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Woke Disney: A Nightmare For Walt's Dream

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February 12, 2021



Dan Bongino Show: Cancel Culture Out Of Control.

Dan Bongino, in the video that is embedded in his photo below, recommends it's time to push back on the dangerous cancel culture that Disney has now joined by firing Gina Carano. (You can click here if you wish to watch Bongino's statment now about Disney.)

Ms. Carano had put up a warning on social media with documentation on how the general population in Germany was trained in the political correctness of the Reich and its fascist media to go after individual Jewish citizens. The media's job for the Reich was to make the Jews look inhuman and therefore to be treated like animals in a zoo.

It started with the election of Hitler in 1934 that later came to a head in the Night Of Broken Glass in November of 1938 and lead to the murder of an estimated five million Jews by 1945. Many literally had their dead bodies put into ovens and "turned into fields of ash" to get rid of the evidence to the world of what the Nazis were doing to the Jews.

If you remember, when George Soros was a teenager he helped the Nazis catalog the belongings of Jews sent to the camps for extermination. You can see how Jews were treated in Nazi Germany when watching the end of a dramatic movie titled, "Joe's Palace." Soros had been asked about that in the 1980's and said with a smile, If I hadn't done it, someone else would have.

Gina was correct in pointing out that those events of 80 years ago are returning, this time to America. We can see the open corruption by Democrats, who have become followers of Obama's Saul Alinsky in planning ways to steal ALL elections in the future using three tactics. 1.) Allow mass volumes of illegal aliens into the country and then give them the right to vote, 2.) Allow far-left Washington D.C. to become a state to affect the number of liberal senators and 3.) Pack the Supreme Court with leftist justices to guarantee rulings in the favor of the Democrat Party leadership.

And they don't even try to hide it, the corruption so deep that Schumer felt comfortable in literally attacking Supreme Court justices by name. And how did our "honorable" U.S. Senate handle that? They did nothing. Zero!

I wonder if Gina has been watching today's dangerous media and globalist corporations that view the U.S. as only a customer, suddenly attacking Trump supporters like non-citizens. Maybe she even knew that the Jews, who survived the Holocaust, tried to warn us that once the corruption started in their government, they couldn't believe how fast it happened.

To that end we have seen corporations join together, from American Express to Marriott Hotels and book publishers, to punish any individual who voted for Trump in 2016 and his efforts to try to return the nation to the way it was after winning WWII. That was a time when the American people helped to rebuild Germany and Japan and eventually encourage freedom to tens-of-millions of South Koreas.

Now these corporations along with fascist media outlets stage an attack on 74 million people who voted for Trump in the 2020 election, OPENLY asking questions such as How can we reprogram them?

Even AT&T's approved fascist MSNBC cable network's corporate culture went so far earlier this week to suggest, Maybe we could use drones to kill them?

Because of Disney's attack on Gina, not forgetting that Walt was Jewish, Bongino asks parents to now unsubscribe from DisneyPlus ON ALL THEIR STREAMING devices to protect their kids from dangerous subtle indoctrination.

Disney had been working with Communist China on its last animation project. But did you know China today has the exact same kind of fence around its horror camps as Schumer and Pelosi have put around our Capitol Building, no longer the People's House but their house? See for yourself.



As I have been warning for several years, George Bailey never was born. And that's important, because it shows how America would have been if George Bailey never was born from the holiday movie, "It's a Wonderful Life."

The attacks of January 6, 2021, on the Capitol Building, showed the tremendous frustrations that have been building up in traditional Americans. And it started with Obama attacking their country when he ran for office in 2008, referred to by some in the military as the "crotch salute" president for what he did at a 2007 Democrat fundraiser during the singing of our national anthem.

It was Obama who started up the communism of Social Justice with Bill Ayers when they were hired by the Annenberg Foundation (CAC) in Chicago back in the early 1990's. Obama passed out the money while Ayers wrote the curriculum for Chicago high school students to start the revolution, Ayers already hated America by helping to run the Weathermen organization that bombed the police.

The money for that project Obama and Ayers worked on came from the Carnegie Foundation, which several years later in 2001, three months after 9/11, gave awards to Ted Turner (CNN), Gates Senior (vaccine investor) and George Soros, who is a major donor to Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. Attending those global awards, in a photo the media still refuses to show, was Dr. Fauci.

Americans since 2008, when Obama promised to "Fundamentally Transform the United States," have been watching the SLOW day to day takeover of their government and the sliming of its founders, ones who knew when they signed the Declaration of Independence they risked being hanged by the British Government, which was in control of the American colonies at that time.

When people can't trust that their vote will be counted every two years or when they see judges or a Supreme Court seem to yawn at the erosion of rights by those who have died for freedom over the last 244 years, it creates a dangerous vacuum that our founders worried about from a ballooning government.

In a vacuum like the one being created today by a "Woke" culture, no one has any idea of who or what will try to fill it. But on January 6th we got an answer.

Retired St. Louis officer Dorn lost his life protecting his friend's business from looters.

And with that, Nancy Pelosi, leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, needs to be reminded of what she said about the burning and the pulling down of our statues during much worse violence that ran across this nation last summer, which killed at least a reported 25 Americans including a retired police captain, his death live-streamed by his BLM shooters on Facebook.

As cities were burning and leftist cities were demanding to defund the police, Pelosi said in a press meeting, People will do what they do. Yes, she said that.

And that's exactly what they did, Congresswomen Pelosi, on January 6 at a Capitol Building your party has stained with corruption.

Photo from video taken at Capitol Building and shown on CNN. - Webmaster

Representative Cohen of Tennessee eats fried chicken at official Capitol hearing.

Just looking a recent events, one can see there is no doubt of the stain of disrespect and corruption found among members of Congress over the need for simple civility and truth, for without truth there can be no Republic. It would be an oxymoron to the meaning of the word.

When Tennessee Democrat U.S. House Representative Steve Cohen was seen literally eating fried chicken at a session in our Capitol Building to mock U.S. Attorney General Barr as a chicken, Democrat Senator Schumer caught openly attacking Supreme Court justices by name that they will "pay the price" if they voted wrong on an issue and Democrat Congressman Nadler video taped saying the violence in Portland, Oregon, was a myth, you have a Capitol stained by Democrats with threats of violence, intimidation and just plain outright lies.

It was Pelosi a decade ago, (how things never change in the Democrat Party), who stood there with a smile during Obama's violent Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, (attended by the communist professor Francis Fox Piven of Cloward & Piven fame), and without any regret said, God will bless them . . . - Webmaster



Click On photo below for Dan's statements.

Dan Bongino, former secret service agent for president Obama, worries out country is headed the road of the Third Reich and its attacking specific Americans as the Reich had done to the Jews. - Webmaster

Article / Photo Source: Dan Bongino



Here is documentation of what Gina Carano posted, warning about where today's cancel culture could lead to. Disney didn't like it!







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