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Fascism Comes To America

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

January 14, 2021



After Watching This Video, Do You Think There Are Enough Fascists On The Left . . .

Click Here to watch if video taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"The children of supporters of President Donald Trump should be seized and placed in 're-education camps,' said Michael Beller, principal counsel at PBS, whose comments were captured as part of a Project Veritas investigation published on Tuesday.

Beller said, 'Even if Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their children away, and we’ll put [Trump supporters’ children] into re-education camps." - ProjectVeritas

Video Source: ProjectVeritas


. . . (continued) that would convince a progressive U.S. president and a left majority U.S. House and Senate, run by career politicians such as Schumer who threatened Supreme Court judges, to put faith based people into camps like the Third Reich did to millions in their population?

I think we are there. I think we have arrived when listening to the dangerous hateful and intolerant elites of the COLLECTIVE, WHO FEEL WITH TRUMP GONE, IT IS SAFE TO TAKE THEIR PERSONAL MASKS OFF TO REVEAL WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

They are the ones who act like the Communist Chinese Party, which uses facial recognition to identify a citizen and then if desired penalize them based on a database on what they can buy, what financial arrangements they are allowed to make or if they can travel. In other words, it is as if you had a collar around your neck and when you misbehave someone pushes a button to give you an electric shock.

Those who have given a recent shock to conservatives for supporting Trump, wanting to support Trump, hurt his business and donations to Trump may include . . .

PBS, Disney's ABC, NBC, AT&T / CNN, Comcast / MSNBC, Harvard, Citibank, MasterCard, Microsoft, Verizon, Fed Ex, Marriott, Airbnb, GE, American Airlines, DOW Chemical, AmEx, PayPal, Cisco Systems, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Lowes Hotel, AIG, Association of Flight Attendants, Forbes, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, the three night time "Comedy" shows, VOX, Daily Beast, Slate, MediaMatters, Southern Poverty Law Center, Hollywood elites, NBA, NFL, DNC.

And there are many more that have not been caught. For instance, a Republican who tried to use a video studio and was asked to leave with sorry we don't serve your kind.

And then Hallmark cards was reported to ask some Republicans, who had questioned the election results, to return their donations. This was while some Democrats wanted the same people on a "no fly" list as potential terrorists.

Yet BLM, which had admitted online it wanted to destroy the Nuclear American family and proudly tied to Marxists, (along with antifa whose violence while wearing black masks has been documented across the U.S. for years), can fly whenever they want.

Conservative Commentator And Former Baseball Star, Curt Schilling, Says AIG Canceled His Insurance Policy Over His “Social Media Profile.” - ZeroHedge

Those politicians who are a part of this have been hiding in the shadows for years, their real intentions against a stable government now out into the open for all to see and more importantly, to remember. But maybe not on election day, which no longer has the impact to believe that corrupted officials found in our government at the federal level can be removed by the people.

Nancy Pelosi is one of the real people leading the insurrection against trust in our government, reported to have said of the protestors at the Capitol Building, "THEY CHOSE THEIR WHITENESS OVER DEMOCRACY." She has thrown out a battle cry to overthrow the government with trying to start a race war that would extend to cities across the U.S., in a repeat of summer.

University of Dallas Student Denied Internship . . . Because She Is White. - Breitbart

She is trying to create chaos in the streets, her San Francisco ideology behind it, like a disease that has entered a healthy body. They are also other reports that antifa was part of the attacking crowd from eyewitnesses. This was when TRUMP HAD YET TO FINISH HIS SPEECH. Those crowds at Trump rallies never leave in droves until he is done, shown again and again across the country over the last four years.

But we must never forget it was Pelosi who in 2011 said of a violent OWS, that God would bless their excitement and then in 2020 of the dangerous riots and the tearing down of founder statues, blew it off as, People will do what they do.

Chinese Communist Spy Lover Eric Swalwell Compares President Trump to Osama Bin Laden. - GatewayPundit

However attacking Pelosi in this environment is like Jews attacking Hitler right after an election. Few will listen in the frenzy of the moment and therein begins the fundamental transformation if allowed to continue.

Below is a video of the real people who have been sadly inspired by the left, represented by BLM and antifa, to burn down businesses and be justified to loot them as shown in the video.

Pelosi's Democrats had simply said BLM and antifa were encouraging innocent Americans, who had a right to protest, then adding, Move along, nothing to see here. Well there was. There was a lot to see!

Click Here if video taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"A [young and well privileged] woman apparently taking a video of herself [while] looting a high-end store in Chicago at one point yelled, 'I can’t breathe' — the phrase George Floyd uttered before his death that has become a slogan for the Black Lives Matter movement. In the video, posted on social media, the woman is seen walking through a luxury department store saying she is searching for a tool to remove security tags.

'I don’t know where the if***Ming keys at!' she yells as she searches drawers attempting to remove what she calls 'Canada gooses,' a type of security tag. 'Let me see, does that say Valentino, does that say Dolce and Cabana?' she says, then begins running through the store before yelling, 'I can’t breathe!' Rioters and looters rampaged through Chicago’s Magnificent Mile shopping district early Monday, sparked by a shooting by a police officer hours earlier that left a young man wounded." Grateful American

Video Source: Grateful America

This is while most of the media from CNN to MSNBC and in between agreed and buried footage of the riots, including streaming of the murder of a retired police officer, Dave Doran, on Facebook. Democrat Congressman Adler from New York even went so far as to say about the riots in Portland, Oregon, They were a myth.

Do I need to go on?

Finally, as said before, this ALL lies at the feet of seven Justices of the Supreme Court for not taking a look to see if the rock foundation of the United States for a trusted election was violated. Then whatever they ruled would have taken the issue off the floor and on to its natural peaceful end.

They should have seen that a world pandemic, which had come from Communist China, would have Democrat politicians using the destructive event for their own gain to change rules when electing a national leader . . . but saying it with crocodile tears, "for the people's safety." To allow without question an opening where literally millions of ballots would be questioned, even coming in days if not weeks later and still be counted was unforgivable.

And all of you thought Alexa was watching out for you. No, "it" is just watching you. - Webmaster

Graphic Source: WindsOfJihad

This was going on while it was being proven state legislators allowed their power to control election laws to be overrun.

Now it is so bad that any Republican in Congress can be intimidated for just bringing up the question and therefore should be on a "no-fly" list and branded as a potential terrorist.

By the Supreme Court leaving a dangerous vacuum, walking away from very obvious issues of some states in unison suddenly stopping their vote count in the early evening or lying they had stopped because of a water main break, the court invited the opportunity of mistrust to enter into the minds of tens of millions of American voters. Again, unforgivable.

And on January 14th we now see the total devastating results of the court's arrogance, which America may never recover from. When a citizen can't trust rock solid corporations such as American Express or banks like Citibank, insurrection can enter into a trusted system. Historians have warned that civilizations are more likely to be destroyed from within than an enemy from without.

In a way Schumer was correct about the court, that a whirlwind would destroy several of its members. And it may have, the court never to be trusted again in millions of minds across the nation.

And it will be at their own demise as it is in an society where lives have been "transformed," promised by Barack Obama in the election of 2008. He then as president later mocked the country, a candidate who had folded his hands over his crotch in 2007 during the singing of our National Anthem.

And the hate continued to bring us to this day. Did you forget the Hollywood producer who said he wished he could put Trump's son into a cage with pedophiles and then return him to his mother? And have you ever seen Trump's wife, an immigrant who is reported to speak five languages and a former model, yet never on the cover of Vogue? Cosmopolitan?

But they did put Kamala Harris on before even becoming VP, looking like someone on the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz saying, Tigers, lions and bears, oh my!

And of course there was the comedian who proudly held a bloody decapitated head of Trump that Hollywood enjoyed.

"Eleven-year-old Barron thought Kathy Griffin's anti-Trump 'severed head' photo shoot was REAL as president calls comedian 'sick' and Melania says Griffin's mental health is questioned by 'very disturbing' video." - Daily Mail

"In the video Griffin is seen slowly raising Trump's head during a photo shoot with infamous photographer Tyler Shields. She also posted a video promising to remove the offending image after she was lambasted by all sides of the political spectrum, including Chelsea Clinton." - DailyMail

Photo Source: DailyMail

Do I need to go on or do you finally understand the truth that is sitting right in front of you since Obama gave his "crotch salute" to the United States at a Democrat Fundraiser in the summer of 2007? Progressives loved it. Eventually many in the NFL and most of the NBA would follow suit 12 years later to the playing of the National Anthem.

The Jews who survived the holocaust warned about the political correctness that took over their country. They warned us of how fast it happened, reasoning SURELY their own government wouldn't arrest them for being a Jew.

But it did. The German leader elected by a majority of German citizens was allowed to destroy the country's Democracy. He also took over the military after his Brown Shirts had softened-up the population. He then used a VERY WILLING MAINSTREAM MEDIA to begin to "DEHUMANIZE" the German Jewish population, asking his media to make them look stupid and uninformed.

It was probably similar stuff taught to a young Obama by his Communist mentor in Hawaii, Frank Marshall Davis, whom Obama proudly talked about in a video from the 1990's, which up to then the "media" reported had come from conservative tin hats and wasn't true.

But in 2009 Alan Keyes got it right as proven in 2020. And of course the media laughed at him as they do to conservatives today.

Click Here if the video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"Alan Keyes was a featured speaker at a fundraiser for the Triple A Crisis Pregnancy Center in Hastings, Nebraska, on February 19, 2009, where a reporter from KHAS-TV interviewed him about his thoughts on Obama.

With conviction, Alan firmly stated that Obama is a radical communist (which he is) and a usurper (which he has done since he hasn't produced an original birth certificate). And that Obama supports infanticide--the killing of babies born alive after botched abortions." - Keyes2008

Video Source: Keyes2008

In Germany it all came to a head on the Night Of Breaking Glass in 1938. George Soros, the Democrat's favorite financial supporter, knows exactly what happened. He will even tell you with a smile, because he was there as a young teen. He had been asked about his helping the Nazis to catalog Jewish belongings. His response was direct and chilling and without hesitation: If I hadn't done it, someone else would.

The Jews never dreamed the population around them could become so hateful. But when Jewish businessmen were seen mowing the lawn of an amphitheater on their knees and with their teeth in 1938. they believed.

You need to watch the movie to the end titled, Joe's Palace. It does an excellent job in about five minutes, showing the reality we may be about to enter in 2021. The Democrats will say no. But they are lying.

How fast we forget all the signs of what was coming, like the Jews of Nazi Germany, who were unarmed. However today if they were armed, there would be drones to take them out.

You should never forget when Obama was president, his EPA administrator made a statement in public that fully explained Obama's attitude toward America. The administrator said we need to think about the Romans and how they treated people after invading their towns.

He said the Romans went in and pulled a few citizens out. They then crucified them to be placed at the entrance to their town. Everyone then understood the message (maybe like obey, shut up and put your mask on.)

Yes, he said that about the Romans.

Click Here is video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standard."

Where do you think the IRS, NSA, and DOJ got the idea they could get away with breaking the law? Think maybe from the EPA, as seen above? - Webmaster

Video Source: EPA / Senator Jim Inhofe - 2012


I had warned about this is in a module I created in 2011 bluntly titled, Fascism Comes To America. You might want to look at it today.

As my father said, who served the country at Okinawa in WWII in 1944, Never forget Murphy's Law; If it can happen, it will. - Webmaster



"Chinese Communist Party Is Inside The Gates!" - MichaelPompeo / Breitbart







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