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Washington D.C.'s Razor Wall. It Looks A Lot Like North Korea!

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

February 5, 2021



Its Top Has A Razor's Edge So Flesh Will Be Ripped Open.

Trump didn't plan that for any illegal who would try to cross over the new southern border wall hundreds of miles long.

But does San Francisco, which Pelosi represents, really want flesh, blood and bone, trophies for what is looking and acting more and more like a "gestapo regime" running the leadership of the Democrat Party today?

Maybe the city does, knowing the politics and violence seen at the West coast's Berkeley University. And it was the Democrat Party in 2012 that wanted to remove the word "God" from its platform. They also desired it to be known that the Palestinians should own Jerusalem, not the Jews.

I had always thought that Israel should have written the DNC back, telling them to immediately turn over Los Angeles to Mexico. - Webmaster


Collage contains a photo of razer wire from the BBC and the photo of the troops march around the Capitol Building. - Webmaster

Photo Sources: Respective ownership of photos by BBC (left) and AP (right.) Nancy's photo is public domain.



The Chinese Foreign Ministry and government-run newspapers in the country launched a campaign Thursday to discredit women who have testified to being raped and tortured in Communist Party-run concentration camps, referring to them as criminals and “actors.” - Breitbart

Photo Source : Breitbart

The fence that Pelosi and Schumer approved to run around our Capitol Buidling looks almost identical to this one reported to surround a Chinese concentration camp. You're not surprised, are you?




Concerning the January 6th protests at the Capitol Building, it was very strange to watch people wearing black helmets there when Trump supporters never dress with black helmets. Period! And for the tens-of-thousands who attended Trump's rallies for over four years across the country, not a single one was ever violent in any way.

In fact when Glenn Beck's watchers on FOX News came to Washington D.C. around a decade ago, all the grass areas were free of any garbage. But then when the far left had its rally at the mall a few weeks later promoted by some New York City comedians, there was garbage all over along with communist literature thrown throughout, including the WWII Memorial, showing their disrespect for those who fought on D-day and other battle fields.

It is only leftists who know how to smash things, having done it well during the summer of 2020 in Chicago, New York, Kenosha, Portland, Minneapolis and St. Louis. Ramming doors and breaking windows was extremely normal for them, like at the Capitol.

Retired St. Louis officer Dorn lost his life protecting his friend's business from looters.

BLM and Antifa for over three months smashed in store fronts, stole contents in the stores and then burned the structures to the ground across American cities, causing billions of dollars of damage and murdering close to a reported 30 Americans along the way.

One of those murdered included retired Black police officer, David Dorn of St. Louis. Instead of Nancy wanting his body placed in honor in that city, she said absolutely nothing as BLM rioters live-streamed on Facebook David's bleeding to death, lying on a side walk.

Nancy's activists in the national alphabet media outlets continued to help her cause, doing everything their managing editors could to bury Dorn's horrible murder from viewers. David who, they asked?

Nancy justified all the murders and statues taken down by her supporters on the simple concept, her quote, that people will do what they do.

So I guess that's what they did in the Capitol Building, too, people doing what they do, Nancy?

However they didn't burn down the Capitol Building or run out the doors, throwing expensive leather chairs into the trunks of cars as they did in Santa Monica and on Chicago's Miracle Mile. And it is the Democrats today and their supporters who seem to hate those who fought in WWII because they were too manly, their mission to kill the enemy too violent, some even seeing our greatest generation as racists? I'm surprised they haven't tried to take down the WWII Memorial, but the year is still young.

OMG, even Putin thought these communists were off the wall when Obama was elected a second term in 2012. The Russian state media actually warned America, saying they tried that kind of government and it didn't work. It was called the USSR.

We therefore should not be surprised it was President (crotch salute) Obama, who ordered a chained fence place around the outdoor WWII Memorial.

THIS WAS WHILE NANCY PELOSI, ON THE SAME MALL AT THE SAME TIME, WAS ALLOWED TO MEET WITH ILLIGAL ALIENS, the Mall supposed to be closed to all visitors. Pelosi told the illegals they all needed to thank President Obama for his kindness to let them in. But not our vets?

It was Nancy who also said of the violent Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) in 2011, that God would bless them. . . and their enthusiasm. President Obama used the OWS, (antifa today), to attack what he called the 1% rich in America, allowing OWS to camp out in a park near Wall Street. He of course referred to it as a peaceful protest for social justice.

Obama was well taught by his acknowledged mentor, Communist Frank Marshall Davis. He talked about the importance of Davis in his early life during a video taping of a book reading in the 1990's, Dreams of My Father.

But in 2017 we saw the real Barack Obama after he left office. He was standing on a yacht in Tahiti owned by one of the richest men IN THE WORLD. The activist national alphabet media fawned over the event when Obama took a photo of Michelle, as the two stood on the expensive deck. So much for those poor 1% American businesses Obama mocked in 2011, allowing OWS to smash in windows of businesses and defecate on police cars. But not on that yacht.

Even Francis Fox Piven, one of the communist professors at Columbia University from several decades ago known as Cloward & Piven, was at the OWS protests, too. In the 1980's, the new mayor is town, Giuliani, broke the group up when they were trying to overwhelm New York State's welfare system.

Added to these attacks by Pelosi on the supporters of the other political party, New York State Senator Schumer thought nothing of threatening two members of the U.S. Supreme Court with violence, saying they would pay a price as he literally stood on the steps of the court.

This was while New York City U.S. House Congressman, Jerry Nadler, stood on a sidewalk saying the burnings and attacks in Portland, Oregon, well, they were ALL A MYTH; that Conservatives lied about violence in that "peaceful" city.

This again was from a representative in an American city where a Communist mayor was elected twice to run its government, the murder rate now closing in on 100%.

Finally, AOC is reported to have made up her online social media post about almost being killed by protestors who came into the Capitol on January 6th.

It was discovered she was not even in the building at the time.

This is the SAME socialist / communist congresswoman who said that illegals at the border during the Trump administration were drinking out of toilets. However it was discovered those toilets were part of modules that had sinks and water fountains built into them, the units there as illegals were being processed. They had not drunk water from the toilet but from the water fountain at the top of the module. In other words she lied.

She also lied that Trump had build cages to keep children away from unrelated adults . . . cages actually build by the Obama AND Biden administration for the same reason, keeping children safe from predators.


Let's Take A Tour Of The Great Wall Of North Korea That Nancy Built Around Our Capitol Building.

Click here to watch if video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"For Years Nancy Pelosi has told us that walls are racist, evil, and immoral. “It’s not who we are as a nation,” she preached. Those were all lies, people.

Because she felt threatened, Washington, D.C. has set up perhaps the greatest wall in America. They built it overnight. And it is an  impeccable wall, truly. It’s so incredible in fact, that Benny Johnson wanted to show you EXACTLY what makes a great wall, featuring Nancy’s barricade." - TurningPointUSA

Video Source: TurningPointUSA


TKS for the head's up from Tom of Washington State.






Below is a photo of those living, (oops hiding), supreme court justices in their "hen house" while the First Amendment is being brutally attacked. Businesses are releasing customer information without their knowledge to the new progressive Biden Democrat government.

The question was simple. The Biden government wants to know what Americans were purchasing around January 6th when visiting Washington D.C.

Yes, that is happening right now.

These newly elected Democrats not in office for a month have now suddenly decided to also tell those who serve in our military that maybe you can't trust the person standing next to you if a different color.

Yes, that is happening right now.

But that is exactly why so many in the military do additional tours. It's not to protect stupid voters back home but to protect their own bros in combat who trust each other with their lives . . . their color blind military family. Take away that trust and the strongest military in the world is DOA almost overnight.

China has 1.4 billion people it needs to feed. Its military is fully united and ready to fight to the death. The Communists are licking their chops to inherit America's breadbasket and its energy resources And who knows what other virus is ready to be released.

It was so easy for the media to reveal Biden's agenda before the election. But they were told by their bosses to ask Biden only the easy questions such as the color of his socks or his favorite flavor ice cream . . . a man who said in the debates to listen to your record player.

Yes, he said that. - Webmaster


Note: the above photo was picked up from the Supreme Court's own home page on their official Web site of the sitting justices. As you can see, Ginsburg's photo with the court had not yet been updated even months later. I think that says a lot about where the court is today.

If a new CEO is chosen for a corporation, the photo of the former CEO is never kept when the the current CEO takes office, I suspect not even for a day. It proves again you are what you eat. - Webmaster







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