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The Supreme Court Was Supposed To Protect Your Constitutional Freedoms. How Did That Work Out?

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

January 14, 2021



In Nazi Germany they killed you for being a Jew. In progressive America They deplatform you to death for the wrong speech!

One day you may not be able to open your smart fridge because you bought your groceries from a politically incorrect food store, which had supported the wrong political party on social media. Or maybe your insurance was suddenly cancelled without warning because you posted a wrong comment, which actually happened today. - Webmaster


Down And Out?


"Earlier Wednesday, Matze stated that he had also been the recipient of numerous death threats since the events of January 6th, and that many of his employees had requested time off work because of fears for their safety." - The Blaze

Photo source: TheBlaze


This is not about hate speech. This is about the wrong speech.

I say that because when someone who is well known and decides to write on social media he hopes the son of the President of the United States is put into a cage with pedophiles and then given to his mother, (then congratulated by some of his peers in Hollywood), you know there is no free speech but only the wrong speech.

This became evident after January 6, 2021, when Americans suddenly discovered overnight that all major corporations had become one against them! It was like the attack on Pearl Harbor, only this one happened in the evening.

You had a hint of this attack on our individual freedoms when the NBA told Americans their flag offended the millionaire members of the league, that the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) was worth more in future profits.

And if the CCP happened to bulldoze down Christian churches in China or sell freshly picked organs from arrested dissidents, that was okay. At least it wasn't the wrong speech. Now we've heard that Muslims are being arrested and used in forced sweat shops to make products that are sold for profit by the CCP to the west.

Unfortunately it is the same for the NFL, players telling Americans their National Anthem is offensive being played at the start of a game and that fighter jets, which fly over NFL games, are a waste of gasoline. And that if president elect Biden was instead in office, that stupid patriotic flyover wouldn't have been allowed during the 2020 season.

And to that end AI will be sure you are given the opportunity to buy the best toilet paper and butter without any offensive images on the packaging . . . and have it shipped to you in cardboard boxes in three days.

While you have now lost your freedom, simply a cog in the wheel, you did save five bucks on shipping. And on top of it you're also helping to pay that poor delivery driver when you need a dinner, whose small start-up company was crushed by a Democrat governor ensuring everyone would be "COVID safe."

If you wonder why over the years I never saved my hard drive content to the cloud, put my passwords in the cloud, or have Alexa unplugged, now you know.

Need an real life in-your-face example of how bad it can get for entrepreneurs who dare to compete with Silicon Valley's AI fascists with their own ideas?

Check it out below. - Webmaster





Parler CEO Says Site May Never Come Back Online.

He noted the following that shows AI is not a blessing, but a curse:

"Beyond being removed from AWS's hosting service and removed from the Apple and Google Play stores, Matze revealed that Parler has seen their contracts with numerous other essential providers terminated in the wake of the violent demonstrations in Washington, D.C., on January 6th.

According to Matze, Parler can no longer process payments with Stripe or American Express, has had its Scylla Enterprise database taken offline, and has even had its employees and volunteers kicked off Slack, preventing them from communicating with each other. John Matze / TheBlaze








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