructions as to when or where to move, obviously planned. Someone is then caught on video quickly waving them forward and up to the side doors of the Capitol building.

If not removed by YouTube, the full video is below. Could this be another set-up, like in Atlanta where they stopped counting votes on 11/3 in the late afternoon, saying it was due to a broken main water line?

Go below the image to see the link for the full 45 minute review of what was going on on January 6, 2021. You will not see this on the mainstream media.  They don't check things out.  They already have been given the narrative. - Webmaster

If it hasn't been taken down, Click Here to watch the full 45 minute review of what went on at the Capitol building on January 6, 2021.

What is most interesting is that antifa / BLM is nowhere to be found. Watching the part of the video that was captured above, you will see why. They were actually there but dressed instead look like part of the crowd. MAGA hats, if worn, were on backwards so each could tell one from the other? Some of the police acted as if instructed, almost seeming to lead the same individuals into the building to set up optics against Trump's rally.

Very strange stuff, like Obama's CIA might create for a coup in another country. Like the boys in WWII taught us about Murphy's Law, If it can happen, it will happen. - Webmaster.

Video Source: AWK News

Black Lives Matter, [John Sullivan], Activist Took Part In Storming Of Capitol, Not Trump Supporter - EpochTimes

"Far-Left Antifa/BLM activist John Sullivan has been identified as one of the people who allegedly was part of the siege of the Capitol building yesterday—you know, one of the'violent Trump supporters' we’ve been hearing so much about in the news." - NewsWars

Photo Source: NewsWars

Utah Activist, John Sullivan, Organized Antifa Protest Near U.S. Capitol Before It Was Stormed — Tweeted About BLM Buses In DC On The 6th. - GatewayPundit

Acts of burning down businesses or tearing down statues during the summer of 2020 were called peaceful protests by the left. But in that case it was the BLM and antifa who were allowed to destroy cart blanche, police told to stand down by Democrat officials. Those summer riots killed over 30 Americans, which included a retired police officer whose murder was recorded live on Facebook.

This all started around five years ago when Hillary and the left hissed at the working class, openly referring to Trump supporters as 'deplorables.' The left then tried to impeach Trump for four years over and over again, which was started by the Washington Post within only a few days of his taking office in January of 2017.

MSNBC and CNN guest speakers were allowed for years to literally call Trump a "Russian agent." Even the FBI got into the fray, one agent talking about the smell of those Trumpers who shopped at Walmart. Even elite CNN Anderson Cooper, of Vanderbilt fame, [remember Obama's claim of "you didn't build that"], knocked the Express Holiday Inn and the Olive Garden as places those smelly Walmart people go to for fun, especially after visiting the Capitol building without a pass.

After four years of these attacks, traditional Americans finally had it with their culture being undone and their cities burned while Democrats held the police back, hundreds of years of traditions being trashed suddenly in the last decade as racist, too.

Now the left has chosen to go after America's libraries. A stunning report on the effort is below from the College Fix. It is as if in 2020 we were suddenly living in Mao's China that disassembled Chinese history over 60 years ago, killing millions.

And that is where we are today as I write this.

Obama's social justice is in full swing to take down the country with the help of a corrupted media, dripping with hate-filled broadcasts 24/7 indoctrinating millions of citizens for years on the evils of white privilege. The stunning desire for creating division was communist in its goals.

In fact it was Obama who worked with the man he said he didn't know, Bill Ayers. Why is that important? Because it was Ayers, a leader of the Weather Underground bombers, who wrote the curriculum for social justice for the CAC. That beginning of the Obama and Ayers relationship on the south side of Chicago, where Saul Alinsky lived, created the corrosive environment that now exists 25 years later in an attempt to rip this country's founding apart, a country tens-of-millions flocked to escape the very thing that now wants to overtake the country.

Obama and Ayers were hired by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) in the mid 1990's, Annenberg at the time given millions of dollars by the Carnegie Foundation.

It was this same Carnegie Foundation that would honor Ted Turner (CNN founder), Gates Senior (supporter of Planned Parenthood and vaccine investor) and George Soros (Open Society) in December of 2001, nineteen years ago and just three months after 9/11.

Yes, those names included George Soros. And the award ceremony was attended . . . wait for it . . . by Dr. Fauci, the same Dr. Fauci who helped to lock down most small businesses across America in 2020, destroying over a third that might never reopen.

And it continued as tens-of-millions of Americans watched Nancy Pelosi live on TV rip apart Trump's printed speech at the end of his "State of the Union" address in January of 2020.

It was also Pelosi, when questioned about statues torn from their pedestals by the Marxists of the BLM in the summer of that year, who replied in an instant about those violent events saying, people will do what they do.

However when New York City, Chicago and other cities were burning, she made no effort to ask Democrat governors to stop violence and murders. Her party could not even pass a bill that would condemn the violence caused by what only could be called the Democrat Party's own Brown Shirts, Antifa and BLM. And neither would Biden or other prominent Democrats.

Then finally last year when Americans were having problems putting food on the table during the pandemic of 2020, on a late night show Pelosi reached into her reported ten-thousand dollar home freezer to show off some very expensive ice cream.

She gave her usual bright fake smile to the video camera for all to see. In fact she smiled the way she did when ripping up Trump's State of the Union speech, sticking it to the deplorable middle class unable to afford such expensive luxury brands only her kind should be able to enjoy.

Do you remember the movie, The Train, where the Nazi commander said common people would never understand the value of the works of art being taken from France for safety in the Reich? In 2020 it is the same attitude of Pelosi and those she works with in Congress, the FBI and the elite media. And the people are simply fed up.

"James Corden asks Nancy Pelosi to show off something in her home, and she's excited to share her supply of Easter chocolate, and her incredibly impressive supply of ice cream in the freezer." - SteveCorden Late Show

Video Source: SteveCorden Late Show

Pelosi's far left also went after family values, ripping them apart by confusing children as to what sex they were; if a boy was really a boy, or a girl was really a girl.

Unbelievably the far left now wants to "decolonize" local libraries, as shown below this report.

So wouldn't you think some of those 72 million everyday Americans might be a little upset at the Democrat Party for mocking their lives and their families day in and day out? Actually, these families probably started to fume 12 years ago when Obama ran his apology tour in Europe and assigned Czars to run a government that had helped to free the world from the Third Reich.

President Obama walked away from the "red line" in Syria, causing millions to migrate into Europe while attacking the Western values there. He and Vice President Joe Biden also watched ISIS drive across the desert from Syria into Northern Iraq, not stopping their march. They both had to know ISIS would mass murder the Christians who lived where Christ had walked 2,000 years ago. ISIS then killed and beheaded over 100,000.

In fact Obama laughed about ISIS, calling it a JV team. He also dissed the murders of almost three dozen military people at Fort Hood, calling their killings by a Jihadist a simple act of "workplace violence." He said if Congress passed a bill to give out Purple Hearts, he would veto it.

Yet our Democrat law makers seem to believe they had nothing to do with what happened at the Capitol building, tens-of-millions of Americans no longer believing things could be changed at the ballot box as promised for decades, some old enough to remember Civics classes.

With Congress not interested in investigating the recent questionable voting in the swing states and the Supreme Court passing on state legislators who had openly refused to do their Constitution duty in protecting sacred state election laws, safe guards to the American voting process fell by the wayside.

One senator was reported to have accused Trump supporters as being like Al-Qaeda. That same senator ironically had nothing to do with eliminating ISIS, which Trump accomplished last year with little to no media coverage.

Another Senator who called the event a day of infamy, stood by Hillary, Rice and Obama in the fall of 2012, as they held back help in Benghazi, enabling the murder of our treasures.

He was also the same senator that stood by Pelosi as she said "God would bless . . . " the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) rioters in 2011. It was Obama who allowed Wall Street millionaire traders to be threatened, rioters camping out in a park on the south side of Manhattan literally crapping on cop cars, burning businesses and smashing windows.

To watch how the Obama media reported on the OWS, click on the photo below to see how it protected the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement in 2011 while constantly mocking the Tea Party, even using sexual terms for tea bagging, laughing on late night shows.

Video / Photo Source: Citizens United

For comparison, below is another video made a year before, in 2010, about the same Wall Street topic of abuse by large corporations that could do no wrong. But note in this video there is no call for violence from Bannon, only using the Tea Party to gather people to fight corporate abuse in looking for tax payer bailouts. Also note that the media has tried to make Bannon look like a conspiracy promoter and the Tea Party filled with idiots. Does he look like that in the video or someone you would trust protecting your values?

In contrast it is the Obama fascist media that is dangerous to our values and freedoms, as we see today from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google. Their existence and support will literally kill people, as we have seen with the BLM and antifa in the summer of 2020, over 30 Americans murdered.

Please watch both videos in full and you will discover who really has your interests at heart and who is instead protecting a deep state that is running the country as a true shadow government.

Click Here if the video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

Video / Photo Source: Qazcam

As a disturbing note, in researching and looking on Google for the violence that the OWS in 2011 caused to business owners, I discovered the platform has cleaned it all away. After searching at least 10 pages of videos, all I could find was postings from about 90% liberal media outlets defending OWS or being sure the only violent videos seen were those of cops using pepper spray on OWS causing chaos in the streets of major cities.

The media handled violence the same way in New York City, St. Louis, Kenosha, Chicago Miracle Mile, and other cities on the west coast in 2020, when questioned then replying, What violence? I didn't see any violence."

For example, when New York City U.S. House Representative, Jerry Nadler, was asked about the violence and fires in major American cities such as Portland, Oregon, from the BLM, he literally replied without a breath, It's all a myth. The answer shows you that Congressional Democrats view citizens as idiots, cattle on the range only to be noticed during elections. Then it's, What can I do for you, sucker?

Ironically after Obama troubled Wall Street by calling them the 1%, a decade later he would own a 11.4 million dollar, 6,000 square foot home located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean at Martha's Vineyard where, according to Al Gore, where the water will soon rise by several feet to begin to cover the home.

"Former President Barack Obama and his family have completed the purchase of a $11.75 million waterfront house situated on nearly 30 acres on Martha's Vineyard – an affluent island located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. And it is stunning.  The expansive 6,892-square-foot house sits on nearly 30 secluded acres fronting the Edgartown Great Pond between Slough Cove and Turkeyland Cove, with views of the Atlantic ocean." - Homes & Gardens

"The Obama house, on a 29-acre [eleven-million dollar] estate, has 7 bedrooms and 8 and a half bathrooms." - Homes&Gardens

Looking at all this abuse to the nation and its people, Congress seems to have forgotten that when you create a vacuum, you have little control over what eventually fills it.

That seemed to happen in almost an instant, everyday Americans simply tired of the abuse to their family values now suddenly have to wear masks, are not allowed to attend funerals and must keep their kids out of school. Business owners watch their dream for independence go bankrupt in states run by mostly Democrat governors.

If the Supreme Court, the last resort for justice, had done its job in demanding state legislatures to respect the rule of law of the United States Constitution and fulfill their duties, the blow up would have never happened because there would have been no need for a rally.

Move bar to 14 Minutes where Lou introduces the author of the book, Inside Trump's White House. He reports his book was banned by Twitter in America and then he and his children received death threats. He then went outside the country to market it.

Yet his book is a best seller in countries such as Japan. After you watch Dobbs interview with author Doug Wead, you will realize we really do live in a fascist media environment today, and similar to that of Goebbels FOR REAL.

If you didn't discover that today, you will as the new social media outlet, Parler, is now crushed by Apple, Google Play and Twitter. They sound like children's names, but don't let the innocence fool you. They are as deadly as if run by rattle snakes.

These billionaires, like the NBA, are obviously working closely with the Communist Chinese to take down America and turn it into a collective with the rest of the world. They might have even known the virus was coming, seeming there was a backroom handshake with the CCP. It is so bad nothing can be taken off the table.

With the suppression of free expression in America there could be a 1929 coming around the bend with food shortages and the like as liberals mess with truckers, history showing people can die under communists like those in the new weaponized Socialist Democrat Party.

Author Wead thinks it could become very bad in America. I think about the Jews under the Third Reich and its lap dog media, as I have been warning for years watching what Obama and Biden did to our institutions in only eight years.

Scared? We should be as our freedom of speech is being openly threatened in just 24 hours while a Supreme Court sits quietly as if nothing has happened. One person asked when he saw president Obama weaponizing national security, Does the Supreme Court still sit? The answer is obviously, "not much." - Webmaster

Lou Dobbs Tonight 1/6/21 | Fox Business January 6, 2021 - Lou Dobbs

Video Source: LouDobbs / FOX News


But this day is not unique in American history. It started in 1776 by colonists who wanted freedom from British Rule, those founders treated no better by the British than today's Congress treats everyday American Citizens. American institutions can no longer be trusted, reminding us of Chaucer's warning, If gold rusts, what shall iron do?

This lack of trust can be reminiscent of the antithesis values now displayed by the head of the American Library Association, which recently welcomed men dressed in drag to read to children, some even bringing condoms with them, the library a place where the values of the nation, outside of its Constitution, were to be held sacred. Now suddenly it was as if George Bailey, of the Bailey Savings and Loan in Bedford Falls, NY, never was born.

With Americans having their traditional family values attacked for many years and sometimes mocked as racist, along with their freedom of religion being stepped on, those frustrations finally came together in an explosion on January 6, 2021.

Hundreds of millions of Americans probably had no idea of the festering that had been going on deep within them for years over their sense they were losing their freedoms, fought for by great men who no longer walk the land. Their fears may have been going on for decades, since Clinton's election to president in the early 1990's.

Mainstream media leftist editors had written screaming headlines that Bill Clinton's violation of a young intern in the people's Oval Office of the White House with a cigar was only about sex. How dare the people complain!

Those protestors on January 6th must have thought about that a lot as they stood near their Capitol building filled to the brim with leaders who hated their family values along with their freedoms, now disrespected more while under COVID lockdowns. In fact on January 6th they discovered for the first time the truth, that the Capitol building was really not the people's house. In fact maybe it had never been the people's house, just more lies from the establishment owning the deep state and written in text books to make them feel safe.

Shut up and obey, Fauci has said to them in so many words, as he continued to move his fake scientific goal posts further into the future, reminding them of the lie that if you don't like it, go change it in the voting booth. Wear your damn masks, he demanded, I don't care if you had the vaccine.

And that probably was the spark that lit the fuse, 72 million Americans understanding they never again would be able to trust their votes to actually be counted or just negated by a fake ballot from an illegal alien. Why? Because no one gave a damn to just look into it.

Was that too much to ask of the Supreme Court for a once-in-a-hundred-year election under attack from strange COVID rules? It was like the Democrat Party planned it with the CCP, cutting the media into the deal. Now we realize maybe that is exactly what happened.

You can watch Twitter, Apple and Google now openly attack the first amendment in unison. One has to ask, has a shot been fired again that will to be heard around the world? That may be signaling another civil war to begin over the lack of trust in a system of government that had been trusted for around 244 years. People see themselves having to ask, is that document now simply ink on parchment?

Then two days later Wall Street banks froze political donations after Capitol Hill riots [protests] as well as threatened pro-Trump politicians with blacklisting,

Free speech was almost destroyed in a three day period ending on January 11, 2021, as banks decided what party could donate funds while platforms owned by billionaires and globalists in unison squashed competition like a bug, as they had just done two days before to Parler. The Constitution be damned?

Now Amazon has joined the fray, too, saying unless Parler can find a platform to carry their new load of millions of subscribers, it will not be a part of Amazon services (AWS.)

Billionaire giving America "The Bird." - American Spectator

Giving Americans the Twitter Bird

Graphic Source: AmericanSpectator

We also now see airlines deciding who can fly based on political correctness, taking people off a plane who were identified as attending Trump's rally on January 6, 2021.

Even Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, the largest truthful legal firm in the United States, was censored by Twitter. Fitton was slapped on the hand like a third grader interrupting a classroom teacher. If still available, here is his last Tweet before his account was squashed for seven days.

Why did Twitter shut him down? Because Fitton dared to mention the drug, hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine is cheap, has been around for over 60 years, safe and if taken early helps people to be able to quickly reduce the dangerous effects of COVID and not have to go to the hospital.

You know without a single doubt the drug had been politicized when a Democrat thanked someone for saving their life by giving them the drug, instead had been beaten down by the Democrat Party like thugs in the back room of a smoked filled bar. Seeing that is proof positive the decision to mock the drug had nothing to do with medicine. It is 100% about keeping control of the population.

It proves without a shadow of a doubt these global billionaires have an off-the-record backroom handshake with officials in the Communist Chinese Party (CCP), the ones who put the Marxist director of W.H.O. into his current position that regulates world health issues for the UN.

The United Nations (UN) was the creator of Agenda 21 (no one can own land on the earth), to the new Agenda 2030, which is to be fulfilled with a global warming directive by the year 2030 telling you what you can buy, where you can shop and what you are allowed to eat and maybe grow.

One of those objectives is to be sure that any cheap and easy help for the world's population from the CCP virus is shutdown, and what better way to do it than using a world social media network to put out the lies and spread the evil of political correctness across the land.

Look what's happening today because of COVID, with London shutting down along with the City of Quebec, Canada, which is on an actual lockdown under Martial Law from 8 P.M. to 5 A.M.

How long will that be in force? As long as it needs to be in the opinion of the city's government.

This is the power over the world the CCP demands, and American social media outlets have their hands out to be filled with promises from the Chinese Communist Party and ready to become the world's new superpower, now with a Navy larger than the U.S.

Let's examine something.

What do you think would happen if every person in COVID affected areas be given hydroxychloroquine along with zinc and azithromycin to put on their medicine shelves so that when they felt ill they could immediately simply take it?

The medication is reported to be effective only in the very early stages of COVID. But when a person would feel the symptoms coming on, they could take the medication that was available right in their home and as instructed by the local physician. If that would reduce hospital visits by just 1/3 or MORE, it would take a huge hit off of hospitals worldwide while allowing elective surgery to continue, saving more lives that are being lost today to limited access to hospitals.

You could select a few small cities in Europe and America as test areas. The only requirement would be to use areas where progressives don't control the government, allowing the results to be trusted by the rest of the population.

Trust is critical today, because we have so little of it from major sports teams, liberal politicians and basically most of all national journalists, ones who take their orders of what to write or lose their paychecks. The days of Who, What, Where, Why and How seem almost gone, replaced by who did they vote for in the last election and do they fly an offensive American flag on their home.

When NFL booth announcers mocked Air Force planes flying over a game to promote people joining the military as a waste of fuel, saying that wouldn't happen under a Biden / Harris administration, you know the fix was in. Until COVID, we never knew who they were or really ever thought about it. Now, pardon the pun, the masks are off, my never having to compare them to my father again and those hundreds-of-thousands who fought in WWII.

Everyone in Nazi Germany knew who the SS was because they wore uniforms. In the U.S. today we have no idea who the SS is, those fascists dressed like they had been living in Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

But giving out inexpensive and available medications is not the objective of the globalist community, as the CCP attacks world populations with its weaponized virus. The purpose is to give out vaccines to every person possible around the globe. Bill Gates investments are banking on it. And I suspect Fauci has some betting money on the table, too.

With vaccine shots, governments can track names and addresses in all countries. Later the application could be reduced to a patch, where the vaccine would be applied just under the skin using tiny sharp sugar spikes. And in some cases, if sophisticated enough, it could leave a track that could be scanned to prove the person had worn the patch. The sugar spikes would have dissolved in seconds.

The benefit to governments, as warned in the Book of Revelation, is that people can be stopped from traveling or making certain purchases if there is no evidence when scanned of their having taken the vaccine. Every time a person moves outside their circle, those movements can usually be tracked using 5G technology as seen in China where virtually every intersection has cameras feeding facial recognition software to watchful eyes.

It is believed that the Chinese Communist Government has facial recognition of over 75% of its population, now in addition gathering tens-of-millions of facial recognitions on Americans through their use of software from Zoom to TikTok. That database would be useful later when invading the country.

Hydroxychloroquine access with the other two drugs would shut down attacks around the world on human rights. Executives from corporations such as AT&T, Comcast and Disney that own much of the media will say prove it. Well it just was, based on what the CCP with the online social media giants have been openly doing TOGETHER to control the world's population since March of 2020.

Watching a football game where the referee is wearing a mask while standing alone on the field 100 feet from anyone else shows how Americans in general have become the sheep the Chinese Communists could have never envisioned. Their optics had been based on a country that had won WWII. Now those days are gone and so are the Americans who created them.

To that end below is a report you might find interesting from the Frontier Centre, dated only two months ago, on the drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). It illustrates how dangerous politics have corrupted our reliable medical community literally overnight, one we could trust just a year ago. That community has suddenly gone down the drain as fast as the social media outlets that trashed Parler to destroy competition, keeping the big bucks flowing into their hands and no one else.

"A detailed analysis of the c19 Study is far beyond the ability of this author. The fact is that the study is currently being attacked by scientists and other experts – as it should be. However, the point is that many countries claim that HCQ works, and the truth of this claim is largely being ignored by a biased media and self-serving politicians.

Senior doctors are now beginning to speak out against the unofficial campaign that clearly exists to discredit any doctor or scientist who advocates for the use of HCQ.

Recently, Yale University Dean of Public Health Dr. Sten Vermund defended the right of a fellow senior doctor to openly discuss his view that HCQ works, and that American doctors must be freed up to prescribe a drug that could save many lives.

The general belief of these doctors is that HCQ, in combination with zinc and azithromycin, should be used as early as possible in the treatment of the disease for best results. (Yale’s Dean of Public Health defends right to argue hydroxychloroquine could save lives, The Palmer Foundation, July 31, 2020).

Clearly, the campaign to stop doctors who believe that HCQ works from prescribing it to their patients is beginning to crack.

The doctor the dean was defending is Yale epidemiologist and public health professor Dr. Harvey Risch. Risch – the author of 300 published articles – is a distinguished professor and cancer epidemiologist." 

To read more, click here for the full report from Frontier Centre.

To keep it simple, think of it this way.

The attack by the media behemoths in 2021 is no different from those of decades ago when Edison and his DC current trashed Tesla and his AC current.

Edison had a huge investment in his DC project. Edison knew once Tesla was destroyed through the media by petty journalists pushing cheap tricks in headlines to a willing public, such as killing animals with Tesla's AC current, Edison could then move on and use the same AC technology for long distance transmission of power, which we see today around the world.

And the public went on with their lives, walking over Tesla's dead body, media elites smiling from ear to ear as they do in 2021.

Now you can fully understand what the genius Tesla must have gone through while the mainstream press attacked him again and again. It has a name. It is called political correctness and what was used during the reign of the Third Reich to take down the Reich's enemies in Germany as it was getting ready to go to war against Europe.

Those reading this will also better understand what the Jews went through over the political correctness dropped on them by the Reich's biased media. I believe a similar watershed moment for the freedom of the West and the American Constitution is now upon us after years of warnings.

Need more proof? Read the following and ask, which one of the following people quoted were banned from social media for their hateful statements? Can you guess?

Chris Cuomo of CNN, brother of Governor Cuomo Of New York, said on air, Who says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful? - RealClearPolitics

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Massachusetts Democrat, said, Communities from Boston to Portland are rising up. She then brazenly called for unrest in the streets. - BostonHerald

2021 Vice President elect, Kamala Harris, said on late night network TV, which is extremely friendly to the left, Everyone should take note of that, on both levels, that they're not going to let up — and they should not. And we should not. - USAToday

U.S. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, said on immigration, I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be . . . - WashingtonTimes

And on the tearing down of statues such as Christopher Columbus, If a community doesn't want a statue, the statue shouldn't be there. People will do what they do. - TheHill

And on the group Occupy Wall Street (OWS) she said, God bless them for their spontaneity. - Politico

U.S. House Representative, Maxine Waters, from California said, And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere. - CNN

New York Times Opinion Columnist, Michelle Goldberg, on her newspaper posting an opinion by U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, wrote, Thus when I first saw the Cotton Op-Ed I wasn’t as horrified as perhaps I should have been; I figured he’d helpfully revealed himself as a dangerous authoritarian. But as I’ve seen my colleagues’ anguished reaction, I’ve started to doubt my debating-club approach to the question of when to air proto-fascist opinions. - NewYorkTimes

President Trump, after hearing about the problems at the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, said, We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order. We don’t want anybody hurt. -TheHill


The Early Bird And The Worm

One of Obama's favorites, along with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Surprised? - Webmaster

Graphic Source: WindsOfJihad

The Jews who survived the Holocaust warned us by saying, once it started you wouldn't believe how fast it could happen. Who would believe" they went on, your own government would arrest you?

But it did. Now it is in America, as the Supreme Court has left the building after ignoring an election filled with questions of fraud that violated the rules set out in the Constitution, which is suppose to rule how we get along with each other.

In fact the court may have acted in its own demise, allowing the party of hate to take over the government in a few days and . . . wait for it . . . stack the Supreme Court itself to be sure the correct decisions are being made.

Those elites on the court dressed in black should never have forgotten what power hungry U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer screamed at the court while he stood on its steps, voters from pro-abortion organizations standing closely by his side.

His threat needed to be taken very seriously. It wasn't. - Webmaster

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer literally threatens Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. - GOPWarRoom

Video Source: GOPWarRoom



Decolonizing The U.S. Libraries

"'Harvard University is in the process of creating a new position, an “Associate University Librarian for Antiracism.' St. John’s University released anti-racism plans in October which include a new 'Anti-Racism Task Force' through the school’s libraries."

Nicole Cooke, an associate professor at the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina, wrote in Publishers Weekly last month that efforts to 'Decolonize the Library' in general are an important part of the future."CollegeFix


Twitter Bans 70,000 People. - GatewayPundit, 01/11/2021

Twitter Allows 'Hang Mike Pence' TO TREND After Banning Trump For 'Inciting Violence.' - PJMedia

Democrats Were For Riots Before They Were Against Them. - Frontpage

Twitter Coup On Americans It Doesn't Like: Suspends Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, Other Trump Allies. - WND

Far-left Journalist Among Group Charged In BLM Firebomb Attacks On Police Vehicles In Arkansas [Last August.] - TheBlaze

Rasmussen: Trump's Approval Rating Rises After DC Protests. - NewsMax

"Feds Probe New Year’s Day Attack That Sabotaged 1,200+ Grocery Stores, Halting Food Supply Chain to Southern States — Another Targeted Terror Attack?" - TruePundit

ACLU [ONLY] Worries About Social Media’s ‘Unchecked Power To Remove People From Platforms’ After Twitter, Facebook Ban Trump. [ACLU No Longer A Relevant Free Speech Advocating Organization. - Webmaster.] - DailyWire


It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society - J. Krishnamurti







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