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A Bridge Too Far?

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

January 27, 2021



"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.


Thirteen Year Old Jesse Dirkhising's End Of Life Marks The Day The National Media Was Overcome With Political Correctness And Disappeared As A Trusted Source For ALL The News.

Memorials to 10-year old Jeffrey Curley and also 13-year old Jesse Dirkhising, whose murder all the national mainstream media knowingly ignored in "rank" step.

Virtually all the mainstream media from coast to coast agreed not to carry this story, except for some local news and FOX News, Shep Smith reporting in 2000 that the story was not the murder but on the media in rank step refusing to report it. - Webmaster
Jeffrey Curley - 1997 Jesse Dirkhising - 1999

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If Gold Can Rust What Should Iron Do?


In 1993 all Democrats, along with all but two U.S. Senate Republicans, voted Ruth Bader Ginsburg onto the Supreme Court, a nomination from President Bill Clinton. They were told of Ms. Ginsburg earlier writings and beliefs. Those Republican "yea" votes to confirm the former ACLU executive included one from a newer Senator, John McCain.

Click on this image and go to pages shown on chart below.
University of Maryland 1977

Justice Ginsburg’s thoughts for changing America's society was in a report she was reported to have helped to co-author, Sex Bias in the U.S. Code.

While no one knew it at the time, Ginsburg was decades ahead of candidate Obama's desire in 2008 to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

Ginsburg's desires, pushing social engineering onto the citizens of the United States, were kept from a vast majority of the American people by a mainstream media deeply embraced with the growing socialists of a rapidly evolving Democrat Party.

Those desires were acknowledged with the following:

"A report prepared under contract no. CR3AK010 by Brenda Feigen-Fasteau, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and 15 students from the Columbia Law School, New York City was used as the basis for the Commission study.

Ms. Ginsburg is professor of law at the Columbia Law School and Ms. Feigen-Fasteau, former director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Women1s Rights Project, is a practicing attorney in New York City."

So how many of the line items from the chart below did the public know about recommended in a report directed by Columbia Law Professor Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

  The words “husband” and “wife” must be eliminated and replaced with “spouse.” (p. 15-16, 53, 64, 170, 177), [which would at the time undermine the federal DOMA law that defines marriage between a man and a woman.]
  The age of consent for sex must be lowered to age 12.(p. 102)
  Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts must be sex-integrated. (p. 145-146, 219-220)
  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day must not be separate holidays. (p. 146)
  Fraternities and sororities must be sex-integrated.(p. 169)
  Government must provide comprehensive child care. (p. 214)
  No-fault divorce must be adopted nationally. (p. 214-215)
  Prostitution must be legalized as part of “privacy.” (p. 97, 99, 215)
  Prisons must be sex-integrated. (p. 100-101, 216)
  Bigamy laws would become unconstitutional as part of “privacy.” (p. 195-196)
  Single-sex schools and colleges must be sexintegrated. (p. 101)


A 2005 Slate article on Senator Graham, writes about Professor Ginsburg's age of consent comment to be reduced to age 12. The Slate writer reported that there was nothing like that on page 102. See his comment below:

See URL for comment captured. - Webmaster

However when reviewing the .pdf file with the link embedded on the above cover graphic of the article, page 102 reads as follows: (Note the last two lines.)

Page 102 from Gingburg report.


2021 (28 years later.)

So After Ginsburg, Is It A Bridge Too Far For LGBTQ + MAPs To Merge, As Biden Allows Transgender Boys To Negate Girls' Sports Championships?

MAPs = Minor Attracted Persons

Some proponents of Social Justice have been wanting to normalize male pedophilia for some time, with one California University already teaching it as just a simply extension of sexual orientation. When Obama was president it was called NAMBLA. Have the letters been reduced to MAPs, Minor Attracted Persons?

It was reported articles would appear in places like, which then were quietly unpublished a few years later. However, the BBC then picked up the torch by trying to soften people’s look at pedophiles.

"Pedophiles seek to be a part of the LGBT+ community, even going so far as to make a “Pride” flag for Gay Pride Month." - ILWRC Coalition

Photo Source: ILWR Coalition

"Not long ago, the sexualization of [male] children continued with the push for child drag queens in a video that sexualized young boys [Warning Images: Click here to watch if video in the above link has been removed by YouTube.]

Young boys in drag would go on to appear in photos next to naked men, which were openly passed around Twitter with zero reaction from the network. I could go on, but you get the idea. The sexualization of children is well underway, and now they’re trying to teach it in colleges." - READ MORE - RedState

Finally the AP through U.S. News reported in September of 2020 that California Governor, Gavin Newsom, had signed a bill changing the state's sex offender law. The new change permits judges to use that same discretion when the case involves voluntary oral or anal sex.

The measure will not apply to minors 13 or under, when the age gap is larger than 10 years or when either party (14 or older) says the sex wasn't consensual. The bill was introduced by State Democrat Senator Scott Wiener, of San Francisco. - Webmaster

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- The Bible Could Be Considered “Hate Speech” In Europe And That Philosophy May Also Come To America. - ChristianInformationRadio

- Pedophiles Are Now Calling Themselves "Minor Attracted Persons" And Want Inclusion In LGBTQ Movement. - ILWR Coalition

- Push To Normalize Pedophilia Increases With Child Love Snapchat Filters And Pedophile Performance Art. - NTEB


As Madeleine van der Bruggen of the Denmark police pleads . . .

. . . with the audience to help protect children by talking with pedophiles about their "personal issues." However, the answer is not handling it by simply redefining pedophilia with umbrella terms such as "Minor Attracted Persons" (MAPs).

Madeleine van der Bruggen On TED.

Video Source: TED Talks








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